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Whether you’ve been a soap fan for years, or just recently, there are always those questions that pop in our minds when watching our favorite soap that makes us stop and think, “I’ve Always Wondered…” In other words, we recently asked some of our loyal fans, “If you could ask one question pertaining to soaps in general – not a particular soap or storyline – what would it be?”

Well, as promised, we found the answers you were looking for – along with a special treat! While doing an interview with The Young and the Restless actor Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin), he agreed to give us a hand in tackling your greatest wonderments regarding the soaps! So sit back and relax as Christian LeBlanc fills you in on some of daytime’s little secrets!

GTC124 asks: I have always wondered how far along the writers do the storylines in terms of when it is shown on air. I have heard that when a new soap is brought on usually the first year is already written but once the soap is on how far ahead are they.

Christian: “Although it varies, depending on the effects used for a particular scene, such as music, lighting, and how much editing needs done, usually the episodes are generally taped three weeks to a month from the time they are aired.”

Jentra asks: Do the writers have a team of people who read the message boards to find out what the fans want? And if they do, do they ever change storylines according to the fans’ likes, dislikes, desires or suggestions?

Christian: “Believe it or not, the fans are the most motivational, powerful factor around. The shows have a whole team of people who scour fan sites looking for fan reactions to certain characters and storylines. Although technology is scary to some, it’s great to have places like, a venue to find fan response! It’s a two way street… While the shows aim to bring the fans great entertainment, and hope they’ll give a certain character or storyline a chance, ultimately, the show wants their fans happy.”

Calliope asks: How much say does an actor have about things like hair color and wardrobe? If they want a hairstyle change do they have to consult with everyone first so they don’t end up with a change like in the middle of a courtroom scene etc? How much rehearsal time with each other do they actually get?

Christian: “While they have some say, the girls especially need to be careful about the changes they make because a lot of times scenes aren’t shot in order. And the show doesn’t want to have two different ‘looks’ showing up in the same scene!”

Although Christian and I didn’t touch base on how much rehearsal time the actors get with each other – sorry, (Amy laughs) we got sidetracked with all the wardrobe talk – from doing other interviews, I can tell you it varies. Some actors don’t need a lot of time – and nail the scenes right off – while others take as much time as needed!