Passions can still be seen for Canadians on digital cable! (

All My Children

Susan W. asks: I have been watching AMC since it started. I have to say this because it has become so hard to hear the actors over the loud music…If I make the TV louder then the music gets louder and I have no idea what they are saying…They need to turn it down a little, a lot of watchers are having the same problem I am in hearing the actors speak. Susan, we’ve had one or two other complaints about this very same thing. Although doesn’t have anything to do with the show or network, we encourage you to contact AMC regarding this audio problem by emailing or writing to:

All My Children
320 West 66th St. New York,
NY 10023

As The World Turns:

Jean S. asks: Who won the spot on As the World Turns’ In Turn? Ryan Serhant was the lucky winner who won a 13-week contract on the show! You can read all about his success in our article ATWT Gets A New InTurn! Enjoy!

La Vaughn asks: I am 87 yrs old and have watched ATWT since 1956 and I would like to know when was Carly married to Brad Snyder? It’s always great to hear from a long term fan! Carly married Brad after her divorce from John Dixon. Brad actually blackmailed Carly into marriage and threatened to reveal that Hal Munson was Parker’s father. To read up on Carly’s character history, past and present, please visit her Profile Page under out ATWT Cast List. Enjoy, and thanks for being such a loyal fan!

The Bold and the Beautiful:

Martha A. asks: Where can I buy the past episodes, which is about six years ago. Please help me. Awe, we’re sorry, Martha. As of yet, past episodes of B&B are not available on DVD, VHS or online. Should this change, we’ll post about it in our B&BNews Room! What you can do is go to You Tube and watch various clips, posted by other fans!

Joy D. asks: I just started watching B&B because of Constantine. Who is Stephanie? While there are many residents on B&B who probably wish they never crossed paths with Stephanie, who is a formidable woman! We can you that Stephanie Douglas Forrester is one of the most powerful people on the show! She’s the mother to Ridge, Thorne, Felicia and Kristine and is also married to Eric. To learn more about her character, please visit her Profile Page under our Cast List.

Days of Our Lives

Michelle S. asks: When will Drake Hogestyn be back on “Days” on a full time basis with a daily, strong, storyline based on him? I miss him very much. If Tony and Stefano were not back in the show I would probably stop watching it. Please bring John Black back daily! We sure hope Drake will be back on the show in a more fulltime capacity soon, Michelle! Rumors are flying about the internet saying that he’s leaving the show or fired. Since the shows don’t comment on actor’s contracts, we can’t be certain what the future of him or his character is. We do know that Drake’s contract was set to be up in January 2008, however, he has renewed his contract – length unknown.

Elise H. asks: I would like to know more about Days of our Lives and how I can get pictures of them? Please feel free to read all of the Days of our Lives Castlist to find out more about the characters and actors. You can also read Archived Updates and DOOL News. Although we can’t guarantee you an autographed photo, you can email the actors through the show to request one by emailing them at: or writing to:

(Cast Member’s Name) – Days of Our Lives
c/o NBC Burbank Studio
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523

General Hospital

Courtney H. asks: I’m just wondering who will be attending the 2007 Super Soap Weekend from General Hospital? Although we’d like to tell you exactly who will be attending this year’s event, out of the 30 slated to attend, we’re afraid it’s too early to know. The information hasn’t been released yet. However, stay tuned to our General Hospital News Room for all the latest in Actor Appearances!