Theresa is alone in her office. She looks sadly at her photos. Whitney arrives after getting her message. She could tell Theresa was upset. She wants to know what happened. Theresa tells her that she told Ethan the truth about their son but he didn't believe her. She explains how he said he wished it was true but he couldn't accept that Theresa would be so cruel and dishonest to him. "I can't tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son, or he'll hate me forever. It's over. I mean, I've lost all hope of ever being with Ethan." Even worse, Little Ethan will grow up thinking Julian is his father.

Whitney wishes there were something she could do to help her. She urges Theresa to make Ethan believe her. Make him understand why she didn't tell him. Tell him how terrified she was of losing their son. Theresa won't try because she doesn't believe Ethan can understand. "I really messed things up. Why does love have to be so painful?"

Another painful subject is Kay and Fox's upcoming wedding. The only reason Theresa is going to the bridal shower is to lend Miguel support. She expects the shower to depress her even more. She has given up on ever having a happily ever after. She's glad that at least Whitney can have it when she marries Chad. Not so, says Whitney. She isn't going to marry Chad. She's calling the whole thing off.

Whitney can't commit to a man she thinks is lying to her. Marriage is too special. Theresa says she sounds just like Ethan. That is why he is still with Gwen. She wonders if a person makes a mistake, should he have to hold on to those vows for life? A mistake like her marriage to Alistair, Whitney says. Theresa thinks that is a good example. Actually she believes the wedding vows should mean something. "For my Ethan, it would mean foreverjust like it will be when you marry Chad."

"If I marry Chad."

Theresa doesn't want Whitney to base her decision on what Rebecca said. She is a liar. Marry Chad and have a good life. "I can't have that." She wishes she could move on but she doesn't know how to stop loving Ethan.

Whitney has not changed her mind. She was suspicious before Rebecca said a word. Theresa advises her not to throw away her chance at happiness. Life is too short. Whitney finally relents. She will give Chad a chance to explain. Theresa is happy because then she can throw her a big wedding shower. Whitney bargains with her. Theresa can give her a shower, if she allows Whitney to throw one for her and Jared.

Theresa thinks Whitney is kidding but she is serious. Theresa says even though Jared made her happy, the whole J.T. fiasco has blown her chance with him. Jared is leaving Harmony. It's too late. And it's too bad because she was beginning to fall in love with him.

Luis is in the steam room. Ethan joins him. He couldn't help but notice Luis working off steam on the punching bag. Luis noticed the same thing about Ethan. Ethan confesses his problem is Theresa and there's nothing he can do to fix it. Luis admits his problem is that Sheridan hates him because he wasn't able to bring Marty back to her. Luis realizes that he has to accept it and move on. That brings up Fancy. Ethan asks how she is doing after Luis saved her life. Luis smiles. He thinks she is amazing.

Ethan expresses his gratitude for Luis looking out for his sister. He hopes he could look out for Theresa the same way. She's in for an emotional roller coaster ahead because she just realized the two of them can never be together.

Luis thinks it is will be difficult for her to accept because the bottom line is that Theresa loves him very, very, very much. Ethan is aware of that. He loves her too but he also loves his wife. It would take something really horrible to make him leave her. Theresa thought she had proof about Gwen but it proved false. He talked to J.T. Cornell and he didn't back Theresa. She is devastated.

Luis is sorry to hear that. Ethan expresses that he never wanted to hurt her. Luis knows it was the same for Theresa. She was just a teenager in love with her prince charming. That is a dream she needs to wake up from, in Ethan's opinion. Luis suggests that maybe Jared will help her to move on. This does not meet with Ethan's approval. He's glad Jared is moving out of town. This makes Luis believe Ethan wouldn't approve of any man. Ethan disagrees. He wants Theresa to move on, but with the right guy. Luis understands because of what he went through with Sheridan.

From her hospital bed, Fancy talks on the phone to a friend. She tells her that Luis said he loved her. He is totally over her aunt. At least she hopes she heard him and it wasn't just a dream.

Fancy ends her call when the nurse comes in. The nurse tells Fancy she has been released. Dr. Russell wants her to give herself a few days before going back into training. After the nurse leaves Fancy calls Luis to ask him to pick her up from the hospital. Unfortunately she only gets his voice mail. It makes her doubts return again. "What if I heard him wrong?"

Fancy is at the station looking for Luis. She is in the back near the steam room. She hears his voice and moves closer to eavesdrop. Unfortunately, what she hears is "Sheridan is the only woman that I would ever love." She leaves crying. She never hears the rest of the conversation. She doesn't hear Luis say that while he was down in the mineshaft he realized he loved Fancy. That she's it for him. Instead she believes she heard him wrong in the mineshaft and that he doesn't love her. She feels like such a fool.

Inside the locker room, Ethan asks if Fancy Knows. Luis told her in the mineshaft but she was so out of it she may not remember. Ethan urges Luis to hurry and tell Fancy that he loves her. Life is too short.

Tabitha is irritated. She hates human parties that celebrate love and marriage and here she is throwing the bridal shower for Fox and Kay. The least they could do is be downstairs to greet their guests. She looks around and sees Charity walking down the hall. She doesn't believe her eyes. It can't be Charity after everything she's done to keep her away from Miguel. If it were, that would mean the end for all of them.

Miguel and Kay are naked beneath the blankets. They are so involved in what they're doing that they don't notice Fox when he comes upon them. "This is the last time you will make love to my woman. The last time you will do anything, because you are gonna die -- right now." He picks up a knife from a nearby table and creeps over to the pair. Before he reaches them, Julian grabs him and pulls him out of the room.

Fox is livid. He doesn't understand why his father stopped him. Julian claims he is keeping him from making a big mistake. He won't let Fox ruin his life in a fit of anger. If he still wants Kay in spite of her behaving like a tramp, then he's got to carry out the plan he has put in place. Control the situation. Fox finds it very difficult not to go in there and slit Miguel's throat. Julian tells him to be patient and dispatch him at a later date. Right now, he has a trump card to play--Charity. "Bring her down and drop the bomb on Miguel and Kay."

That's it for Miguel. He can't let Kay marry Fox. Kay is too busy kissing him to argue. He shows Kay how it would be crueler for her not to tell Fox. Kay agrees to get it over with right away. She gets up to get dressed.

Tabitha is outside her house still worrying about whether she saw Charity. She is startled by Julian who has arrived early. He wants to see his daughter. Tabitha refuses. She thought she made if very clear that he will never be a part of her life. Julian backs down for now because of Fox's party but the matter is by no means over. He walks off.

Tabitha goes to check on Endora. She knows that "when a Crane is denied something, you never know what length they will go to get it."

Charity returns to the bedroom and an anxious Fox. He announces that he has changed his mind. Instead of waiting for the guests to arrive, he wants her to see Miguel and Kay immediately.

Fox sneaks Charity into the backyard. It is all set up with decorations and tables for the shower. He can't wait until he sees the look on Kay and Miguel's face. He goes inside to get them.

Kay joins Miguel in the parlor. She is dressed for the party. Miguel reminds her she is doing the right thing. Fox arrives. He puts his arms around Kay and kisses her passionately while Miguel watches in discomfort. Fox is ready to get the party started. He wants to show her something in the backyard. Kay won't let him do that until she talks with him. Fox tries to stop her several times but Kay stands firm.

Miguel leaves to give her a chance to talk with Fox. He walks outside in the backyard and doesn't see Charity who is hiding a few feet away.

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