Jared is in Theresa's office when Gwen comes in looking for Ethan. He mentions how interesting it is that she checks Theresa's officer first when her husband goes missing but not to worry. From what he has heard, she won't have to worry about them hooking up ever again. This is old news to her. It should be good news for him too. It doesn't matter to Jared because he is leaving Harmony. He is there to give Theresa his letter of resignation. This upsets Gwen. Jared can't leave Harmony and that's all there is to it. Ethan overhears her and comes into the office. "Why does Jared have to stay?"

That is a rhetorical question. Ethan knows why Gwen wants Jared to stay and he is offended by it. "I've told you a million times -- a million times. I'm not leaving you. I'm committed to you and our family, and it doesn't matter what Theresa does." For him, Gwen trying to manipulate Jared is no different than Theresa trying to manipulate their lives. They continue to discuss things as if Jared was not there. They finally realize they're not alone.

Gwen voices she still wants Jared to stick around. Jared knows when it's time to move on. "And it is time." They are interrupted by a phone call to Gwen. She leaves the men alone to take it out in the hall.

Immediately Ethan takes a shot at Jared. He is surprised he is leaving. He thought Jared would jump at the chance to be with Theresa. "Or are you making it so Theresa begs you to stay. You know, offer you a little more money, a little more power." He didn't figure Jared to be the kind of guy to pass on all that. Jared answers him saying he's surprised too. He didn't figure Ethan was such an idiot. Only an idiot would leave Theresa.

Ethan refuses to discuss Theresa with him. Besides, she was never his too keep because he's married. So good-bye, good luck, and don't hurry back. Jared remarks he doesn't know what Theresa ever saw in Ethan. He gets in his face. "Let her go Ethan! You can't be with her and you won't let her go." Ethan is being selfish.

Gwen returns to the men and senses the tension immediately. Jared excuses himself so he can take care of things before he leaves town. Gwen changes the subject to the shower. She has some more work to do and Ethan plans on trying to convince Sam to come. They plan on meeting each other later at the shower." Gwen leaves.

Ethan looks at Jared's resignation letter on Theresa's desk. He is glad he's leaving because Jared isn't the right man for her.

At Tabitha's, Fox is trying very hard to stop Kay from telling him about Miguel until after Charity makes her appearance. Kay chases after him trying to do that very thing. She is finding it harder than she thought to break their engagement.

"Hey, look at me!" Kay turns around just in time to get slapped by Jessica.

"You don't deserve to be getting married."

Fox defends Kay but Jessica doesn't want to hear him. It is obvious she has been drinking. She admits she drank because she is angry at Kay. Kay helped ruin her life. "I hate you!" She hauls off and slaps her again. Fox grabs her to stop her from doing any more harm to Kay. He warns Jessica if she touches her again he will forget she is a woman and knock her into next week.

Miguel is walking around the grounds when he sees a disturbing sightlots and lots of pictures of Fox and Kay. What he doesn't see is Charity hiding a few feet away from him. Charity wonders if she misunderstood Fox about where she was supposed to wait and leaves the spot.

Paloma arrives at the party and notices Theresa. She changes her mind about talking to Theresa when she sees Noah. Paloma has plans for him this night.

Kay tries to apologize to Jessica but she isn't having it. "You plot, scheme, lie, get caught, and still you come out on top. You are about to marry one of the richest man in the world, and the man you love still wants you." She feels no one decent wants her.

Noah and Paloma join the scene. Paloma tries to calm Jessica down by telling her Kay paid a price for what she did. Jessica feels like Kay gets away with everything while everyone judges her. Noah pipes in with a compliment for his baby sister, trying to make her feel better. She asks him to get her away from Kay. Noah and Paloma walk her to the house.

After they leave, Fox comforts Kay, holding her close. Miguel walks up on the two and he doesn't like what he sees.

Fox explains to Miguel that Jessica was there blaming Kay for ruining her life. By Miguel's cool attitude, Fox realizes Miguel couldn't have seen Charity yet. He kisses Kay and hurries to find Charity with the excuse of checking on Jessica.

