Luis hands Fancy the flowers and greets her with a "hey, beautiful." Sheridan stands in the background listening. She recalls Luis calling her that too. Luis and Fancy talk back and forth with the ease of a couple in love. Eve enters and notices how much they are like a couple. Luis turns toward Eve and notices Sheridan.

Eve observes that both women are in love with Luis. She is sure things are going to get ugly especially since these are Crane women. The two women play one-upmanship with Luis as the prize. Fancy thanks Luis for the flowers again. He lies and says everyone at the office chipped in for them. She didn't know she was that popular. Luis tells her everyone is crazy about her. She looks at him. "Everyone, Luis?" Sheridan breaks the gaze by grabbing the flowers. She says she will put them in water and walks out in a huff.

Fancy thanks Luis for everything--the way he warmed her with his body, the sweet things he whispered to her. He is her hero. Sheridan has returned in time to hear the sweet talk. She slams the flowers down, interrupting their kiss She announces it's time for her to go. Eve asks if Luis would mind stepping outside also while she examines Fancy. Fancy gives Luis permission to stay. He's seen her naked already. Eve insists on doing things her way and shoos both of them out.

Eve checks Fancy. She tells her that she is in amazing condition all things considered. Fancy gives Luis all the credit. Eve notes that's Luis. He is always saving people especially Sheridan. She adds that in the end he broke her heart. She warns Fancy it could happen to her too.

Fancy takes Eve's remarks to mean she doesn't like Luis. That isn't it. She can see Sheridan still loves Luis and she knows someone is bound to get hurt. That may be but Fancy is not going to rollover and let Sheridan have Luis back. Fancy appreciates Eve's concern but she is confident that Luis returns her feelings.

When a Crane is involved in a triangle, Eve knows there is hell to pay. Just look at her own mess with Julian and T.C. Fancy isn't in the least worried. Sheridan has moved on and she witnessed that Luis has moved on too.

Luis stops Sheridan from leaving. He wants to know if Fancy said anything about him to her.
A lightening bolt strikes her. "Oh my god. You don't just have feelings for her. You love her. You actually love Fancy!"

Luis realizes that was bad taste to discuss Fancy with Sheridan. Sheridan insists on him commenting on her observation. He reluctantly admits it. "Alright. I didn't think that I would be able to fall in love again but I guess that I have. I am in love with Fancy."

Sheridan says she is happy for him although her body language says she isn't. She compares Fancy to herself. Luis contradicts her. Fancy is her own person. She starts to go but turns around to ask him if he is happy with Fancy. Luis says that they are not officially a couple yet but he can see them as one. He then asks if she is happy with Chris.

Sheridan answers she is happy. She has James and the family she always wanted. That isn't what Luis asked. "I asked if you were happy with Chris." She only says that she loves him.

Kay and Miguel enter Tabitha's kitchen. Tabitha hustles about getting things ready for the shower. Kay and Miguel argue. He can't understand why she is going through with the shower. She isn't marrying Fox.

Noah arrives. Fox asked him to help Miguel plan the bachelor's party. He is surprised they haven't told Fox yet that the wedding is off. Kay is upset that Miguel told Noah. Tabitha is in the dark about it all.

Kay explains that she realized it was Miguel she wanted to marry. "Well, then why is Fox throwing you a bridal shower?" That's what Miguel would like to know too. Kay tells Tabitha that Fox is sick. He is dying. Miguel explains they overheard Fox talking about his illness on the phone. Fox only has a few months to live.

Tabitha claps her hands and the three fall asleep where they stand. Tabitha talks to herself about the situation. She can't figure out why she didn't get a bulletin from her magic bubbles about Fox's impending death. She is going to keep a close eye on him. She claps again and the three awake.

Tabitha agrees with Miguel. Why go through the bridal shower if she isn't marrying him? Miguel pleads with Kay to tell Fox. He goes off with Noah to find Fox and plan the bachelor party.

Kay doesn't know what she's going do. Tabitha is more worried about what Endora will do when she finds out her half-brother is dying.

"Father, I am dying," Fox tells Julian over the phone. Julian is stunned until Fox explains it's a ruse to keep Miguel from stealing Kay from him. And there's more but he will tell him when he comes over. They hang up.

Ethan stops by Julian's office to give him the custody papers. Julian informs him that he has changed his mind. He wants full custody now. It is not up for debate.

