Kay peers through the window at Miguel making love to Charity. Simone pulls her from the door. "He's forgotten I'm even alive." Kay feels powerless and heartbroken.

Simone tries to get Kay to stop torturing herself over Miguel and Charity. Just tell him off and get it over with. Kay suddenly remembers Tabitha's prediction that bad things would happen when Miguel and Charity made love. She decides not to confront him. He can have Charity. Simone, however, won't let Miguel get away with breaking promises to her best friend. For justice sake, Kay needs to throw his promises in his face. Kay sees the irony in the situation. Miguel betrayed her and she betrayed Fox at her bridal shower. She regains her backbone and promises Simone that she will tell Miguel off.

Kay isn't sure what to say to Miguel. It is simple to Simone. "The man is a bum." Kay goes closer to the door again so she can hear what the two lovers are saying. Miguel tells Charity that he loves making love to her. Charity reminds him that he told her she was the only girl in the world for him. She wonders how he can be so sure. He just is. Charity asks him to forgive her for leaving him. He blames himself for driving her away. He loves her and if she wants his forgiveness, she has it. Charity realizes that she made a mistake by turning her back on him. He vows they will never make that mistake again. They will be together forever. They kiss again.

Simone pulls Kay away from the door again. "Who knew Miguel could be such a lying bastard?" Kay can't take anymore. She starts to leave. Simone has other ideas. She isn't going to let Miguel get away with it. She barges into the shed. Miguel and Charity try to cover their nakedness. Miguel asks Simone "what are you doing here?" Simone tells Miguel she's sticking up for friend and punches him hard in the face. Charity screams.

Simone chokes Miguel while Charity watches helplessly. At least that was Simone wishes she could do. In reality, Simone is twisting Kay's arm. It was just her imagination. Kay goes back to the door and peeks in the window. She hears Miguel finally remembers her. He tells Charity they have to talk about Kay. Kay is thrilled. Simone thinks it's a little late. He remembered her after he made love to another woman.

Kay thinks that things are going to work out for them after all. She listens as Miguel explains he was going to marry Kay. Charity reaches for her clothes. Miguel stops her from leaving. He was trying to do the right thing because Kay was the mother of his child. But now that Charity is back he can't be with Kay. "You're the only woman in my heart. I love you, I always will."

Kay feels sick. Simone demands she kick the door down but Kay can't. Inside, Miguel and Charity make plans for the future. They talk about leaving town. To Kay, she was just a stupid girl that he got pregnant and nothing more. She is devastated..

Theresa pulls gently away from Jared's kisses. He protests. She better get use to lots more from him. Theresa is slightly confused. She thought he was leaving town because he didn't want to be second to Ethan. Jared changed his mind after talking to Chad. "I can't imagine a future without you in it. Ethan's your past, but I'm your future. And I'm not going to let anything stand in the way of me being with the woman I love."

Jared wants more than kisses. He wants to make love to Theresa right there and right now. Even though it would be exciting to do it on the wharf, they opt to find a better, more secluded place. They run off to be alone.

Theresa nixes Jared's idea of making love on the beach. He immediately feels she is choosing Ethan over him again. She lets him get his rant out. When he finishes, she tells him she wants to be with him but it's too cold on the beach. He decides to call the Harmony Inn and get them a room with a fire already burning in the fireplace.

Jared and Theresa arrive at the room. It has the prerequisite fire burning in the fireplace. They can't keep their hands off each other. They yank their clothes off, throwing one of the garments into the fire. They don't even notice. Soon the fire is burning out of control.

Theresa finally smells smoke from the raging fire in the room. Jared grabs an extinguisher from the hallway and puts the fire out. The beach was too cold and the room too hot. They need to find a place that is just right. To Theresa, it doesn't matter where they are as long as she is with him. They kiss.

Back in bed, Jared and Theresa make love, oblivious to any drama.

Ethan is in Jared's darkened office searching through files for incriminating data against Jared. Suddenly the lights go on and Valerie walks in.

Ethan lies to Valerie, saying he was looking for Theresa. Valerie gives him a hard time about being in Jared's office and won't accept any of excuses. "You are lying through your teeth. I've been at my desk in front of Theresa's office all evening, and I haven't seen you. I'm calling Crane security and the police. You, my friend, are about to be arrested."

Ethan stops her from making the call. He tells her he is really there to check up on Jared. He is too perfect and he doesn't trust perfect. If he's right about him, he might be a plant, a corporate spy. His guts tell him that there's something fishy about Jared. Valerie can have Ethan arrested but if it turns out he was right and Valerie did nothing to stop Jared, she could lose her job. Valerie hangs up the phone. She decides to help Ethan but if they get caught, she will hang him out to dry.