"You still haven't told him have you?" Kay tells him Fox kept interrupting her. Miguel offers to kiss her cheek where Jessica slapped her. Kay stops him before other people see them. She talks about the situation with Jessica and how upsetting it was. "What if she was right? What if I am to blame?" Miguel is more interested in the situation with Fox. "You have to tell him now." They agree that she has to tell Fox the minute that he gets back.

Fox finds Charity where he left her still waiting in the yard. He tells her to come with him. He has another surprise for Kay and Miguel.

Noah and Paloma have returned to the party after putting Jessica to bed. She was so drunk she passed out the minute her head touched the pillow. They talk about Jessica's problems. Paloma thinks Jessica is getting worse. It's like she has Delayed Response Syndrome. She experienced something similar when she left her mother. It was exhausting being angry all the time but she
has moved on.

Noah wishes that he could forgive and forget. "Mama says that even our deepest hurts heal over time," Paloma says and adds, "I think that love helps to heal faster than time alone. You just have to be open to it." Noah hasn't been open to it for a while. Paloma thinks it's time he was.

Noah thanks Paloma for being such a good friend to Jessica. Paloma says that is what friends do. She flirts with him, complimenting him and pointing out how alike they are. Noah responds by saying he would like us to be good friends with her. He sends her off to get some food while he checks on Jessica. He walks off.

"I hope that we can be more than friends Noah. Much more."

Endora is snacking while Tabitha finishes preparing the food for the festivities. Tabitha mentions that she thinks she saw Charity right in their very own home. She hopes her eyes are playing tricks on her because if she's not, "all heaven could break loose." Endora zaps her mom a martini to help Tabitha distress.

Tabitha complains about the party as she drinks her martini. She sees the TV and tries to distract Endora. She doesn't want her to find out how close Thanksgiving is. She gets Endora to help by zapping the food. Endora waves her hand and the food is laid out perfectly.

Tabitha thinks about Endora's antics last Thanksgiving. She has enough trouble with the shower. She vows never to have another party for another mortal in her house. She's a witch not a waitress.

As she begins to take the food outside, she notices Enodra looking at the calendar. Endora knows Thanksgiving is here. Tabitha drops the food on the floor. Tabitha tells Endora she didn't want her to know because she goes gaga at Thanksgiving. Endora looks back her mischievously.

Theresa has arrived at the bridal shower and is walking around, looking for Miguel. A woman calls out to her. "Excuse me, young lady. Would you like to have your fortune told?" It's a fortuneteller offering free fortunes. Theresa turns her down. She doesn't believe in that kind of thing. The fortuneteller says back in 1999 a fortuneteller predicted she would marry a Crane and that came true. The cards can tell her the past and the future. Theresa still isn't interested. The fortuneteller asks if she wants to find out how things turn out with the man she loves and just lost. Theresa's curiosity has been piqued. She sits down at the table and asks the fortuneteller, "what else are the cards telling you?"

The fortune teller sees her whole love life in the cards--the married man, the wife, the lie that came between them, and that now all hope is gone. That is the past. She can also see her future. Theresa asks if the cards can tell whether she will ever be with Ethan? Will there be a happy ending for them? The fortuneteller tells her to prepare herself for the answer, be it good or bad.

The fortuneteller has never seen the cards give such a definite answer like this before. Theresa will be very surprised at her future and it is very good news. The cards show she is going to have the best news ever.

"You will never be with Ethan." Theresa doesn't think that's good news. Ethan is the love of her life. The cards must be wrong. Being with Ethan could never be a mistake.

The cards say different. Life with him will bring her pain and sorrow. There is a better man for her. Theresa thinks of Jared and says it can't be him. He doesn't want anything to do with her. The fortuneteller says that isn't true. He wants her but he thinks that he can't have her because of Ethan.

"Jared is your future. Not Ethan! Go to him. Win him back before you lose your one last chance at happiness."

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