Down in the hole, Luis encourages Fancy to hang on even though she is tired. Sam is on his way to rescue them. He tells her how proud he is of her. She is so strong and brave. "You're something else, Fancy Crane." They get up to put on some dry clothes in anticipation of their rescue.

Above in the mineshaft, Paloma and Sheridan watch the monitor. Paloma turns to Sheridan and asks her to tell Luis she is still in love with him. Sheridan makes little of that confession. She is not going to leave Chris and risk losing James. Besides, it's too late for her and Luis. Luis is falling in love with Fancy.

Paloma is surprised Sheridan didn't learn anything from her mother. Pilar believes nothing is more important than true love. She also believes in honesty above all else. If Luis is the love of her life, how can she stay with Chris? Sheridan is surprised by her comments. She thought Paloma was Fancy's friend. Paloma thinks Fancy is great but it doesn't change the facts. Sheridan loves Luis and she is the one Luis wants to be with. Loving James is a lousy reason to stay with his father. Paloma vows if Sheridan doesn't tell Luis the truth, she will.

"No!" Sheridan says in alarm.

Sam and Chris arrive back at the mine with a winch to help pull the two to safety. Sam throws Luis the line. Luis has Fancy wrap her legs around him. He holds onto the wire as they slowly pull them up.

Suddenly the wire begins to shake. Fancy screams and hangs onto Luis for dear life as they plunge back into the hole. Up above they work hard to get control of the winch. Their fall is stopped a few feet before impact. They start their ascent again. Even as Chris helps, he worries Fancy will recognize him or Spike being there when she fell.

The two finally reach safety. Sheridan rushes to Luis as Chris watches intently.

Sam hurries the paramedics to get there. Luis worries about her condition as Fancy lies on the ground. Paloma approaches him. She tells him Sheridan has something to say. Luis is more interested in Chris. He blames him for everything. It explains how Chris knew where Fancy was. Chris rationalizes he knew because of the clues Fancy gave him during Luis' altered state. Even though Sheridan and Paloma back Chris up, Luis puts him on notice that he is under suspicion.

Fancy listens, amazed that Luis heard her. She thought it was a dream. Luis says they connected somehow. There was even dirt on his shirt and blood on his hand. Fancy has never experienced that kind of psychic connection with anyone. Paloma remarks that Luis had it with Sheridan. Luis says he has it with Fancy too. Sheridan looks miserable as she watches the two bond.

The paramedics have arrived. They check Fancy out. Her pulse is thready but she will be all right. Fancy asks Luis to ride with her to the hospital. Luis turns to Sheridan and asks her if she wanted to tell him something. She tells him it was nothing and to go with Fancy.

As soon as they leave, Paloma asks Sheridan why didn't she speak up. Sheridan repeats that it is too late. She will accept her very good life with Chris and James and be thankful.

Miguel asks what took Kay so long. She thinks back to the sex she just had sex with Fox. Miguel insists she tell him she didn't make love to Fox.

Fox watches from his bedroom window. "How dense can you be, Miguel," Fox says out loud.

Kay doesn't admit to having sex with Fox. She excuses her tardiness saying she didn't want to leave until Fox was sleep and he took a while.

Fox listens with approval. Lying to Miguel is a good sign that she won't leave him.

Kay reminds Miguel that she said she would tell Fox in her own time. His dying changes things. That may be so but for Miguel it doesn't change the most important thingtheir love. He wants assurance from Kay that she won't marry Fox.

Fox gloats from his bedroom.

Even though he promised he wouldn't, Miguel pressures Kay to tell Fox the truth. He doesn't understand why she is so resistant. "Is it Charity?"

Kay didn't see that coming. Miguel promises he would never make that mistake again. Charity is out of his life.

Fox plans to put that promise to the test. He makes a call to security. The call has something to do with his plan to beat Miguel.

Kay has lingering doubts about them because of Charity. She remembers how Miguel treated Charity like a princess. Kay especially remembers hearing Charity tell Miguel that a fortuneteller said she would be with the same man all her life. That should be her fortune. Miguel asks her what she is thinking about.

Fox has finished his phone call. It had to do with a big surprise for Miguel. Probably not a happy one.

Kay wonders how Miguel can be so sure he won't go back to Charity. He just is. Besides there is no point discussing her because nobody even knows where Charity is.

Wrong answer. Fox has tracked her down. He pleads with her to come to Harmony right away. "It's a matter of life and death."

Theresa leaves the B & B. She can't believe her bad luck. Or maybe it has taken a turn for better because she spies J.T. He takes off as soon as he sees her. When he trips, she pounces on top of him. "I gave you a fortune to tell Ethan the truth. Why didn't you?"

"Because I stopped him." Theresa turns around to see Julian smirking at her.

Theresa doesn't get it. What does Julian have to do with J.T. and her deal? Julian says he sees all and knows all. He shows her the black bag she gave J.T. She wants it back. Julian refuses to give it to her. It is Crane Industries' money not hers. Theresa claims she has every right to the money. Alistair left her in charge of Crane Industries until Little Ethan comes of age. Julian argues that doesn't give her the right to raid the corporate cookie jar. Theresa thinks Julian is bitter and resentful his father didn't leave him in charge. She can do whatever she wants with the money. She did not embezzle it. Julian threatens legal action against her but Theresa is not frightened off. She makes a grab for the bag but Julian is too fast for her. He solicits help from J.T. who pulls her away from Julian.

She pleads her case to the two men. She did it all for love. Her love for Ethan doesn't move Julian in the least. Love is just an empty meaningless word to him. Besides why would she think she could woo Ethan back after all her other failed attempts. Theresa tells him Ethan promised her he would come back to her if he proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that Gwen sold him out. J.T. Julian decides to make a deal with her. He will let J.T. tell Ethan the truth for something in exchange. Theresa is ready to deal. "I will give you anything if it brings Ethan back to me."

After much banter Julian promises to give J.T. the money if she grants him full custody of Little Ethan. Theresa is shocked. He reminds her he warned her he would seek full custody if she fought him. Theresa refuses the deal. He has nothing to do with Little Ethan. Julian demands to know what she means by that. Theresa remembers when J.T. first told her that Ethan was her son's real father. Theresa answers she means he doesn't deserve him.

Julian goads her to take the money. Theresa can't. She loves her son with all of her heart. She ends the discussion. She will just have to get Ethan back another way.

Julian reminds her Ethan is representing him in the custody case. Thanks to J.T. Ethan thinks wen is a saint. "You've already lost him, and now, because of your choice, you will lose Little Ethan as well."

J.T. has left. Julian bids him good riddance. To Theresa, he says she blew it. "Poor, poor Theresa. She has yet to learn that you can't go up against a Crane man and win." He leaves her wondering if she made a terrible mistake.

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