Ethan searches Jared's computer while Valerie looks through files. They're coming up empty. Valerie accuses Ethan of hostility toward Jared because of jealousy. She suggests he just divorce Gwen and marry Theresa so that we can all get back to work.

Ethan tells Valerie to leave Gwen out of it. He is there to protect Theresa because Jared is twisted and Theresa is the mother of his child. Valerie is ready to leave. She is running a huge risk helping him. Just then, there is a hit on the computer. Ethan looks at the screen. It's the proof he needed. "That guy's a fraud!"

Valerie and Ethan look at the screen together. She agrees that he has proof. They have to tell Theresa or she will have regrets for the rest of her life.

Fancy hears Luis calling for her. He wants to talk about what she overheard. Fancy thinks what she heard needs no explanation. "First he wants to make love to me, and then he stabs me in the back?" She keeps on running from him. Luis is close behind her and behind him is Sheridan. She is curious about what is going on with the couple. She is stopped by Eve who has been following her. Eve wants to talk about Sheridan spying on Luis. She reminds Sheridan that she was once her psychiatrist. Sheridan remarks that the operative words being 'was.' If she needs a psychiatrist, she can hire her own. She orders Eve to leave her alone and runs off. Eve continues to follow her.

Luis finally catches up to Fancy. He tells Fancy he didn't mean what he said to his mother. Fancy says she heard him promise not to get involve with the "evil" Cranes. She is a Crane and proud of it. It is obvious to her that he doesn't love her at all.

Sheridan comes up behind the two and eavesdrops on them. Luis explains to Fancy that he was just saying what his mother wanted to hear. He had no intentions of not seeing her again. Eve has joined Sheridan now but Sheridan signals her to be quiet. "Not to see you anymore, are you kidding me? Everything that means anything to me is wrapped up in you," Luis says. They embrace. Sheridan does not look happy.

Eve urges Sheridan to let Luis and Fancy have their privacy She tugs at Sheridan's sleeve for extra emphasis. Sheridan turns on her and tells her to back off. Eve remains but keeps her opinions to herself.

Luis informs Fancy that his mother encouraged him to date her. She was just looking out for her son and in a fit of temper included Fancy in her "Cranes are evil" rant. She just doesn't want him to get hurt. Fancy realizes Pilar was thinking about how Sheridan hurt Luis. She is not her aunt. "I know that. That's why I love you so much. Look, I loved Sheridan very much. But it's over now. She's my past. You are my future."

Fancy wants to believe him. He promises to do whatever it takes to make her believe he loves her. She wants to him swear that he is truly over Sheridan. Luis doesn't answer right away. Sheridan smiles because she believes Luis can't swear to that. Eve speaks up and again tells her they need to go. Sheridan tells Eve to get out of there. Eve stands up to her. If she is over Luis why is she following him around. She is lying to herself if she says she is happy with Chris and James. She is still in love with Luis.

Disappointed, Fancy starts to leave. Luis grabs her by the arm and finally tells Fancy what she wants to hear. He is completely over Sheridan. Fancy is the only woman he loves. They kiss. Sheridan can't stand to see them. She closes her eyes as a tear runs down her face.

Sheridan turns around and her face is stone cold. Eve remarks that Sheridan looks just like Alistair. Sheridan turns slowly and stares her down. "I hope my father is looking up from hell at this very moment, because the idea of Eve Russell doling out advice to anyone, let alone a Crane, would most amuse him." She has a lot of gall to give advice when her own life is a train wreck. And the latest dirt on her is how she helped destroy her best friend's marriage. She's got to be the biggest bitch in Harmony. "Physician, Heal thyself!"

Luis and Fancy sit on a bench, kissing. She feels like Santa just gave them their early Christmas present--their future. Eve hasn't given up. She tries to pull her away again. Sheridan spells it out for her one last time. She is Sheridan Crane. She does not take advice from a heartless bitch. In fact, she doesn't need advice. "I know exactly what I have to do. And if anyone tries to stop me, I'll take care of them, too." Eve can't believe it. Sheridan sounds exactly like Alistair. Sheridan watches Luis and Fancy as they kiss. Eve knows if Sheridan has become a true Crane, then Luis and Fancy are in danger. From the look on Sheridan's face, Eve is right!

Next on Passions
Theresa explains to Ethan that she is love with Jared but Ethan needs to talk to her right away.
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