Deconstructing GH: Aiden’s Bullying Story Is Timely and Important

November 12 - 16:

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This week viewers were treated to a special episode marking Maurice Benard’s twenty-fifth anniversary on General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos. We also finally learned what’s been eating Aiden, which is a far better use of drawing on real-world inspiration than more election scandals and tampering.

The Sonny show

The Sonny-centric episode was definitely interesting. It was fun to see an alternate version of Port Charles, and I’m sure the actors had a ball playing upside-down versions of their characters. Sam looking like a Real Housewife of New Jersey was hilarious, and Sonny just looked like a total dweeb. While it was a fun episode, it really didn’t add anything to the storyline. There was likely a better way to celebrate Maurice Benard’s anniversary on the show, such as with flashbacks, and Dominic Zamprogna’s return and chance to have scenes with Lulu and his family felt like a missed opportunity.

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Margaux’s choice

As I said in last week’s Deconstructing GH, I felt sorry for Margaux after Sonny revealed the truth about her mother. Sonny was right when he said Margaux’s broken. He’s ruined her life twice now, once when he killed her father and now that he’s destroyed the illusion of her happy family. Carly is right that eventually Margaux will lash out and come after him. However she is doing Sonny no favors in how she attacks Margaux left and right, which is only going to egg her on. Sonny tried to convince Margaux to let it go, but obviously she isn’t going to. It’s a shame… If it had been written that Sonny only moved the body, this whole mess could have ended with the reveal that Jeanette set her husband’s murder in motion. Now though we have to keep watching this tired storyline play out.

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That fricken flash drive

Drew toyed with the idea of taking the risk of using the flash drive to get his memory back because he was feeling like a hypocrite asking Oscar to take a chance with the drug trial to better his life. Kim told him it was a foolish idea, and even though he says he won’t do it, it’s obvious it’s still on his mind. With Oscar inevitably going to get worse, and Margaux eventually going to be out for blood, how long before Drew caves and takes her up on her offer? This flash drive story is a year old now and needs to fricken end already.

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Career day

It was career day in Miss Tait’s class. However, aside from Lulu, everyone else who spoke wasn’t actually a parent of a student in the class, which was odd. Also, I feel like career day is something that only happens on TV. I never remember having it when I was in school! Anyways, we finally learned that Charlotte has been bullying Aiden. Not that, but she was also down right nasty to Finn on career day! This is a huge departure from the character, who has always been so sweet. I guess those Cassadine genes finally kicked in! I was a tad shocked that Miss Tait refused to identify the bully to Liz and Franco, but at least she called Lulu and Valentin in to speak with them. Nina crashing the meeting, and blaming the teacher, was just painful to watch. I like Nina, but I also liked watching her get tossed out of that meeting. I’m interested in seeing how this story plays out because it’s an important topic in our society today. There are also several adults in Port Charles who could benefit from Miss Tait’s anti-bullying brochures.

Peter Peter Peter…

The writers are clearly bending over backward to redeem Peter. Even Laura is kissing his butt. Still, it annoys me how poorly he keeps treating Anna. If they are going to fully redeem him then they need to eventually have him lighten up on her. Heck, he has more of a relationship with Valentin, and he’s the one who screwed him over by giving him to Faison to begin with.

Unfinished business

Hayden finally reached out to Finn, through a letter, indicating they needed to meet to discuss unfinished business. The way Hayden was written off, and keeping the truth about the baby from Finn, was a travesty. As much as I enjoy Finn and Anna, Hayden and Finn had much more chemistry and I would love to see Rebecca Budig return.

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