Miguel tries to convince Kay that she is doing the right thing by telling Fox she wants to be with Miguel. Kay worries that it will hurt Fox. Miguel argues that if she doesn't tell him now Fox will be upset and embarrassed. She has to tell him now that the wedding is off. He'll be there to support her. Kay feels the timing is all wrong. It is selfish to hurt him just when he found out he is dying.

Miguel argues it is wrong for Fox to live a lie during his last months. Miguel doesn't mind being selfish. He wants to make sure Kay isn't in Fox's bed, only his. Kay feels guilty that that Fox will be dying alone and broken-hearted.

"Are you telling me that you're going through with this, that you're planning on marrying him?"

Kay isn't going to marry him. She just doesn't know how to tell Fox. Miguel offers to help her figure it out. Only it has to be now. They start kissing. Kay pulls away but Miguel wants her now.

Upstairs Fox talks Charity out of speaking to Kay and Miguel just yet. If she goes down now it will spoil the surprise. The surprise Fox has in mind will split up Miguel and Kay for good but he doesn't tell Charity that.

Fox is leaving nothing to chance. He bought clothes for Charity so she can make a grand entrance. Charity laughs at his taste. Her style leans more toward the frumpy. Fox insists she try on the sexy, red dress saying Miguel's eyes will pop out of his head when he sees her in it. That is incentive enough for her. She goes off to change into the dress.

Fox is growing impatient waiting for Charity. When she finally comes out the bathroom, Fox is wowed by her appearance. With Charity as his secret weapon, Kay and Miguel don't stand a chance.

Fox tells Charity to wait there while he checks to see if the coast is clear. He goes downstairs. In the parlor, Kay and Miguel are naked under a blanket making out. He is very disturbed by what he sees. Kay and Miguel don't even notice he is there.

In her hospital room, Fancy scolds Eve for not doing her job. Instead of keeping her quiet and happy, Eve keeps talking about love triangles and Sheridan. "You're going to make me crazy." Eve apologizes and asks her forgiveness for being worried. Fancy assures her thing will work out. The legendary romance between the Luis is Sheridan is over.

Eve knows Fancy is too smart to kid herself that the relationship is over. Eve insists that Luis and Sheridan have a special connection and she should be careful with her heart. All Fancy cares about is that Luis is free to be with her because he is finished with her aunt. She thanks Eve for her warning but Luis is hers.

Chris and James arrive at the hospital to visit Fancy. First Chris stops to prepare James just in case Luis decides to question him. He tells James to lie about the man he saw with him. It will be a game of pretend. Chris knows that if James can't pretend, he will lose everything.

Luis and Sheridan stand outside Fancy's room. Luis asks Sheridan whether she is happy with Chris. Sheridan thinks the real question he is asking is whether she is happy being with Chris instead of Luis. Luis admits that is what he wants to know.

Before Sheridan can give her answer, James runs up to her. Chris walks up behind him. Their timing is perfect. Eve has finished her examination and they can visit Fancy. Chris, James and Luis enter the room while Eve pulls Sheridan aside.

Eve confronts Sheridan about her true feelings for Luis. Sheridan acts innocent. She has a husband and a son. Eve isn't fooled. She saw the competition between her and Fancy for Luis' attention. Sheridan tells her she is imagining things. Eve assures her that as her former psychiatrist, she knows Sheridan very well and she recognizes the signs of pain beneath her pasted smile. Sheridan reminds her she is not her psychiatrist now so she can stop analyzing her. Eve warns her that if she doesn't face up to her true feelings she will bury them. And if she buries them, one day they will explode and destroy everyone around her, including her new family.

Sheridan is very close to telling Eve to mind her own business. "I have James and I have Chris and I finally have the family that I have always wanted." That may be what her head is saying but Eve wants to know what is her heart telling her? Sheridan's response is that she feels like she is the happiest woman in the world. That doesn't match with the look Eve saw on Sheridan's face as she watched Luis and Fancy. It was a look of pain. Sheridan finally admits it does hurt to see the two so close but her heart lies with her family.

Sheridan assures Eve there is nothing to worry about. Eve believes that a love like Sheridan had with Luis isn't that easy to dismiss. This irritates Sheridan. Everyone is always talking about "the great love" they shared but they don't know how much pain it caused her. It cost her Marty. Eve can't believe that Sheridan blames Luis for her son's death but Sheridan answers "Why not? Who else is there to blame?" Alistair is Eve's answer. He is responsible for everything.

