Julia Barr an icon! Courtesy ABC

All My Children

Lela M. asks: What happened to the actress who played Brooke English? Is she on another soap?

Soaps.com: Hi Lela, you’re a Julia Barr fan too? She’s quite a daytime icon! Rather than accept a recurring role from the show, Julia Barr (ex-Brooke) decided not to re-sign with All My Children after her thirty-year run back in November 2006. For more information on her departure please visit our article in the AMC News Room! Although Julia is no longer on daytime, you can stay up-to-date with her career by visit her official website at Julia Rose Barr.com!

As the World Turns

Georgann W. asks: What song were they playing on As The World Turns on Friday the 21, 2007- something about “time” and where can I get it? Thanks!

Soaps.com: Great song! It’s titled “Time” by Tori Amos and is featured on her “Strange Little Girls” CD, which can be purchased at a music store near you! Enjoy!

Melissa I. asks: Is Maura West leaving As the World Turns? She is my favorite actress on the show. SHE MAKES THE SHOW! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Soaps.com: Good news, Melissa! As of yet, there has been no word that Maura (Carly) is leaving the show. Stay tuned as the storyline unfolds and be sure to keep an eye on our As the World Turns Comings and Goings page for all the latest in casting news!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Dianne J. asks: Has the tragic death of Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) been included in a storyline? If it did, and I missed it, what time frame would that have been? I was wondering how that would be played out. I really miss that character going up against the Forrester’s.

Soaps.com: Although the show never really put her death into a storyline, back on January 26, 2007, The Bold and the Beautiful did a tribute to Sally at the end of that episode. We invite you to read our recap of the episode Beginnings and Farewells under our Daily Updates section.

We, too, miss her dearly, Dianne. There will never be another Sally Spectra…

Days of Our Lives

Carrie W. asks: Please tell me Days is not moving to DirecTV like Passions did!!! I can live without Passions but NOT Days!!!!! Please don’t leave NBC! Thanks!

Soaps.com: Don’t worry, Carrie, Days of Our Lives is not moving from NBC to Direct TV but does have a new time slot in some areas. To find out more about the Days new time slot, please view our Days of Our Lives Time Slot Changes article in our Days News Room!

General Hospital

Patricia S. asks: Whatever happened to Alan Quartermaine? Did he die or what, please. In real life also. Thanks

Soaps.com: Although the character of Alan died on the show on February 26, 2007, Stewart Damon (Alan) has appeared from time to time as Alan’s ghost. Feel free to read our recap of the episode titled Alan Is Gone under our GH Daily Updates section! However, Patricia, in real life, we are happy to report that Stewart is very much alive and well!