Michelle Stafford (CBS)

Oh beloved Halloween! Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year, and apparently I’m not the only one who adores it. Our staff here at Soaps.com all appear to love the holiday, as do some of your favorite soap stars! We even love the candy corn that a few of the stars adore!

Michelle Stafford gave Amy Mistretta (Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, Editor OLTL) a treat mid October when she told Amy her thoughts on Halloween!

Michelle tells us, “I would love to hand out candy but I live in the hills of Hollywood and I don’t get any trick or treaters. Such a bummer.” When Amy asked what Michelle’s favorite Halloween memory was and her favorite costume, and Michelle says, “We dressed up our house like a Haunted House 4 years in a row! People would come from other towns just to see our house. Her favorite costume? “A princess. I was a princess almost every year,” says Michelle!

Julie Pinson spoke with Soaps.com’s Lori Wilson (Journalist/writer) recently and told her about our themed Halloween interviews with the stars. Julie loves Halloween! When asked about her thoughts on Halloween in general, Julie gushes, “I love it. I love dressing up for Halloween. My favorite costume was a costume a made almost ten years ago I guess, when “A Nightmare Before Christmas” came out. I hand-made my own costume of the character Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas, bought like a long red wig and I took a bunch of scraps of clothes that I had laying around—old scarves that I didn’t use any more, old jeans, and I cut them all up and I made a patchwork dress out of all this old fabric. I used yarn to stitch it all together so it looked really roughly stitched. Then I got to put all the makeup on, make myself look dead with all the stitches all over my face and arms. It was really fun.” As for Julie’s plans for this year? Julie says, “My husband Billy is going to be out of town so I don’t know. I might just be staying home passing out candy, which I like too. It’s fun. My house is already decorated for Halloween because I like to get it done early.” Oddly enough, the favorite candy amongst the stars appears to be candy corn! When asked what candy she enjoyed the most Julie says, “Candy Corns are my favorite at Halloween. I like the Candy Corns!”

Amy Mistretta spoke with Christian Leblanc (Michael Baldwin, Y&R) recently. He had some exciting Halloween news to share! “This year, I’d like to take a trip back to New Orleans, Louisiana – and plan to! It’s one big party! We always have a Halloween parade. The executive producer of Y&R and I always ride a float in the Mardi Gras parade. Where I live now, my house is located on top of a steep hill, so kids really have to want their candy to climb up there!” Laughing, Christian says, “When I moved here, I always wondered why no one came to my house on Halloween because the flat street below was always packed with kids! I also have a house in New Orleans, so people will stop there to get candy!” Amy asked what his favorite childhood Halloween memory was and Christian says, “I had this Zoro outfit with a mask, a cape and a switch! I remember putting a piece of chalk on the end of the switch… There were Z’s everywhere! I think I even got in trouble for that too!”

Editor-in-Chief and Days of Our Lives Editor, Christine Fix, spoke with Marcus Patrick (Jett Carver Days) a few weeks back for a completely different article and Marcus had some funny anecdotes about past Halloweens!

The conversation went something like this.

Marcus: “My House is currently looking like a Spider Lair…My Girl friend is a nut for Halloween so… My house looks like a freak show!”

Christine: So it’s your girlfriend who is into Halloween more than yourself then? Because she is, do you think you’ll be celebrating this year or do you prefer to leave that to the little kids?!

Marcus: “I would do nothing at all personally. I’m a bore. I’m told she wants to dress me and the dog up as fairies… So I guess I’ll be the joke on Halloween, but it’s all in the fun and games. When I was a kid we played trick or treat and anyone who didn’t give me a treat got a stink bomb through their door!

Christine: That’s hilarious! What did you make the stink bombs out of?

Marcus: “My stink bombs lasted for three days of rotten eggs… So my hood learned to give me Candy!!! Stink Bombs I bought from the Joke Shop.. They are liquid glass bottles and that sh** stank!!!!! (laughs)

What a riot!

Julie Clark Robinson, (Editor, General Hospital) spoke with Jason Gerhardt’s (Cooper Barrett, General Hospital) about Halloween, during another interview. Jason tells Julie that he’s into Halloween, “Especially now that my little girl is in our life. Last year, she was the cutest little chicken that I’ve ever seen. This year I think she’ll be catching on to the concept that if you knock at someone’s door and say, “trick or treat,” they’ll give you candy. She loves her chocolate. I’m expecting to walk….strike that….chase her for several miles from home to home….with “prego” mommy in the car to carry all the loot.” This year, he’ll be chasing his kid from house to house, “scoring lots of candy.” He ponders, “Do I get to take a “candy” commission?” Since his favorite candy is Candy corn (See? I told you, it’s loved by all!), chocolate……Milk Duds, Whoppers, heath bars…he stops short. “This question is way too dangerous!” he says to Julie.