Days of Our Lives’ Chad Just Became One of the Most Unlikable Guys on Daytime, and All Because Anna Didn’t Show Up Sooner

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Gwen made sure that 2020 went out with a bang by luring a drunk Chad into her bed. We’ll soon learn exactly why the Days of Our Lives vixen has been manipulating Abby’s entire family… but the big reveal might just come too late where Chad’s concerned. Let’s take a look at this week’s action, as well as the simple twist which could have helped explain Chad’s otherwise indefensible behavior. 

Worst. Husband. Ever.

Back in November, headwriter Ron Carlivati promised that Gwen’s manipulations would not result in a Chad/Abigail/Jake triangle. “I feel like we sort of played that angle with Stefan,” he said at the time. “So while there are certain underlying elements which might feel similar, that is definitely not the direction we’re going in.”

Chad and Gwen kiss on Days of Our Lives

Sometimes, a kiss is just a kiss. That was definitely not the case here, however.

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No lies were told that day… because instead of Abigail falling into Jake’s arms, it was Chad who wound up being pushed into Gwen’s. Although “pushed” might be too strong a word, given how little it actually took for him to succumb to the Brit’s charms.

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I’ll say this: Billy Flynn gave a phenomenal performance on Thursday. Playing drunk is tough. There’s a fine line — which many actors struggle to straddle — between believably intoxicated and cartoonishly blotto. Flynn’s excellent work did not, however, make Chad’s behavior — let alone his words — any easier to swallow. Particularly rough were the scenes in which Chad suggested that Abigail has been faking her mental illness in order to get away with everything from killing Andre to sleeping with two of his brothers.

The big problem with the Gwen story continues to be just how easily everyone is manipulated. The entire tale relies on people not talking to one another and instead all believing what they’ve been told by a virtual stranger. Yet within a day or two of Anna and Tony’s return, she had the naughty nanny’s number and had helped Abigail find Gwen’s stash of incriminating clippings.

There’s a Pill for Everything

What I find especially baffling is why a plot which began with Gwen slipping Abigail a drug designed to alter her behavior didn’t continue down that path. Chad’s increasing paranoia — not to mention his infidelity — would all make sense if we knew that Gwen had been slipping him a Mickey over the past few weeks.

Billy Flynn, Marci Miller"Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 09/15/20 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 13969 U.S.Airdate 11/3/20

Something tells us it could be a while before these two are this close again.

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It would also make it a lot easier for everyone involved — from Abigail to viewers — to forgive him down the road. And who knows, perhaps we’ll eventually learn that’s true. I hope so, because otherwise, it’s going to be tough for the audience to forget some of the truly awful things Chad said about the woman he supposedly loves.

Party On, People

In a year when so many of us were stuck home on New Year’s Eve, I loved getting to attend the DiMeras’ bash. Days of Our Lives was the only soap this year on which the year-ending event actually felt like New Year’s Eve. People got dressed up and went to a party and, in true Days fashion, the fete was filled with drama and romance.

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I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I absolutely love the Jake/Kate romance. We think of Kate as a strong, no-nonsense woman, but Jake actually brings all of her insecurities to the surface and then smothers them by saying all the right things. When he kissed her beneath the fireworks and, tired of being her dirty little secret, said it would be their last, it was sad and romantic and thrilling… and clearly not the end for them.

days jake kate garage JJ

How come our mechanic never gives us this kind of personal attention?

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Brandon Barash and Lauren Koslow make this couple so wildly appealing that I’m dreading Camila Banus’ return as Gabi… and I mean that in the best way possible. Gabi and Jake are a fantastic couple, as are he and Kate. There’s also a complicated history between the two women which adds another layer to all of their interactions. For me, the best soap triangles are ones in which you honestly don’t know which pair you want to see happy, which will definitely be the case for me where this trio is concerned.

Brady and Chloe lean in close on Days of Our Lives

We won’t tell Kristen if you don’t!

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Chloe and Brady hitting the party together was also fun. I’ve always loved the chemistry between Nadia Bjorlin and Eric Martsolf, although to be fair, both would throw sparks if paired with a vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile, as someone who despises how often people on this show have very private conversations (often with themselves) in very public places, I was pleasantly shocked when Chloe not only overheard Philip but got him to come clean. Throwing her into the Philip/Sarah/Xander mix is a guaranteed good time.

See Ya, Charlie

I admit that I’m struggling with the Charlie/Claire scenes, largely because, as I’ve admitted in the past, I’m a huge fan of this couple… or at least would be were it not for the whole he’s-a-rapist thing. Her caressing his naked chest as he was trying on the shirt she’d bought him for Christmas was cringe-inducing, which I have to assume is exactly how we were supposed to feel. But it also showed just how fantastic this couple could have been had things gone in a different direction.

days claire charlie undressed JJ

Nope. Just… nope.

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Make no mistake, however: Much as I love Mike Manning’s Charlie, I need him gone. I do not want to see the show try and find a way to keep them around. If you’re going to have a character do truly awful things, you have to be prepared for them to pay the price. (I know, I know, that means we also probably shouldn’t have Ben on the canvas, given the whole Necktie Killer thing. But that’s a discussion for another day… )

Random Thoughts

• How sweet was it that Eli and Lani named their children after Abe and Julie? I’ll admit, I was kinda hoping they’d go with Tom and Alice, but Carver and Jules is even more appropriate. That said… either someone in the sound department has either never actually heard a baby breathe or we’re about to find out that Carver and/or Jules have respiratory problems. In some scenes, you can barely hear the dialogue over the sound of those kids gasping for air.

Eli and Lani show off their babies to Abe and Julie on Days of Our Lives

• I loved Kate’s speech about how she’d always  “wanted to be as powerful as a Victor, as a Stefano, but as a woman, I needed to tread carefully.” It was almost a throwaway line, and yet it spoke volumes about the character.

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