Starting October 14, 2007, SoapNet will have a new Sunday Lineup to compensate for a new programming block titled “Relax and Relapse,” featuring ‘Essential Historical’ episodes of General Hospital! Fans will be able to view past GH ‘key’ episodes surrounding some of the show’s most pivotal characters such as the train crash, Brenda’s return and many other unforgettable episodes that have affected some of the show’s biggest storylines to date!

The new Sunday lineup will go as follows…

The One Life to Live marathon will now run from Noon to 5:00pm Eastern Time…

Followed by the General Hospital marathon from 5:00pm to 10:00pm Eastern Time.

Then at 10:00pm, the new Relax and Relapse episodes will run until midnight.

For all of you Days fans, the Days of Our Lives marathon will follow at midnight and will run until 5:00am.

While this new change may understandably be an inconvenience for some, it’ll definitely be a big treat for longtime – and current – GH fans alike!

Amy Mistretta
Assistant to the Editor-In-Chief
Editor: One Life to Live