Tabitha is passed out on her kitchen floor after seeing Charity in her magic bowl. Endora zaps water from the faucet to wake her mommy up. Tabitha remembers Charity is back in town and passes out again.

Endora zaps water on the unconscious Tabitha again. Tabitha awakes, moaning about the trouble that will be visited on Harmony. She fears that the end is near for all of them if Charity is back.

Charity is eager to see Kay and Miguel but Fox isn't ready to reveal her just yet. He snaps "No" when she suggests going to the party. He regains himself and tells her that he wants the surprise to be perfect so she has to wait for the perfect time. Charity continues to go along with his plan.

Fox leaves Charity in the bedroom with instructions for her to wait. It will be worth it when they see the look on Miguel and Kay's face.

For the 1,000th time, Miguel urges Kay to tell Fox about them. People are at a bridal shower celebrating a wedding that isn't going to happen. Kay has been trying to tell Fox but he keeps distracting her. It's almost like he is stopping her on purpose.

Kay wants to talk to Fox alone so Miguel leaves her to it. Fox appears and again Kay tries to have a talk with him. He puts her off saying they should go mingle with their guests. Kay says she can't any longer. They have to talk now. It's about the shower, the wedding and Miguel.

Fox knows what Kay is going to say. She is worried that Miguel will be all alone. But she needn't be worried. There's always Charity. A man never forgets a love like that. Kay wants Fox to let her talk. Fox says if it is that important, fire away. Before she can say anything else, Fox stumbles. He tells her he needs to go inside and get his medicine. She asks him what he means by 'medicine'. He says that he just meant aspirin. Fox walks off. Kay thinks that Fox is all wrong about Miguel. He can't still want Charity?

Luis and Pilar arrive at the shower. Pilar says he look like a man in love. Luis looks around for the object of his affection, Fancy, and wonders if she will be there. He is in love with Fancy after he thought he would never love another woman. Pilar is very happy for him and a little surprised. Fancy is a great girl. Luis explains how he discovered he loved Fancy. It was while they were in the mineshaft. Fancy was so strong and never gave up. Now he can't wait to find her and tell her he loves her before it's too late.

Fancy is not at the shower yet. She is walking around feeling miserable. She thinks about the conversation she overheard between Luis and Ethan. She made a mistake when she thought Luis said he loved her. She believes he still loves Sheridan, and always will.

Paloma is making eyes at Noah. They discuss Jessica and her problems. Paloma doesn't blame Jessica for drinking. Being married to Spike would cause even them to drink. Paloma continues to flirt with Noah. He sees an acquaintance at the party and leaves to talk with him. He asks her to wait for him. Paloma sighs with pleasure as she watches him go.

Fancy arrives at the shower. Paloma is happy to see her out of the hospital. Fancy isn't so happy and Paloma notices. Fancy tells her she is down because of Luis. She overheard him talking to Ethan about never loving another woman but Sheridan. She looks up and sees Noah who reminds her of another failed relationship. Why does every man she loves cheat on her either emotionally or physically? Even though Noah said over and over that he never slept with Maya, she doesn't believe him. Fancy leaves. Paloma looks at Noah. Even if Fancy doesn't believe him, Paloma knows he is one of the good guys.

Luis spies Fancy across the yard. Fancy sees him too but she isn't ready for rejection so she runs off. Luis wonders why she didn't want him to see her.

Tabitha dries off from her water dousing as Fancy rushes into the house. She asks Tabitha if she can hide in there from Luis for a while. It's all right with Tabitha. Fancy ducks down just in time. Luis has come inside looking for Fancy. He asks Tabitha if she has seen Fancy. She was just outside and he thought he saw her come in. Tabitha lies and says she hasn't seen her anywhere. Luis leaves to look for her elsewhere.

Fancy comes out of hiding and thanks Tabitha for not telling Luis about her. Tabitha tells Fancy she owes her a favor in return. She asks her to take Endora outside while she carries a food tray out to the yard. Fancy agrees. She goes over to get Endora and remarks how much Endora looks like her at that age. That remarks causes Tabitha to change her mind. She gives Fancy the food tray and stays inside with Endora. After Fancy leaves, Tabitha tells Endora no one can know that Julian is her father.

Luis catches up to Fancy finally. She can't help but blush when he tells her that he has been looking for her everywhere. Fancy tells Luis what she thought she heard when they were in the mineshaft. She rambles on and on about Sheridan and how she (Fancy) knows how to take a hint. She has been steering clear of him for that reason. Luis tries to interrupt but Fancy keeps on talking. He mumbles that he is in love with a motor mouth. She talks for a few seconds more before she realizes that he just said that he loves her. He admits it again and they kiss.

