Fox asks Kay what she wants to tell him: 'I'm dying to know.' Miguel starts to worry that news of Fox's anticipated demise will send her back to him. Kay asks Fox if he was on the phone just now, but he denies it while he chokes back the tears. He says, 'I owe Miguel an apology for my part in all the fights we've been having lately; I want us all to get along for our sake and Maria's. Life is too short.' He takes Kay's hand and pulls her close to him. He can't wait until they're married and the only thing that matters to him now is being a family. Kay says that he looks like he needs to rest. He painfully trudges back to his room, but stops in the bathroom to listen to eavesdrop. Miguel starts to harp on not telling him everything now. He insists that he's not being cold hearted; they need to tell him now: He deserves to know the truth. Kay isn't willing to break his heart. Fox realizes that he can't let Miguel tell him the truth; he would lose Kay before he got her to the altar, but how can he avoid it? Kay tries to convince Miguel not to say anything, but he insists that Fox needs to know the truth tonight, or she's just repeating what she did to her mother.

The ropes supporting Fancy give way and Luis jumps in after her. Sam suddenly appears and they tell him that Luis just jumped in. Sheridan worries that no one could survive a plunge like that. Just before they hit bottom, Luis manages to catch Fancy while still clutching the rope. Sam calls down and says that a rescue team is coming, but it might take a couple of days. There is almost no way into the shafts; they're full of rubble. Sheridan and Paloma can't believe this; there's no way they can hold on for days. Fancy says that she'll be alright as long as nothing else happens. Then the rope comes undone and they begin to fall again, plummeting through the tunnel to sure death on impact. Sheridan and Sam call down but there is no answer. Eventually, Luis calls up and Chris and Sam rush off to get help. Luis crawls out from under debris to look for Fancy. He uncovers her and pulls her onto his lap, but she doesn't respond. 'So beautiful; so brave. You can't die on me Fancy.' He thinks back on all there time together. 'I can't lose you. I love you,' he whispers as he holds her in his arms.

Rebecca realizes that she has to hide before Ethan finds her and figures out that Gwen is gone. She hurries into the bathroom and starts to run the water.

Meanwhile, JT is packing up all of Theresa's money. He tells Gwen that, at least she still has her money left. Theresa announces that she's bringing JT along with her to tell Ethan everything. She will finally get him and Jane back. 'But I love Ethan,' Gwen protests. 'Then you'll have your memories to keep you warm at night while I'm with him,' Therese shoots back at her before telling her to 'join a convent.' She marches out the door with JT while Gwen wonders where the hundred dollars went. Rebecca calls and Gwen tells her everything that's gone wrong. She can't believe she lost by a hundred dollars. Rebecca stares at the bill she took before putting it back in her bra. She begs Gwen to hurry home now; she can keep Ethan if she hurries home and they can keep him from seeing Theresa. Gwen is already convinced that Theresa has won, but Rebecca assures her that she just has to get back, get Ethan in the sack and she'll take care of Theresa.

JT and Theresa excitedly jump into his car. The car won't start. He fumbles with the engine while T starts yelling at him. JT suggests that fate must want Gwen to get to Ethan first. Theresa's not amused, but even less so when he points to Gwen driving away. Theresa says that she'll fix the engine, which she does in record time.

Ethan starts knocking on the bathroom door and tells 'Gwen' that she shouldn't be in the shower alone. He needs to talk to her about Theresa's story and JT's alleged proof. Gwen gets to the hall outside her room and Rebecca asks Ethan to go downstairs and get some tea. This gives Gwen the chance to sneak back in. Rebecca tells Gwen to stop being so negative. Gwen spots Rebecca's blond wig and asks her if she was having sex with her husband. Rebecca feigns offence while Gwen spies the missing hundred dollar bill poking out of her cleavage, puts it all together and starts strangling her mother. Rebecca reminds her that without her divorce settlement, she would have been a million dollars short instead of a hundred. 'We don't let the men we marry call the shots,' Rebecca reminds her, slapping some sense into Gwen. They will not allow Theresa to take him away. She snaps a shower cap on Gwen and pushes her out to Ethan. Gwen says they should grab their passports and go on an adventure. Ethan is tad flummoxed and says that it's tempting but they're staying put. She leads him to the bedroom while Rebecca sneaks out. Gwen tells him that sometimes things happen and sometimes you wish they didn't. He's finding her unusually difficult to interpret.

Theresa arrives and Rebecca is already waiting for her on the stairs. Theresa tries to force her way past, but Rebecca kicks her down. They begin to duel with umbrellas and throwing each other through furniture.

Ethan demands to know if Theresa has been telling the truth all along. Gwen says it's all about how much she loves shim. The noise of Rebecca and Theresa fighting becomes too much and Ethan gets up to see what it is. Gwen tries to stop him and tells him that it must just be the old woman downstairs. After more noise, he starts to rush off. Theresa beats Rebecca on the head with the phone before running up the stairs and bursting into Gwen's room. 'Get your hands off him you lying bitch!' Theresa calls for JT to come up while Gwen shrinks in dread.

Next on Passions: Luis thinks Fancy is dead. Fox starts to play dirty. JT lets a secret out.