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The population of Salem is about to grow by one — and not just any one, either. On May 24, soap vet Richard Steinmetz took to Facebook to share “some good news. I landed a role on the soap Days of Our Lives.”

What, exactly, that role is remains to be seen. If we had to guess, though, we would wager that the daytime vet will be playing a member of Ava’s Mob family or perhaps someone connected to Dan Feuerriegel’s arrival as the new EJ DiMera.

Regardless of what the part turns out to be, “I start shooting tomorrow,” Steinmetz said, adding that “it’s a terrific role. Not sure if I can say what it is yet… ”

So he wisely didn’t. (Way to stay out of hot water with the powers that be!) “But I’ll keep you posted… and [let you know] when the episodes start airing.”

Longtime soap fans will recall that Steinmetz made his daytime debut back in the late 1980s as Loving’s Jeff Hartman, who slept with both Gwyneth Alden and daughter Trisha before losing his marbles. The actor also played Martin Fitzgerald on Passions in the mid-2000s and, most recently, second-generation mobster Joe Scully Jr. on General Hospital in 2012. (The short-lived character’s long-ago rape of Connie Falconeri resulted in the birth of Kristina Corinthos’ onetime husband, Trey Mitchell.)

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As you count down to Steinmetz’s first appearance — we’ll let you know when it is — stop off at a photo gallery full of other stars like him, who have appeared on more than one show.