Ethan refuses to take little Ethan from Theresa. Julian wonders if there is something they could offer Theresa to compel her to give him full custody. Ethan knows Theresa would never trade her son not even for a lover. Julian asks him, hypothetically, if he would ever trade a son for love. The question makes Ethan suspicious. "I feel that there's something maybe I should know that I don't know about, something maybe you should tell me?" Julian answers no.

Ethan suggests that they get on with coming up with a realistic custody arrangement then. Julian agrees but in his mind he is confident that Theresa will eventually give him full custody in exchange for Ethan.

Since Julian insists, Ethan will ask for full custody but he doesn't think it will happen. Julian orders him to keep his displeasure to himself and do his bidding. He leaves to meet with Fox.

Ethan's conscience bothers him. He decides he won't do Julian's bidding without warning Theresa first.

Fox is on the phone making the arrangement for bringing Charity to Harmony. He doesn't want anyone finding out she's in town. It would ruin the scam he is playing on Kay and Miguel. He turns around and sees Miguel and Noah behind him.

Fox starts to do damage control but Noah interrupts him. Noah understands why Fox picked Miguel over him for best man. It's okay. Dodging that bullet, Fox needles Miguel by gushing about his impending marriage to Kay. Miguel reaches his breaking point and orders Fox to stop. There's something he needs to tell him about Kay.

Noah stops him from telling Fox. He shouldn't be talking behind Kay's back. Fox agrees. Kay walks in and Fox runs over and kisses her.

The doorbell rings. It is Julian. He has brought a bottle of champagne for the shower. He pulls Fox away from them. Noah, Miguel and Kay go back into the room.

Fox tells him the news about Charity. "I'm betting that just seeing the two of them together will be enough to make Kay doubt Miguel's commitment to her."

Fox's phone vibrates. Charity has arrived. He instructs the person to bring her up the back way. Julian and Fox start upstairs to meet her. Fox says to himself that Miguel and Kay are over and they don't even know it.

Noah warns Kay not to make the same mistake of remaining silent and leaves. Miguel won't accept any more excuses from Kay. She has to tell Fox the truth tonight.

Upstairs now, Julian tells Fox he is proud that Fox is acting like a Crane. Someone knocks at the door. It's Charity. They are very happy she is there.

Theresa looks at a photo of Little Ethan. She won't share him with Julian because he isn't his real father. Jared enters her office to discuss the custody case. He tells her up front that he has hired a headhunter to find him another job. She asks if he could reconsider and stay and work with her. She knows it is awkward because she tried to get Ethan back. He heard it didn't work out. He is sorry because he wanted her to be happy.

Jared tries to return to business but Theresa makes it personal. "I don't want to lose you, Jared" He tells her he was never hers to lose. Ethan was. She was never over him. Theresa is sure they are over for good this time. Jared calls it just a break in the action. Somehow they will find their way back to each other.

Theresa tells Jared she has deep feelings for him. Jared knows she still loves Ethan. "Do you really have to stop loving someone to start loving someone else," she asks. When Jared says no she suggests they pick up where they left. Before he can answer someone knocks at the door. It's Ethan.

"Ethan! I have been waiting for you." She always will be, Jared thinks to himself.

Jared leaves the two in spite of Theresa's protests. After he goes, Theresa gets straight to business. Ethan informs her that Julian wants to fight for full custody. He has to ask her if Julian is blackmailing her.

Theresa freaks. How can Ethan help Julian get full custody? Ethan defends Julian. It is wrong to keep a son from his father too.

"He can't get full custody! I can't lose Little Ethan!" Ethan feels that she has to let the court system work it out. She can't. That is how she lost Jane. "There has to be another way." Ethan says there isn't. She wishes she had been honest when she had the chance. Ethan offers to go back to Julian and tell him that she will consider joint custody if he will back off from trying to get full custody.

Theresa isn't listening. She turns and faces him. "Don't you get it? He isn't Little Ethan's father!"

Ethan is stunned.

Ethan questions Theresa. He wants to be sure he heard right. "Julian is not Little Ethan's father?"

Theresa cowers but answers no. "Then who is?" He grabs her by the arm. Theresa stares up into his eyes. Time passes before she finally answers.

"You are. You're Little Ethan's father."

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