Miguel is outside Fox's door, listening to words of love between Fox and Kay. He can't take it any longer. He bursts inside, grabs Kay, and makes it clear to Fox that Kay is his girl. Fox tries to stop Miguel and gets punched in the face for his efforts.

Kay scolds Miguel for attacking a dying man and eavesdropping on her. She feels for a pulse and can't find any. Miguel has killed Fox! Or at least that's what Miguel imagines. In reality, Miguel leaves before he actually kills Fox.

Miguel is extremely frustrated with the situation. He takes it out on a ball outside and nearly kicks it into Noah. Noah thinks Miguel is upset over Kay's betrayal of her family. Miguel explains he's torn up because of Fox. Noah asks him to be the good guy and bow out but Miguel can't do that. "Kay told me she loves me. She wants to spend the rest of her life with me and our daughter."

The wedding between Kay and Fox isn't going to happen because "I'm the man she loves." To Noah, it's just another fine mess Kay has made. He likes fox but if Miguel and Kay are together, mozel tov.

Miquel wishes they were together. He explains that before Kay got a chance to tell Fox that they were together, they found out he was dying. He is a little suspicious of the timing of Fox's terminal illness but he is sure he didn't plan it. Fox doesn't even know that they know.

Fox tries to make love to Kay. He morphs into Miguel before Kay's eyes and she jumps upright in bed. Fox asks why can't they make love. Kay's excuse is that he is too sick. Fox tries the "life is too short" ploy again. It is working. Fox tells her his greatest wish is to make her his wife. All he wants is for Kay to show him that she loves him. They fall back into bed kissing.

"You made love to me like it was my last night on earth," Fox tells Kay. He complains of a pain in his stomach and Kay starts to get up for a remedy. He stops her. He thinks back to his plan to fake dying and he tells her to stay with him all night.

Fox finally falls asleep. Kay gets out of bed and tiptoes from the room. Fox's eyes pop open. He sits up in bed.

Noah wishes Miguel luck. He wants his sister to be happy. He heads off toward home. Kay runs out of the house into Miguel's arms. "I came as quickly as I could." Fox watches from his window. He pities Miguel. "Don't try to outfox the Fox."

Down in the hole, Fancy and Luis have warmed up to kissing under the blankets. Sheridan can't tear her eyes away from watching them on the monitor. Paloma offers to watch to save her some pain. Sheridan turns her down.

Suddenly Fancy has a bout of chills. Luis holds her closer under the blanket. He thought she was better. She says she's never been better in her life as she snuggles into his chest. Luis makes small talk to keep her focused. Fancy eats it up. Luis is her hero.

They stop kissing for a minute and joke a bit before getting serious. Fancy apologizes for running off on her own. Luis is just relieved he found her in time.

Luis tries to keep Fancy awake because she may have a concussion. While Fancy fights drifting off, she daydreams about Luis. In her fantasy, Luis confesses his love for her and ask her forgiveness for not realizing it sooner. Back in reality, Fancy tells Luis if she dies now, she will die happy.

Paloma looks at the monitor and catches Luis and Fancy kissing. She jokes about it but Sheridan snaps at her. She is not in the mood for jokes. Sheridan watches and knows without hearing a word that she has lost Luis' heart. He's fallen for Fancy.

Paloma doesn't understand why Sheridan is so upset. She can't have both Chris and Luis. Sheridan knows that. She realizes now that she fell in love with Chris because she thought Luis was dead and because he was James' father. "It just seemed natural that I love both of them." Paloma points out that's not enough to stay in a marriage. "What have you done?"

Paloma asks why Sheridan gave Fancy permission to be with Luis if she didn't mean it. Sheridan did mean it when she said it. However, now that she sees them together, she realizes what she has lost. Luis is the great love of her life. Paloma urges her to tell Luis how she feels then. Sheridan can't. She fears if she leaves Chris she will lose James and she can't do that. Sheridan turns away from the monitor and sobs into Paloma's arms.

Ethan stops J.T. from leaving. If this is the night the secrets come out, he wants to know the one Theresa has been carrying since Rome. J.T. feigns ignorance but Gwen eggs him on. She wants to know the secret too.

J.T. denies knowing anything. Theresa claims she has no secret. Gwen wants J.T. to stop lying and spill. Theresa points out to Ethan that Gwen and J.T. are in collusion but Gwen calls her the liar. Ethan asks Theresa to give it up and accept the fact that his wife didn't betray him. Gwen gloats over her victory.

Ethan doesn't want to hear another word from Theresa. He has more than enough proof that his wife was not involved. He's done talking about it.

Gwen is ready for Theresa to leave. Ethan asks Theresa if she will be alright. She can't be because her life has just been turned upside down. Ethan thinks it is time for her to move on with her life. She has tried that but it never works because she loves him and he loves her.

Gwen has had enough. She wants her out. While Theresa argues again with Ethan, Gwen quietly asks J.T. why he double-crossed Theresa. He can't go into details but she needs to give him the cash if she wants him to remain silent. Gwen agrees but she wonders why he lied about Phyllis. He tells her to ask Julian. This puzzles her.

Theresa is not letting it go. She swears on her love for Ethan she is telling the truth. Ethan relents and gives her one more chance to show him some proof. All Theresa wants is five minutes with J.T. and she will get it. However, J.T. refuses to cooperate and starts to leave. Theresa grabs him and pulls him into a stranglehold. She demands he tell the truth. Ethan pulls her off J.T. once again.

Theresa threatens to have J.T. killed. She has the means to do that. J.T. has had enough of her and leaves. Ethan is tired too. "No more fantasies. It's the end of the story. Whatever you thought we had, it's not going to happened." He puts her out of the room and closes the door on her.

Gwen discusses the night with Ethan. She thinks he owes her an apology for ever doubting her. Ethan gives her one. He adds he doesn't understand why Theresa did all that when she could be disproved so easily. Gwen chalks it up to her bizarre imagination. They hug as Theresa wanders the halls in a fog. All her hope and dreams are dead.

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Theresa struggles with J.T. as Julian confesses he was the one who stopped J.T. from telling the truth.
Paloma vows if Sheridan doesn't tell Luis her true feelings, she will.