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Movie stars who got their start in soap operas.

Longtime soap opera fans at one point or another may have been watching a movie and found one of the stars to look familiar. Not for their current fame but as an actor who once appeared on their beloved soap. In fact, before becoming box office draws and Oscar winners, some of our favorite celebrities were soap stars. Many popular and famous actors actually started out their careers in soap operas such as All My Children, Another World, As the World Turns, A World Apart, Bold and the Beautiful, Capitol, Days of our Lives, The Doctors, General Hospital, Guiding Light, Love of Life, Loving, Ryan’s Hope, Search for Tomorrow, Santa Barbara and Young and Restless.

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For fun, here are a few teases as to where some of the daytime actors have taken their careers… One famous star went on to appear as The Last Jedi, while another played one of the greatest villains in movies, Darth Vader. A well-known actor who once drove Miss Daisy, used to play a detective on Texas, while Superman got his start on Love of Life. The young actress who created the role of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in The WB’s supernatural drama actually debuted on All My Children in the early 90s while another alum from the Pine Valley soap now has her very own talk show. One of the biggest dance films of 80s starred a former soap actor whose first role was on NBC’s Search for Tomorrow followed by a longer stint on CBS’ Guiding Light.

Travel back in time by clicking on our gallery below to learn which familiar stars got their start on soaps…

Originally written by Christine Fix August 29, 2006. Refreshed July 10, 2018 by Christine Fix and May 21, 2020 by Amy Mistretta.

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