Jared makes an appearance at the party to Whitney's delight. Unfortunately, he isn't staying long. He just dropped by to wish Fox and Kay happiness and then he plans on leaving town. Whitney tells him Theresa is at the party but that isn't enough for him to hang around.

Whitney asks Jared again to reconsider leaving. Jared tells her things just didn't work out between him and Theresa even though he thinks she is incredible. He asks where is Chad so he can say good-bye to him before he leaves. Whitney doesn't know for sure. She was never able to reach him by phone. Jared tells her not to worry about him. Chad really loves her. He leaves Whitney who is still not convinced that Chad isn't leading a double life.

Theresa doesn't believe the fortuneteller or her cards because they don't say Ethan is the love of her life. The fortuneteller says the cards see another man in her life, someone with whom she had a relationship. This man loves her. She can have him if she goes after him quickly. He is the only one who can give her happiness.

Theresa is really confused by what the fortuneteller has said. She knows she made a real mess of things with Jared. However, it is crystal clear to the fortuneteller. Fate is trying to guide her and Theresa should not ignore it. The fortuneteller gives her half of a coin. She tells Theresa that the man that Theresa is supposed to be with will have the other half of the coin. She sends Theresa out to find that man. When she finds him, she will find her happiness.

No one is twisting her arm but the fortuneteller can't understand Theresa's reluctance to find the man who can make her happy for a lifetime. Theresa decides to listen. The fortuneteller instructs her to go to a place nearby that overlooks water. The place will have wooden railings. Theresa figures out she is talking about the wharf. If she goes there, her life will never be the same.

Theresa runs into Whitney and tells her about the fortuneteller and her amazing reading. Whitney has serious doubts about the fortuneteller. She thinks she gave her information while talking with her. When Theresa says the cards told her to give up on Ethan, Whitney takes note. She also believes this man the fortuneteller was talking is Jared. Theresa tells her she has to find the man with the other half of a coin, the man who is her true love. Suddenly Theresa changes her mind. She should just forget about it because she will only get her hopes up to be dashed again. Whitney encourages Theresa to go to the wharf. Theresa decides to take a chance and do it. If she doesn't go she will always wonder if she missed her true love.

Whitney decides to try the fortuneteller. The fortuneteller holds her hands and asks Whitney if she is sure she needs to ask them. She knows the answers already. She just doesn't like them. She warns Whitney that sometimes it is better not to know.

Jared walks by the fortuneteller. She tries to get him to sit down for a reading. She tells him that he has been hurt and his pride is preventing him from being with the woman that he loves. He thinks that is just a lucky guess. When she tells him that he is leaving Harmony, he becomes interested and sits down for a reading. The fortuneteller sees in the cards that if Jared stays, he will find happiness with the woman he loves.

Theresa is at the wharf feeling like she must be out of her mind. Then Jared shows up. She is surprised to see him. She thought that he had already left town. He tells her is on his way out. He asks what she is doing there, but she says he wouldn't believe her if she told him. She wishes he wasn't leaving but she understands. She apologizes but he says there is no need. His letter of resignation is on her desk and he hopes they can still be friends. He reaches out to shake her hand and his half of the coin falls to the ground. Theresa picks it up.

Jared tells that he is embarrassed by the coin. He feels like a big jerk but he tells Theresa the story of the fortuneteller and how the coin was to lead him to his destined love. Theresa shows him her half a coin. They kiss.

Miguel is with Pilar. He tells Pilar that Kay is telling Fox about them right now. Pilar worries whether Miguel is really over Charity. He tells her he 'loved' her, past tense. She warns him that if Charity were to appear that Miguel should be careful. "A heart can do strange things when old love reappears." Miguel is sure that he will only love Kay from now.

Kay comes into the house, looking for Fox. He comes down the stairs and tries to steer her outside to see their guests. She tells him to sit down. What she has to say is really serious. He sits down as she begins to tell him about her and Miguel. She stops when she hears someone behind her and turns around to see Charity. She is in shock.
Charity, Fox and Kay are in the living room when Miguel comes in. When he sees Charity his whole face lights up. She rushes over to him. They are holding hands now and he caresses her face. He tells her that he looked all over for her. He still loves her and he always will. Kay watches in horror as Fox stands behind her with a smug look on his face.

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