Miguel promises to be patient but not that patient. Kay has to tell Fox the wedding is off because she loves Miguel. It distresses Kay to hurt Fox. Miguel argues it will hurt more if she puts off the inevitable.

Fox listens to them from inside. Julian pops in and asks what's going on. Fox tells him that Miguel is trying to talk Kay into breaking off the engagement.

Miguel promises to do everything he can to make her happy. Kay has lingering doubts about him and Charity. She can't afford to make a mistake with Maria's life. The way Miguel sees it, if she marries Fox it will be the biggest mistake of her life. Kay is so overwhelmed she can't think straight. She buys herself time by leaving to check on Maria.

Julian sees this as Fox's opportunity to go out there and kill his competition. That he is drinking may have something to do with the suggestion.

Miguel calls his mother. He leaves a message on her voice mails. "I think I convinced Kay to leave Fox and marry me."

Julian overhears the call. To him, it's a matter of winning or losing. Fox can't let Miguel win. Fox will not murder to keep Kay. There has to be a better way. Whatever it is, Julian urges him to do it fast. He's about to be a loser and what would your grandfather say?

Kay returns to Miguel. She tells him that watching Maria made her realize who she wants to be with. There is only one man who can be the best father for Maria. Miguel suspects Kay has chosen Fox again.

Fox assumes Kay is talking about him too. Julian hopes he is right but if for some bizarre reason she chooses Miguel, Fox needs to take Miguel out of the picture before it's too late. Julian leaves to take care of something.

Kay tells Miguel she was talking about him. "And I am going to tell Fox that you're the man that I want to marry." They embrace.

Fox realizes his father is right. He is too late.

Gwen sits on her bed counting the money she got from selling her grandmother's jewelry. Rebecca comes in to apologizes for whacking Gwen in the head. Gwen shushes her. Ethan is in the next room with Jane and he might hear her. After double checking, Gwen realizes she doesn't have enough hush money for J.T. They hear someone coming and quickly hide the money.

Ethan comes in to check on Gwen. She sends him off to Jane's room to sleep, supposedly so she can get more rest. As soon as he leaves, the two women put their heads together to figure out how to make up their short fall. Rebecca thinks she can persuade J.T. with her sexual favors but Gwen rather use her mother's divorce settlement from Julian. Rebecca resists. It's all the money she has. Gwen begs Rebecca to think like a mother for once. She needs the money to hold on to her husband. Rebecca can always find another rich man to marry. After much prodding, Rebecca reluctantly gives in to Gwen.

Gwen calls J.T. to tell him she has the money. They make arrangements to meet. "Mother, this is it, this is it. I mean, once we get that money all I have to do is drop it off for JT -- And Theresa will never have Ethan."

Meanwhile, Ethan is dreaming. He dreams he is in bed with Gwen. He tells her he loves her with all his heart. Gwen changes into Theresa. Theresa answers that she loves him with all her heart. She begs him to believe her about Gwen. Dream Ethan tells her to show him the proof.

Gwen receives the last of the money. Rebecca bids it a sad good-bye to it as she tucks a bill into her cleavage. Gwen checks on Ethan before she leaves. He is asleep but she needs Rebecca to stay behind just in case he wakes up. Gwen takes the money bag and leaves. Rebecca goes to Ethan's bed to keep her promise to Gwen. "I am going to have to take very good care of you indeed."

Theresa is stuffing money from her wall safe into a large bag. Her back is to the door. She hears someone come in and assumes it is Whitney. Without turning around she talks about giving J.T. more money so she can get Ethan back.


It was Jared not Whitney that Theresa was speaking to. He wants to know if this is her way of saying it's over between them. Theresa apologizes to him. She didn't want him to find out like this but she is going back to Ethan.

Jared wonders if she is buying Ethan back with all the money. She can't explain because it's too complicated but the money is a part of it. Ethan is the only man she ever loved. She wanted to love Jared but she couldn't give up on Ethan. But she is giving up the company, the money and the power forever. She just wants to raise her family with Ethan.

Jared can't believe she is willing to give everything up. What about her son? Theresa wants Little Ethan to be a good person unlike her. The money changed her but now she is going to use the Crane money one last time to make her dreams come true. "And there isn't anything that anyone can do to change my mind." Jared takes a stab at changing her mind by kissing her.

It may be Jared's lips she is kissing but it is Ethan that she is thinking about. Jared senses it and gives up the fight. He even volunteers to go to the vault and bring up some more money. Theresa thanks him. She wishes they had met under different circumstances. Jared agrees. He leaves to get the money.

Jared returns with the money. He questions whether she can buy her happiness with Ethan but Theresa is sure. She gets a call from J.T. He tells her where to bring the money. Jared hopes her dream doesn't become a nightmare.

Theresa prepares to leave. Jared wants to go with her. That's a lot of money to be walking around with. She declines his offer. The person she's meeting insisted she come alone. She tells him she will always care about him. He asks her if she's sure about giving up everything. Theresa is positive because what she is giving up is evil. She will finally be free. "Tomorrow when I wake up I'm going to be with the man of my dreams."

Luis talks on the phone to find out if anyone has found Fancy. So far no one has. Paloma speculates about whether Luis' visions of Fancy were imaginary or psychic. Sheridan knows it could be psychic but she thought she was the only one who shared that with Luis. Paloma mentions some psychics believe some dreams are visitations from dead people. Luis refuses to believe Fancy is dead. She's alive and out there somewhere. They just have to find her.

Chris' conscience is kicking in. He knows where she is and he could save her. He quietly leaves the cottage .

Sheridan agrees with Luis. Fancy is still alive. Fancy calls Luis. He is the only one who can hear her. Physically, Fancy lies on a ledge. It shakes from her weight. The last chain holding it breaks . The ledge drops slightly. Fancy's time is running out.

Luis can't understand why no one can find Fancy. He has the FBI and the state troopers helping the police force. Paloma looks around and doesn't see Chris. Sheridan goes upstairs to find him. Paloma mentions to Luis how nervous Chris was acting. Luis noticed it too.

Chris is in the mine with rope to rescue Fancy. He shines a flashlight down the hole where Fancy fell through. He can't imagine how she survived the fall. He calls her name, praying all the while that she is alive.

The ledge that Fancy was on folds like a trap door, hurling her body deeper into the darkness.

Chris is in the mine with rope to rescue Fancy. He shines a flashlight down the hole where Fancy fell through. He can't imagine how she survived the fall. He calls her name, praying all the while that she is alive.

The ledge that Fancy was on folds like a trap door, hurling her body deeper into the darkness.

Paloma meets up with Luis. They still can't find Fancy. Chris sees them in the cave. He tries to get away before he is discovered but it is too late. Sheridan is surprised to see him. She asks him what he is doing there. Luis thinks he already knows. Chris was involved in Fancy's disappearance. He knew she was there the whole time. Luis badgers Chris. He wants to know where Fancy is. Chris denies knowing. Sheridan pleads with Luis to leave him alone. She is sure he can explain why he's there.

Luis doesn't have time to argue. He feels the urgency of finding Fancy before it's too late. He calls to her. She answers but no one hears her.. One of the ropes suspending the platform slowly comes apart.

Next on Passions
J.T. tells Gwen and Theresa the one with the most money gets Ethan.
Kay over hears Fox talking about dying.:
Luis looks down the hole and wonders if Fancy fell or was she pushed.