Most of us know where the name ‘soap,’ a slang term used for our daily slice of daytime drama, originated from. We posted an article about this quite some time ago titled History Of The Soaps. Nonetheless, for those who have always wondered, is here to tell you! Ever since the premiere of the first radio ‘soap’ Guiding Light in 1937, the fictional episodes were branded ‘soaps’ due to such sponsors as Procter and Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive and Pepsodent.

Although these companies continue to sell their ‘soapy’ products by reaching their consumers through television commercials – yes, the ones we always complain interrupt our shows during those cliff-hanging moments – and also through online ads, Procter and Gamble has just found another brilliant way to reach their consumers!

Teaming up with GoTV Networks, Proctor and Gamble is now offering three-minute episodes of their new online mini soap opera Crescent Heights, which surrounds a college graduate named Ashley who leaves the countryside behind and heads off for a life in L.A. where friends Will, Liz and Eddie help show her the way!

“What’s all the excitement about,” you ask, and how does the highly recognized conglomerate plan to sell some ‘soap’? Well, if you get too immersed in the drama of the new mini-soap series you may just miss all the subliminal ‘Tide’ appearances throughout its three-minute airing!

So while your washer is filling up and you’re waiting to add that ‘soapy’ ingredient, stop on over to the Crescent Heights website and watch all ten episodes available now! For those who plan to hit the laundry mats, you can also get your soap fix by downloading this new advertising brilliance to your cell phone by visiting!

Enjoy and keep it clean!

Amy Mistretta
Assistant to the Editor-In-Chief
Editor: One Life to Live