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At Newman-Locke, Victor shows up to see Victoria, who presumes he’s there to ask her about Ashland financing the clinic in Peru. She informs him that her husband already told her about it and complains about him digging around in Locke’s past. Victor wants to know how the acquisition of Newman Media is going. Victoria informs him that a most peculiar thing has happened. Victor asks, “What has Adam done?” Victoria reveals that he made a big hire and put Sally Spectra as his C.O.O. Victor’s aghast. “Is the boy out of his mind?!” With that, he exits.

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At Newman Media, Adam flashes to sex with Sally, as outside the door, she does the same. She knocks and he hollers, “Come in.” Adam remarks on her knocking, which she rarely does. Sally states that they did things yesterday… and crossed many lines. Adam asks if she regrets it. Sally replies, “Not one bit.” He suggests they relax then, because nothing’s changed except now they don’t have to pretend they don’t want to rip each other’s clothes off any time they’re around each other. Sally informs him that what they did just added gasoline to the fire and things are going to stay hot. Adam remarks on the rare intensity of their ‘celebration’ and they compare it to tsunamis or earthquakes. Adam muses about how long it took to clean the office. Sally warns that earthquakes have aftershocks and asks how they’re going to handle this. “What exactly is this?”
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At the ranch, Nick visits Nikki and learns that Victor’s gone over to Victoria’s office. He’s curious to see how it will work with Vick and Adam forced to work together. Nikki agrees there will be challenges. Nick’s concerned his mother could end up in their crossfire. Nikki thinks she can handle a little sibling rivalry. She might even be able to diffuse a few situations before they get heated. Nick is available if she needs someone to talk to. Nikki would never drag him back into the corporate goings-on. She’s happy he’s made his peace with his father, Victoria, and Adam to an extent. Talk turns to how he’s doing lately. Nick says his kids remind him of what’s important and how lucky he is.

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Ashland walks into the corridor of Newman-Locke and gets a text that the American is still digging around at the clinic. He doesn’t reply, and instead joins Victoria in the office. She updates him on her father’s visit and explains she turned the tables and directed his suspicions at Adam and Sally. She wonders if there’s tension between them, but Ashland reminds her that he insisted they keep Adam on. Victoria figures Victor may have wanted her to keep an eye on him. “Maybe he wants Adam to learn his lesson from the best.” Locke chuckles, but doesn’t want to underestimate Adam. “It’s not a question of if Adam is going to make his move, it’s when.”
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At Newman Media, Adam would like to hear Sally’s ideas on what to call them. Sally has given it some thought… she doesn’t regret anything that happened in any of the various locations around the office, she just wants to make sure it wasn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event. Adam confirms it wasn’t just a casual hook-up. “I want to be with you.” Sally gets him to say it again. She then tells him that as tempting as it is, she doesn’t want to continue this if they’re going to be sneaking around. She won’t be his dirty little secret. Adam assures her they won’t be – he has too much respect for her to do that. He admits he couldn’t get her off his mind last night and moves to be closer to her. He can’t think of any reason he would want to keep her a secret. He’s leaning in for a kiss when Victor appears and says, “I can.”

Sally moves away from Adam. Victor tells him they’re in the middle of transitioning and don’t need any distractions. Sally asks, “Distractions. Is that what you think I am?” Adam tells his father he owes Sally an apology. Victor assures Sally he doesn’t see her as just an innocent distraction. He remarks on her rise to C.O.O. Sally shrugs; she’d have been a fool to turn it down. Victor counter that only a fool punches above their weight. Adam interjects that he has total confidence in her abilities and notes that no one in this room has clean hands. Sally stops him. “I’ve got this.”
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Sally won’t spend her entire life apologizing for her past actions – and that includes what she did to Summer. She’s sorry people got hurt, but she made a move and Summer landed on her feet. “With all due respect, I can do this. You will see,” she tells Victor. Sally leaves after Victor asks to speak to Adam alone. Adam hopes he’s satisfied now that Sally was the right choice. Victor’s dissatisfied that he didn’t consult him first. Adam scoffs. He needs his and Victoria’s approval for every choice he makes? Perhaps it was a mistake for him to stay on. “Maybe Newman Media’s new scoop should be its own CEO’s resignation.”

