That’s right, a minute is all it takes to get wrapped up in the new SoapNet micro-series “One Minute Soaps!” While catching up with the replay of your favorite daytime soaps, be on the lookout every Monday and Thursday as SoapNet premieres the first of many weekly, one minute installments of these original sixty-second episodes. And the best part is you don’t have to wait all week for that Friday cliffhanger since each one of these ‘soapettes’ will leave you anticipating the next minute airing to come!
With four “One Minute Soaps” on the schedule, fans will be introduced to…

Ren and Coco in Spin Dry! Not only do they share an apartment in Los Angeles, Ren and Coco like the same shows – and each other! However, just when Coco thinks her feelings are safe, thinking her roommate is gay, she finds out Ren is not only straight – he wants more than a little friendly cuddling from her!

Then you have Macy and JJ in The Bouquet! Everyone’s heard the old saying ‘Opposites Attract’ and this relationship is a sure example of that. Although this couple is totally in love, will their nerves start to fray after Macy catches the bouquet at a friend’s wedding? Or will the reality of their love surpass the fear of the old wedding myth.

Oh, and who can’t relate to Dana in Dating Doogie! Have you ever been set up on a blind date just to find out that the person on the other end of the uncomfortable situation is not only ‘not’ your type – but younger than you? Will Dana dwell on Max’s age or will he able to make her forget about this daunting factor altogether…

Last but not least, we’ll travel on a journey with Maggie and Bill in The Wannabes as these two struggling artists flourish together while trying to leave their mark in the competitive art world. However, will they find the art of love along the way?

Although you can now view video clips of both Spin Dry and The Bouquet online, for the time being Dating Doogie and The Wannabes are only available in audible podcasts.
So if you have to rush into the kitchen for that morning cup of java or that late night snack, keep in mind, if you miss one of the sixty-second airings – or catch it halfway through – each mini-episode will repeat up to six times daily on SoapNet!

Amy Mistretta
Assistant to the Editor
Editor OLTL