Miguel arrives for breakfast at his mom's. He tells Pilar the good news that Kay has chosen him over Fox. The bad news is Fox is terminally ill so Kay refuses to tell him about them. All he knows is he can't let her go through with the wedding.

Pilar is happy for him and Kay. How did he get her to choose him? Miguel says the hang-up was Kay's fear that Charity would return. "She is afraid that I would leave her for Charity." Pilar wonders if Kay's fear is justified. Miguel remembers being with Charity and how much in love they were.

Pilar tells him this is important. She wants to know if Charity came back, would he leave Kay. He says it wouldn't change how he feels about Kay. His concern is that Kay isn't telling Fox about them. Time is running out because the wedding is very soon. Pilar knows Kay will tell Fox when the time is right. Miguel heads back to see if Kay has done it already. "It would be better if we were all honest."

Fox continues his charade to keep Kay from leaving him. He pretends to talk to a doctor on the phone about his terminal illness while Kay eavesdrops from the hall. "I love her with all my heart. Even if it is defective."

Kay decides to come into the room and Fox quickly ends his "call." He pulls her into his arms. She asks if there is something he needs to tell her. He affirms there is something. He leads her to the bed and sits her down. His big news is that he has planned a special bridal shower. It's not the news she expected. "You make me want to live forever just so I can love you and take care of you. I cannot wait to be married to you." He hugs her, hiding the smug look on his face from her.

Miguel is in the hall as Kay comes out of Fox's bedroom. He immediately wants to know if she told him. He gets very upset when she tells she didn't.
Kay defends Fox. How can she hurt him now especially since he has never hurt her?

Fox phones Charity. He asks if she got his instructions?" She did. He wants her to follow them "and you will be in Harmony by tonight." He wants her to attend a special party he has planned.

Chad is at the Book Caf when his phone rings. He talks to Valerie, not knowing Jared is behind him. As soon as he hangs up, Jared speaks up. He thinks he is crazy. He's going to lose Whitney if he isn't careful. Chad tells him it's none of his business. He loves Whitney and he wants to marry her. He knows three people can't be in a relationship. "I have it handled."

Chad changes the subject to Theresa. Jared fills him in on the situation. He is looking for another job in another city. He's leaving Harmony.

Whitney meets Theresa outside the day care. Theresa tells her she has given up on Ethan. She knows she will never be with him. She explains how she had beaten Gwen at getting the information from J.T. until Julian stepped in. He took the money planned for J.T. and wouldn't give it back. unless she gave up custody to Little Ethan.

To Whitney it is a no-brainer. All she has to do is tell Julian he isn't the father. Theresa can't do that. Her fear of losing her son to Gwen has returned. Whitney suggests she work it out with Ethan then. Julian cannot win.

Whitney turns the discussion to her problems. "Remember that night at that sleazy hotel? Rebecca saw Chad in one of those rooms and he was naked." She is back to thinking he is having an affair. Theresa thinks Rebecca is just stirring up trouble as usual. She convinces Whitney Chad wouldn't hurt her.

Whitney moves on to the subject of Jared. Theresa informs her that it is all over between him and her.

Whitney runs into Jared in the halls. She asks if he has talked to Theresa. Things didn't work out between Ethan and Theresa after all. She asks him to forgive Theresa and try again with her.

Jared says it's not his choice. Theresa is in love with Ethan and he can't be in love with someone who is in love with someone else. Whitney tells him Theresa really does care about him. She was very upset about hurting him. He cares about Theresa too but it's like Chad said. "You can't have a relationship with three people." That makes Whitney curious whether he said more about their relationship. He assures her that Chad loves her very much.

Reassured, Whitney goes back to the subject of Theresa. She tells Jared not give up on Theresa. They are perfect together.

Theresa is in her office looking very depressed. Chad enters. He can see she is down and asks how she is. She asks if he's seen Jared. He admits it. He knows about Theresa breaking up with him for another shot at Ethan. She tells him it didn't work out. Chad suggests she go back to Jared. She thinks it's too late for that. "I set a record! In less than 24 hours I have lost 2 great men!"
Theresa unloads everything on Chad about Ethan and Jared. She wishes she could make it up to Jared but it's too late. Chad tells her if she doesn't act fact she will lose him forever. "He is leaving Harmony."

Theresa can't let Jared leave. She wonders if she could talk him into staying in Harmony. Chad tells her that if she doesn't try she could end up all alone in her ivory tower.

Luis is at home now. He reminisces about the good times with Fancy. It makes him smile. Paloma comes in. He shares with Paloma that he has been thinking about Fancy. He feels there is a future for them after all. Thinking of Fancy makes him smile.

Paloma worries that he has unfinished business with Sheridan. Luis feels that has been taken out of his hands since Sheridan has moved on with Chris. He needs to move on too. Paloma listens and remembers Sheridan expressing her love for Luis still. Luis doesn't know this. For him, there is no chance for a future with Sheridan.

Luis orders a big bouquet of flowers for Fancy. He is ready to go and deliver them in person but Paloma stops him. Paloma asks. "If you had a choice between Sheridan and Fancy, which one would you choose?" He says that is not an option. Paloma pushes the point. It makes him suspicious. "You know something that I don't know?"

Paloma says its nothing. She just wanted to know if he was over Sheridan. Luis tells her tells that he felt really close to Fancy in the mineshaft. She stirred something inside of him he hadn't felt for a while. He's ready to be with Fancy and it makes him happy, He leaves for the hospital. Alone, Paloma says to herself, "I just hope now that Sheridan keeps her feelings a secret! If she doesn't then it is going to be hell for three people."

Paloma joins her mother in the kitchen. Paloma confides in her confusion about love. She wonders if love ever works out. Each one of her siblings is having trouble in that department.
She concludes she will never let herself get into a situation like them. Pilar says never say never. "Love is like a storm that blows in without warning."

Paloma tells Pilar there is somebody she is interested in but for now she doesn't want to be in love. Pilar tells her to be careful and learn from her siblings' mistakes. Paloma wonders if she will end up going through romantic hell like her brothers and sister.

Fancy is recovering in the hospital. Sheridan arrives for a visit with gifts of makeup and clothes. Fancy thanks her for the gifts. She was feeling wonderful anyway because of how Luis. "He held me so close..." Sheridan can't take it and tells her to stop discussing Luis. Fancy looks at her and asks if she has changed her mind about giving her permission to be with Luis. "You love Chris, don't you?" Sheridan answers she does. However, she is having trouble adjusting to seeing Luis with someone else. Fancy makes it clear she doesn't want Sheridan messing up the growing romance between her and Luis. She believes that she and Luis can be happy for a very long time.

She asks her aunt why she is really there. Sheridan tells her that she was just worried about her. As far as her and Luis, she will just have to get used to it. Fancy isn't sure she can. She asks if Luis had brought Marty home, would she have divorced Chris. But he didn't, Sheridan says. She has Chris and James now and if she lost James, she couldn't go on.

"I need to know now Aunt Sheridan. Have you given up on Luis?"

Sheridan repeats that Fancy is free to do whatever she wants. "If Luis falls in love with you Fancy and that is what you want, then I wish you all the happiness."

Someone knocks at the door. It's Luis with a great big bouquet of flowers. Luis and Fancy beam while Sheridan stands in the shadows.

Next on Passions
Sheridan confronts Luis about his feelings for Fancy.
Ethan thinks Julian is blackmailing Theresa.
Fox and Julian are in cahoots about their plans for Miguel.