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At the ranch, Nick updates Nikki that Mariah and Tessa are going to adopt a child. Nikki knows from Faith and looks forward to calling Sharon ‘Granny’. Nick laughs then looks faraway. He wishes Cassie had lived long enough to experience the things Mariah is. Nikki assures that Cassie will always be with him and would want him to celebrate the things that come his way. Nikki gets to thinking and a strange look crosses her face. Nick asks about it. Nikki’s loved everything about her time with Victor, but there has always been another entity in their marriage. Nick muses, “Newman Enterprises.” Nikki nods. “Yeah. It’s not just a company, it’s a part of us.” She wishes he’d been able to find a way to keep the family together through the company. Nick feels that Nikki is the one thing that’s always balanced Victor out – she’s the love of his life.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria tells her husband that Adam’s trouble. They scheme that once the merger goes through, they can let him go – as long as there’s due cause for dismissal. Victoria muses, “So, we give him enough rope.” She then suggests that instead of waiting for Adam to screw up, they make damn sure that he does.

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At Newman Media, Victor reminds Adam they haven’t even completed the merger yet. Adam insists on keeping Sally. “You have only seen one side of her.” Victor smirks, “And you have seen all sides.” Adam insists she’s not diabolical and is the right woman for the job. Victor won’t stand in the way as long as she’s a team player and proves she can do the C.O.O. job. They now have a more pressing problem to deal with – Ashland Locke. Adam has to know that he’s never really trusted him. He reveals that there are some inconsistencies with his cancer treatment. “I want you to stay vigilant. If you see any contradictions in what he does, and inconsistencies, I want you to report to me.” Adam relays that Ashland has made it clear he hates that he’s staying on and will be keeping him on a short leash. Victor thinks a short leash gives him a very good vantage point to see how he operates and who he communicates with. Adam wonders if he’s asking him to spy on Ashland. Victor quips, “Did I say that?” Adam questions if this is a test, and he’s supposed to decline in order to prove he won’t betray Victoria. Victor leans forward and intones, “If you love your family and your sister, you’ll do as I say.”
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After Victor’s gone, Sally rejoins Adam, who assures her that she’s still C.O.O. He could tell his father was impressed by her standing up for herself. She thanks him for defending her. Adam was also impressed; there aren’t a lot of people willing to go toe to toe with Victor. She admits she was shaking like a leaf inside. Adam would never have known and thinks it’s proof she will succeed. “Never let them see you sweat.” Adam closes the door and relays that Victor said he won’t block her hiring as C.O.O. as long as she’s a team player and proves herself. Sally worries he’ll go behind her back, but Adam tells her he has bigger things to contend with. She wonders if it’s something bad or something good. Adam muses, “Something interesting.”

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Victor returns to the ranch as Nick’s assuring Nikki that he’s happy and his life is good. Victor reports things couldn’t be better with the latest Newman-Locke acquisition. Nick questions if it’s a good move to force Adam and Victoria to work together. Victor’s surprised he gives a damn about the company he wanted no part of and reminds him if he wants to keep peace between his siblings, he’s always welcome to return. Nick says it’s not going to happen. Victor assures him he’s keeping a keen eye on the business. Nick gets a feeling there’s a larger play in the works. Victor smirks.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria’s thrilled that Ashland’s on board with her plans where Adam is concerned. Ashland warns they have to be sure that Victor doesn’t get wind of it. Once Adam’s gone, and Sally not far behind him, he’ll be more than happy to step in himself and run Newman Media. Victoria grins; it’s just a larger version of his former company. Ashland would be pleased to run a media company again and is used to maintaining a strong hand over everything he controls. Taken aback, Victoria questions, “Everything you control?”

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Victoria reminds Ashland this isn’t his company. “It belongs to both of us.” Ashland backtracks and assures her they’re in this together. “I am on your side, despite a slip of the tongue.” Victoria admits his last confession has left her wary. Ashland regrets not telling her about the clinic, but warns her not to let Victor sow seeds of doubt about him in her mind – Adam is the untrustworthy one. Locke steps out to take a call, but pauses to say he loves her. After he closes the door, Victoria frowns, deep in thought.

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