Sheridan is very upset with what sees in Tabitha's magic bowl-- Luis and Fancy kissing. Tabitha fears that if Sheridan figures out the bowl is magic, she will expose her and Endora as witches. That's not only bad for them but for Luis and Fancy. Sheridan is a Crane and they hate to lose in love. "And, believe me, a Crane with a hard heart is a ruthless creature indeed."

She shouts at the vision that Luis should be kissing her! Tabitha tells Endora to make the vision disappear. Endora zaps the bowl and replaces the vision with punch. Sheridan thinks she is going crazy. She is seeing things. Tabitha points out that she is under a lot of stress. They have been talking about Marty so it's not a big leap to connect losing Marty to losing Luis. Sheridan denies that she lost Luis. She chose Chris. "Luis doesn't have anything to do with my life, not a damn thing." She walks to the other side of the room. Tabitha remarks that Sheridan, Luis and Fancy are on the road to disaster.

Sheridan brings over her gift for Tabitha. It's a very old painting of someone who looks exactly like Tabitha. Sheridan looks at the picture and remarks on its likeness to Tabitha. She notices that the picture's bottom half is torn off. Tabitha remembers the period when the picture was painted. She recalls how she cursed the Crane hearts with pain and sorrow for all eternity! Sheridan asks Tabitha if she knows anything about the painting. Tabitha lies. She doesn't know anything about it but she will keep it.

Sheridan says goodbye to Tabitha and Endora and leaves. She has decided not to go back to the shower. After she goes, Endora asks her mommy to reverse the Crane curse. Tabitha refuses. The Cranes earned the curse. "The sins of the fathers. Endora. That's how it is. And my curse is sure-fire!"

Luis and Fancy are at his house. She pulls off most of their clothes and pushes him to the couch. He suggests they go to his room. She can't wait for that. She wants him right here and right now. They kiss passionately, groping each other. Their lovemaking is interrupted this time by the sound of Pilar's voice. She is outside the front door, talking on the phone. Luis and Fancy jump. Luis tells Fancy to grab her clothes and get out the house through the back door.

Pilar comes in and finds Luis supposedly sleeping on the couch. Pilar hangs up and goes to wake up Luis. She doesn't understand why he is sleeping in the living room instead of his own room. He knows better than to have his clothes all over the floor. And why isn't he at the shower? He asks her the same question. She ran into Martin with that woman and it frazzled her. "The Cranes are evil, mi hijo. All of them, absolutely evil!"

Fancy is stuck inside the house. She hides while Pilar lectures Luis, hearing all of Pilar's complaints about the Cranes. She also hears Luis say that Fox and Sheridan aren't bad and Fancy is great. "Look, some of them may pretend they're good people, but eventually, their true nature comes out. They're cursed." Pilar wants Luis to promise her that he won't get involve with a Crane again.

Luis tells his mother, if it means that much to her, he will have nothing to do with the Cranes. Fancy can't believe Luis made that promise. How could she have been so wrong about him?

Fancy runs out the front door. Sheridan is outside and sees Fancy come out of the house. Luis and Pilar hear Fancy. Luis realizes it is Fancy leaving and knows she heard everything. He runs out the door after her. Sheridan watches all of this while in the shadows. "What is going on here?"

Gwen talks with Ethan on the phone. She is still feeling sick. He offers to come home and look after her, but she lies and says her mother is there. The truth is Rebecca is with J.T. discussing blackmail. Ethan asks Gwen to put Rebecca on the phone. He wants to tell her how to make a mustard plaster for Gwen. He's sure it will make Gwen feel better. Gwen tells Ethan that her mother can't come to the phone because she is reading to Jane. Ethan buys the excuse and hangs up.

J.T. shoots blindly into the night, warning whoever is outside his door to leave him alone. He goes outside with his gun at the ready, looking for the shadowy figure. He looks down and at the bottom of the steps and sees Rebecca lying on the ground. He runs to her. "Oh, no! Oh, I nailed you! I mean -- oh, god, you know what I mean. You're dead!"

J.T. rearranges her body so that it will look more violent for the tabloid cover. Before he can go get his camera, Rebecca's eyes pop open. She kicks J.T. hard in the crotch. That's what he gets for wanting to take a photo of her at her worst. She wasn't shot. Whoever J.T. was shooting at knocked her down in his hurry to get away. Rebecca spies the blackmail letter on the ground and grabs it. J.T. snatches it back and holds it tightly. She demands he tell her who he is blackmailing.

