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Will drops by Diana’s room at Salem Inn to discuss Leo with her. Diana guesses that he’s there to warn her that Sonny’s bad news and curious, she lets him in. Will says it’s nothing like that. He tells her all about the sexual harassment lawsuit scam and how Leo trapped Sonny in a loveless marriage. Diana shares how Leo accused his husband of tracking her down. Will admits his grandpa is a private detective and he helped to find her. Diana asks what Leo has on them so Will reveals the accidental “death” which happened when Leo attacked him. Diana gasps and has to sit down. Will shares the whole story and when he brings up Ted Laurent’s name, Diana perks up. She heard he was “that infamous serial killer, Ben Weston’s counsel and finds it interesting that Leo was in cahoots with Ted. Diana reveals they had money when Leo was growing up. He’d have gone through their entire fortune if she hadn’t cut him off. Will smirks. Sounds like him. She says he took an interested in art but had no talent. As they talk, Will says Leo called her a monster. Diana says it’s okay. He’s called her worse. Will finally reveals he’s looking for ammunition against Leo. Can she help? Diana thinks it’d serve Leo right for her to help Will but she loves him and can’t do it.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny gloats about Diana’s appearance in Salem, while Leo thinks this is the worst news ever. He runs upstairs. Adrienne comes in and learns that Leo’s mother, Diana has come to town and has Leo on edge. They giggle. Adrienne clips peanut butter coupons, which Sonny finds funny, since they’ve always had money. Adrienne grew up poor and knows there are no guarantees in life. “All of this can go up just like that,” she says, snapping her fingers. Besides, Leo’s spending habits are legendary. Sonny says that’s not all. Leo wants him to “perform husbandly duties.”

From the square, Hope calls Ted and thanks himted goes to hope about a case for dinner last night. They agree to meet later. When she disconnects, Eli questions what’s going on with them. Hope denies there’s anything between them but opens up about them working together to take Ben down. Eli doesn’t approve. He goes and Ted arrives with an offer. He thinks he’s a good fit for the DA position. Hope’s surprised but he wants to be a better person – because of her. ciara kidnapped by jordanThey’re interrupted by Theo who calls with news. Ciara left South Africa and her flight should have landed hours ago. Hope begins to worry. She leaves a message for Ciara on her cell phone to call and Ciara’s seen crying while tied up and blindfolded at the cabin.

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Ben shows up at Marlena’s office at the hospital. He pants that he feels as if he’s spinning out of control and doesn’t know how to stop. Doc asks him to tell her the last time he felt in control. He says it was a month ago. Marlena knows his transition has been difficult. Ben relays that he had a good job and was dating Ciara but now it’s falling apart because he lost both. He wants Ciara back. When she asks, he tells her about their intense fight over his job working for Stefan, Gabi’s dr evans gives ben a prescriptionkidnapping, and how it was a catalyst for her dumping him and taking off to see Theo in South Africa. Marlena shares Ciara’s concerns for Ben’s job. Ben says it’s a moot point. Chad fired him when he took over and he was going to quit anyway. He opens up about manipulating Tripp and Ciara to break up and that Ciara saw it as a betrayal. Ben felt he could be a better person because he was seen as worthy in someone’s eyes. He’s afraid he’ll turn back into that monster without her. Doc asks if he could kill again. He swears no, but Ciara gives him purpose. He makes a Rocky reference, claiming Ciara’s his Adrian. Marlena writes him a free prescription and hopes he has a support system. She asks to see him twice a week, which relieves him.

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Lani lets herself in to Doug’s Place and findslani and eli beach vacation at dougs place Eli alone, with island music playing while he lays on a lounger, beach ball in hand. She laughs. He’s bringing Miami to her and hands her a mojito with a little umbrella. She changes into a bikini and suggests they visit Miami. She can’t wait until he meets her mother and knows she’ll love him as much as she does. Eli gawks. “Wait. What did you just say?” Lani tells him again and he replies that he loves her, too.

Leo returns downstairs at the mansion and Adrienne gets in his face with a pair of scissors and threatens him to leave her son alone or he won’t consummate anything again – ever.

Diana stumbles into Marlena at the park.

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