Cameron Mathison (ABC)

We recently posted a thread in the Lounge entitled, “I’ve Always Wondered…” Since fans always have such great questions about their soaps, we decided to ask you to post those questions and next soap star we interview would be kind enough to answer your burning questions. So any question you have about the soaps, please let us know by clicking the above link and posting! When we’ve asked those questions, we’ll note it and when the articles are ready for your perusal, we’ll post that as well! If you can’t interview the stars yourself, will ensure you at least get those questions out there!

Sound good so far?!

Here’s our first installment: Christian LeBlanc Visit’s Lounge.

Well, as promised, we spoke with a few soap stars recently who were kind enough to answer a few of your questions from that thread in the lounge. Recognize your screen names?! It’s not only fun for you but we thank you for helping us out with this theme interview! (Some posts may be edited.)

Meowbowow asks, “I’ve always wondered if the actors have a say with how their hair/make-up/wardrobe is done, or if it’s all chosen for them?”

Calliope also asks, “How much say does an actor have about things like hair color and wardrobe? If they want a hair style change do they have to consult with everyone first so they don’t end up with a change like in the middle of a courtroom scene etc?”

Julie Pinson (Billie Reed, Days of Our Lives) spoke with Lori Wilson,’s journalist and writer, and answered this question. “We do consult if we want to get our hair cut or colored. I mean they’re very good about it here. They’re very easy going unless you want to do something drastic, like if you want to go from really long hair to really short hair. I think they’re pretty cool about it here. I don’t know if you remember Farah Fath who played Mimi; her hair was different every other week. Different style, extensions, not extensions! And then as far as wardrobe goes our wardrobe designer is really great, his name is Richard. This is the first place I worked on a soap where he pretty much lets you wear what you really feel comfortable in. He won’t put you in something that either isn’t the character or you feel like “Oh, I look fat in this.” He’ll go, “Ok, let’s put something else on.” He’s really easy going.”

Calliope asks, “How much rehearsal time with each other do they actually get?

Julie answers, “We rehearse before our scenes. We rehearse in the mornings together. We get together in somebody’s dressing room. We run lines in our dressing rooms together and then when we go out on set. When it’s actually time to do our scenes, we do get a couple of rehearsals before we tape.”

BrianLovesSoaps asks, “I have always wondered how scripted the lines are. Can the actor adlib and sometimes say things he/she wants to or just what the prompter says?”