It doesn't matter anymore to Sheridan because she has moved on. She couldn't be happier. Eve decides to let it go for now. If she ever wants to talk, her door is always open. Sheridan leaves to get her family and say good-bye to Fancy. Eve is still worried. "Heaven help Luis and Fancy if Sheridan ever loses Chris and James!"

Luis thinks it's aa good a time as any to ask about what led up to Fancy's fall in the mineshaft. Chris takes that as his cue to leave with James. Luis wants him to stay so he can ask him questions too. They send James off to the side so the adults can get down to business.

First he asks Fancy if she remembers who she was chasing and how she ended up in the mineshaft. Fancy never saw his face. The man hit her on the head. When she came to she was blindfolded. She tells Luis that the man tried to rape her but he never did. Luis is relieved to hear that. She tells him she fell down the mineshaft when she tried to escape. Luis pushes her to remember more. Chris thinks back to when he yelled down to her in the hole. Fancy recalls that another person came into the cave. She remembers hearing a voice. She looks at Chris now. Luis turns to look at Chris too.

I heard a voice but I thought that I might have been dreaming after I fell." Fancy remembers hearing Luis's voice telling her that he loved her. She is reluctant to tell Luis. Luis tries to jog her memory. She goes back to the night Phyllis was murdered, playing with James at the estate to chasing the killer. Unfortunately, she never saw his face. Chris thinks he is in the clear until Luis turns his attention toward him.

"Who was it, Chris? Who were you talking to?" Chris answers that it could have been anybodya gardener, a security guard. Luis decides he needs to ask James. He's the only one left who can identify the killer. Luis informs Chris that if he doesn't permit him to question James, he will assume Chris has something to hide.

Chris relents to a couple of questions from Luis. He tries to speak with James first but Luis steps in. Luis begins to ask James about the day he was with Fancy at the mansion.

The questioning is not going well. James answers "I don't know" to all of the questions. Sheridan walks in and sees what is going on. She becomes irate and ends the interrogation. She orders Luis to stay away from her son. She rushes her family out the door.

Luis follows her out into the hall. She warns him that if he ever talks to her son again, she swears she'll have him kicked off the force. Luis is upset. "Sheridan must hate me."

In her room, Fancy remembers the words of love from Luis in the mineshaft. She wonders if it really happened or if it was wishful thinking.

Ethan is still reeling from what Theresa told him. Theresa repeats the bombshell. "Julian isn't Little Ethan's father. You are. It is you!"

Ethan is in shock. This has to be another one of her crazy lies. "We were together one time back then. One time on that beach. That beautiful night you were on birth control." Theresa remembers the night. The birth control didn't work. "If something that important would have happened, you would have told me about it."

Theresa tries to defend herself but Ethan doesn't let her. "I don't think you could have done something that cruel." He stops and asks her. "Could you tell me right now -- tell me that you're lying to me, because I don't believe that you could be like my mother. Or could you? Could you be that cruel?"

Theresa starts backpedaling. Of course, she couldn't be that cruel. She just blurted something out in the heat of the argument about the custody suit. She meant to say he was like a father to Ethan. And Ethan buys this explanation, partly because he wishes he was the father. Tears stream down her face. She tells him, "It's not wrong to fantasize, I mean -- is it? Because in my fantasies, so much is different. Everything is different."

Ethan has calmed down and he observes how distraught Theresa still is. He assumes it is because of the custody battle. Theresa reminds him he should know about that. He stole her daughter from her. Ethan defends himself. He is a lawyer acting in his client's best interest. In fact, they are on opposite sides so he should probably go.

Theresa stops him. She wants him to reaffirm the promise he made to her in Romethe promise to always be a part of Little Ethan's life. That is one promise Ethan has no problem keeping.
"There have been many times when I have been with Little Ethan and I have wished that he were my son, but he isn't my son and he will never be my son."If Little Ethan were his son, his life would be complete.

Ethan decides it is time to go. He advises that she read the papers carefully and leaves Theresa. She is feeling so low. She sinks into a chair. "It's not fair. What did I do to deserve this."

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