Endora is enjoying Thanksgiving by zapping turkeys all over the house. Tabitha worries that the guests from the bridal shower will get an eyeful and condemn the two witches. Not to worry. Endora freezes time out in the backyard.

Tabitha begs Endora to be a good little witch and get rid of the turkeys. "Thanksgiving and the dark side we dark-siders don't give thanks. We give grief and heartache." Instead of obeying her mother, Endora continues her witchy fun. Pilgrims appear out of nowhere. They seize Tabitha and tie her up to burn at the stake. Tabitha pleads with Endora for help before the pilgrims fire her up.

Endora finally responds to her mother's pleas. She sends in a bunch of noisy native Americans. They stop their howling when they see the pilgrims.

The pilgrims and the native Americans begin fighting and chasing each other throughout the house. "What is this, the early American version of "kill bill?" The bunch is gone but the fire still burns around Tabitha. She pleads again for intervention. Endora zaps a rain cloud around her mother that rains and douses the fire.

Now Tabitha wants Endora to get rid of the turkeys and then unfreeze everyone in the backyard. Once that is done, Tabitha checks her magic bowl to make sure everything is back on track. To her horror, she sees Charity. They're doomed! She faints dead away.

In Julian's bedroom, he and Rebecca make love as a pilgrim and Pocahontas. Julian praises Rebecca's nasty ways until she goes too far when she compares herself to Eve. Julian doesn't take kindly to her calling Eve a w**** and decides to step out for a bit a fresh air. It suddenly became very "fowl" in there.

Julian is done with Rebecca and requests her presence to be gone. He leaves a very disgruntled Rebecca. She needs a man who appreciates the nymphomania in her. Of course, the man who fits the description is J.T. so she gives him a call. After talking food and sex, Rebecca expresses her desire for him. Too bad he isn't in Harmony. On the contrary, J.T is in town at the wharf. Rebecca makes a date. The two plan on giving Thanksgiving spread a whole new meaning.

Eve and T.C. have a more traditional thanksgiving. She brings him a plate full of holiday food. They share how thankful they are for their family and for T.C. being on the mend.

Jessica is sorry for how she acted at the shower. Simone assures her Kay will forgive her. Their conversation is halted when some teens come in. Rae assumes they are they to make trouble and goes over to confront them. The teens think she needs an attitude adjustment. "You think because I'm a lesbian I go around with a chip on my shoulder?" Rae plans on calling the police on them.

Julian's walk has taken him to Eve and T.C. He stands outside looking at two with longing. When he tries to get a closer look, he accidentally knocks over a bench in front of the window. Eve goes out to check on the noise and discovers him. She accuses him of spying on her. Julian can't believe she would choose an invalid over a home in a mansion. Eve's choice was for freedom rather than be at Julian's beck and call.

Julian is offended by Eve's remark. He wanted to be Eve's partner in every way. Instead she went back to a man who kicked her out when she didn't turn out to be perfect. Eve explains that T.C. realizes now that putting her up on a pedestal is what made it hard for him to accept Eve. Things are better now. Julian believes she is making a mistake, "the same mistake that Ethan is, Eve." This surprises Eve. She asks what mistake is Ethan making.

Julian answers that Ethan is staying with Gwen while he loves Theresa. Eve takes that as an accusation that she is staying with T.C. out of obligation. Or guilt, Julian answers. "How can you honestly love TC more than me." He's angry, he's unforgiving, he's judgmental."

"And you're not?"

Julian has had enough. He leaves her to wipe T.C.'s drool, change his diapers, whatever.

Simone is spending her holiday helping feed the needy at the church. Rae has come to help too. Father Lonigan welcomes her to St. Margaret Mary's. Rae says she is already a member but she hasn't felt welcomed in a while because she is a lesbian.

Father Lonigan doesn't have a problem with her sexuality. She is as welcomes there just like Simone is. After Father Lonigan goes to check on the other volunteers, Rae discusses her discomfort at being there. Jessica suddenly shows up at the church. She didn't know where else to go. "Nobody wants to be with me."

Jessica is sorry for how she acted at the shower. Simone assures her Kay will forgive her. Their conversation is halted when some teens come in. Rae assumes they are they to make trouble and goes over to confront them. The teens think she needs an attitude adjustment. "You think because I'm a lesbian I go around with a chip on my shoulder?" Rae plans on calling the police on them. When a boy asks for Father Lonigan, Simone assumes the gang is going to kill Father Lonigan. Father Lonigan returns and greets the boy. They are there to help with the Thanksgiving dinner.

Rae feels terrible for judging the teens by their appearance. "I did the very thing I don't want people to do to me -- label me as a gay woman and think that I'm someone who wears flannel shirts and plays pool and changes the oil in my truck for fun." She decides to give Father Lonigan another chance. Simone thinks Kay will give Jessica another chance, too.

Ivy shows up to the police station with holiday food but gets a cold reception from Sam. When questioned why he is working on Thanksgiving, Sam replies he is working this holiday so that he can have Christmas off with Grace. "The only thing that I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving is that you're out of my life."

Ivy is still trying to justify her actions because of her love for Sam. None of that matters to Sam. "Get out of here, ok, and get a life. You know what? I wouldn't take you back if you were the last woman on this earth." If she doesn't leave, he will arrest her for loitering.

Ethan arrives to talk with his father. He tries to help the situation by asking his mother to back out. Ivy refuses. Sam warns her he will get a restraining order if necessary. He wants her and her things out of his house before Grace comes back.

Ivy can't give up on Sam but Sam refuses to ever forgive her for what she did to Grace. "And trying to get me, too, is a waste of your time." He orders her out before he hates her more than he already does. Sam tells her to move on with her life because he plans to move on with Grace as soon she returns. "And there's nothing you can do to change that." Ivy finally leaves, tears streaming down her face, with Ethan by her side.

Grace packs her suitcase for her happy homecoming. She is interrupted by a phone call from an unwelcome and persistent caller. She yells "Leave me alone, do you hear me? I won't be a victim anymore." Grace tells her caller, "My mind is made up and you're not going to stop me."

Rebecca arrives at the dock and wonders where is J.T. He shows up with Gwen's hush money. Rebecca points out that money was her divorce settlement money from Julian. She tries to get him to give it back to her. He counters by asking her to run away with him. "Well, as enticing as that sounds, we'd run through that in no time and then we'd be stuck in a window in Amsterdam performing twice a day for tourists." He suggests he knows of a way to make more money.

Rebecca likes the sound of more money. She figures out his scheme is blackmail and she wants to know who is the victim. He pulls out the blackmail letter. "Someone with a deep, dark secret is going to have to pay through the nose to keep it that way." Rebecca notes that could be anyone in Harmony. J.T. goes over to a mail box and mails the letter. Rebecca tries again to pry the name of his blackmail victim by saying she would carry on his work if J.T. turned up dead. J.T. is not afraid of that. His information is his life insurance.

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