They go inside his room. Rebecca tries to seduce the names of his victims out of him. She drops a bag of ice on his sore crotch. She asks him again to tell her his secrets. He hands her an envelope. "Oh, ok. All right, all right. If you want to know who I've been blackmailing, open the envelope. " Rebecca takes the envelope with a squeal of pleasure.

She opens the envelope only to find J.T.'s electric bills. He vows never to reveal his secrets, not even to her.

While Fox is reporting the progress of his plan to his father, he observes Kay sobbing to Simone Fox feels so guilty that he decides to tell Kay what he did. Julian grabs Fox by the arm and pulls him back. He reminds him how Kay was going to break his heart by betraying him with Miguel. Fox let's go his remorse. The pain she is in is her just punishment for what she's done to him.

Simone tells Kay to confide in her. Kay spills everything from how she realized it was Miguel she wanted to marry to overhearing that Fox was dying. Now Charity is here out of the blue. Miguel looked at her and kissed her. "And he told her that he loved her, right in front of me, just after he told me the same thing." Simone understands. "Men are pigs."

Simone advises Kay to go and talk to Miguel. Kay is afraid of what he will say. Simone prods her to go anyway. They go into the house with Fox and Julian following from a distance. Miguel and Charity are nowhere to be seen. Kay is beside herself. After all these years, Charity still beats her. Simone reminds her it is not a competition. Then she notices something. "Looks like Charity lost something." Simone picks up a bra from the couch.

Simone suggests they should follow the trail of clothes to find Miguel and Charity, They do. Fox can't wait to see what happens. He knows that at the end of the trail of clothes is the end of Miguel and Kay. Julian and Fox follow the girls.

Simone and Kay have followed various clothes items to the outside. It has led them to a shed. Simone thinks maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Kay won't stop now and looks in the window on the shed's door. All her fears come true. She sees Miguel and Charity making love.

Chad bumps into Jared at the shower. Chad has a envelope sticking out of his pocket. Jared notes that Chad looks like he's been running a marathon. Each men have been trying to clear their heads about the problems with their women. Jared shares how this fortuneteller gave him and Theresa two halves of one coin and rigged it so they would meet at the wharf like fated lovers. Chad knows Theresa is a big believer of fate. It didn't matter to Jared. He wasn't going to play second fiddle to Ethan any longer. He told her it was over.

Chad thought it was spooky that the same fortuneteller told Whitney he was cheating on her. Jared makes a prediction of his own. If Chad doesn't to stop messing around, he's going to lose Whitney. Chad knows he's an idiot. He is beginning to believe he may be addicted to sex. But no matter what he does love Whitney and can't imagine life without her.

Whitney finds Theresa all alone at the wharf. Theresa tells her that Jared showed up but now he is gone forever. "I've lost Jared. I've lost Ethan. I guess I'm destined to spend the rest of my life alone." Whitney doesn't think things are over between Theresa and Jared. She shouldn't give up so easily. Theresa doesn't see any hope. Jared doesn't trust her after she tried to string him along.

Whitney isn't having a good night either. She explains how the fortuneteller warned her about Chad. Theresa says that Whitney really has to get those crazy suspicions out of her head. Besides, the fortuneteller told her that she would be with the man that she would spend the rest of her life with. "Look around you, honey. Do you see him anywhere?" And as far as Rebecca is concerned, she is a lying witch. She tells Whitney to be smart and not lose Chad.

Whitney thinks Theresa is in no position to give advice. She's letting Jared go without a fight. Theresa decides that she doesn't believe in fortunetellers, astrology, fate, all that kind of stuff anymore. Jared is history but Whitney can still make a life with Chad.

Theresa thinks chocolate ice cream will ease their sorrows. Whitney thinks finding Jared and confessing that she wants him, is better. Both Theresa and Whitney have no intentions of following each other advice. They hug and wish each other happiness. Whitney takes off to go home to Chad.

Theresa thinks she should give up on men altogether. Every time she gets involved it only ends in disaster. She hears footsteps and turns around to find Jared behind her. He says to hell with his pride. He can't live without her. He takes her in his arms and they kiss.

Ethan is still in his office. He talks to himself about Theresa and Jared. He believes there is more to Jared than meets the eye. He is going to figure out who Jared is tonight and if he is a threat, he will pay. Ethan gets up from his desk.

Chad sees Ethan at Crane and wonders what he's doing there at this time of night. Ethan lies and says he's dropping off documents. Chad goes on his way. Ethan knows Chad and Jared are friends. He can't tell him the truththat he's checking up on Jared. Ethan heads off to Crane offices. Down the hall, someone is around the corner. All that can be seen is a shadow holding something that could be a gun.

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