Next year marks an important time for CBS soaps As the World Turns and Guiding Light. In fact, their contract renewals, set to come up in July 2008, have put the networks to work readying a plan to ensue their safety by cutting costs and revising the production methods of the longest-running pair of soaps on television today!

With a clear agenda in mind, one major change by CBS could include shifting up the production sets and the amount of hours taken to shoot the scenes. Currently, the shows use a traditional soap opera set for filming, consisting of three cameras constantly capturing shots within a three wall set. However, one way to minimize costs – and to give the viewer a true feel for a ‘real’ room – would be to film in a four-wall set and employ smaller crews and the use of quick digital cameras to capture the scenes! Another idea would be to shoot all outside scenes on location – the show’s own private location – in a small town on the outskirts of New York City, containing permanent sets! Applying ‘real’ nature to the scenes is a plus and will make for a more natural feel! Guiding Light has already shown an interest in adopting this new method, which promises to cut not only costs but production hours as well.

After a recent meeting between the network and the producers of both soaps, in order to benefit CBS, the network gave As the World Turns and Guiding Light the go ahead to come up with a sure way to cut each shows’ one million dollar a week production cost, which is the norm for any daytime soap, resulting from such factors as year-round shooting.

However, fans, don’t worry… The network and shows have no plans of cutting any cast members to compensate for the change or to lessen the quality of which your beloved show is viewed when the new production model launches in January 2008! Hopefully this revamp will spike the shows out of their normal last three ratings positions and up toward the top of the CBS daytime line-up as well! is routing for this new plan and we commend the network’s attempt to save these vintage soaps!

Amy Mistretta
Assistant to the Editor-In-Chief
Editor: One Life to Live