Fancy lies unconscious on a ledge connected to the mine walls by chains but her spirit stands near Luis. She calls out for his help. Luis answers her, oblivious that Paloma, Sheridan and Chris are in the room with him. They think he is hallucinating or delirious. Sheridan feels guilty for slipping him a sleeping pill in his coffee. Paloma tries to wake him but Luis can only hear Fancy's voice. Luis begs her not to give up.

Chris doesn't like what he's hearing. He asks how Luis got that way. Sheridan confesses to giving Luis a sleeping pill because he was so exhausted. Paloma notes that he isn't sleeping any more. Luis's eyes are wide open like he is in a trance.

Sheridan tries to break through Luis' trance. Chris prays that Luis isn't connecting through to Fancy. He is convinced she is dead. All Luis can hear is Fancy. "It's pitch black here. Please don't let me die in the dark. Don't leave me here, Luis. I love you," The ledge she is on begins to shake. Fancy whispers out loud, "I love you." Luis jolts out of his trance. He calls for Fancy. Sheridan tells him that she isn't there.

Luis is positive he heard Fancy. It wasn't a dream. Paloma and Sheridan assure him Fancy is not there. Luis discovers dirt on his shirt and brushes it away. Sheridan is surprised because it wasn't on him when he came there. That is proof to Luis that Fancy was there. To add to that he notices blood on his hand! Chris covertly wipes away dirt from his pants. He is astonished and worried by these signs.

The ledge Fancy is on shakes violently from her weight. A chain breaks.

Luis feels so woozy he falls back into a chair. Sheridan owns up to giving him the sleeping pill. She defends herself saying she thought it would help. Luis thinks she did help because, in whatever state he was in, he was able to connect to Fancy. He compares the telepathy to what he use to share with Sheridan. Sheridan is dismayed. She thought that was something that only she shared with Luis. Paloma sees it as proof that Fancy is still alive, something Chris realizes too.

Luis can still hear Fancy calling to him. "Fancy is in a cold, dark place. She's obviously hurt. And she's afraid that she's gonna die. I'm going to find the scum who did this to her. I'm gonna make him pay." He picks up the phone and dials.

Encouraged by her mother's forgiveness, Kay looks for Miguel. She finds him outside the cottage. She asks for a moment of his time. That isn't a problem because Miguel wanted to talk to her too.

They both start to talk at once. Miguel insists that Kay go first. Kay starts out telling him about her confrontation with her mother. It didn't go well at first with Grace reading her the riot act. However, after Kay explained how hurt and angry she had been over Grace always siding with Charity and how much she loved Miguel, Grace ended up forgiving her.

Miguel isn't surprised Grace forgave her. It takes a lot to break the mother-daughter bond. Kay knows that now but before she was so resentful of the bond between Charity and Grace. It got worse when Grace kept telling her to leave him and Charity alone especially when she cared so much for him. She was so terrified of losing Miguel, she couldn't see straight.

It dawns on Miguel that what Kay did was because of him. Things would have been so different if he had understood back then. "I know, we would probably be married right now," Kay says. That is water under the bridge now. Can he forgive her or does he hate her that much?

It's Miguel turn to talk. He admits he doesn't like what Kay did to her parents but now he understands why she did it. He definitely does not hate her. Kay is so happy that she hugs him and blurts out "I love you so much."

Miguel is not going to let her take it back but Kay has no intentions of doing that. She loves him with her whole heart. Miguel tells her he loves her too. They embrace. For Miguel, their declarations of love can only mean one thing. "We can be together -- you, me, and Maria. We can raise our daughter as a family. You just have to tell Fox you can't marry him." Kay pulls away. "No." She forgot about that.

The curtains move in the bedroom window above where they stand.Someone is listening to the couple.

Miguel won't accept "no" from her. She has to call off the wedding to Fox. Kay can't bear hurting Fox after all he's done for her. Miguel understands that but Fox "will have to accept the fact that you chose me over him." Kay isn't sure Fox can accept it. He said he never loved anyone like he loves her. Miguel feels the same way. What if Charity came back? It wouldn't make a difference to Miguel. He's staying with Kay. "Believe in us."

Kay still dreads telling Fox about them because he doesn't deserve it. Miguel says he'll give her time. He won't push because he knows they're going to make it. Kay doesn't want Miguel to mention it until she is 100% sure. The curtain in the bedroom moves again. Somebody already knows.

Theresa tries to get Ethan's attention. She has J.T. and Gwen locked up in the storage room of the Blue Note. The moment of truth has arrived.

Gwen orders J.T. out of the storage room but Theresa has barred the door. They're stuck for now.

Rebecca loiters inside the Blue Note. She runs into Ethan who is looking for Gwen. She tells him she left in a cab for home. She lies again and says Theresa is gone too. She almost gets Ethan out of the club but Theresa intervenes. Rebecca scurries to the storage room to warn Gwen.

Rebecca tells Gwen and J.T. the bad news--Theresa and Ethan are on their way. The good news is she may have a way out of it but Gwen may not like it. "Hey, if it keeps Ethan from finding out I've been lying to him, I will like it just fine," she tells her mother.

Theresa tries to tell him about J.T. but she is talking so fast, Ethan can't understand her. She drags him to the storage room. She is eager for Ethan to hear the proof J.T. has about Gwen outing his true parentage to the tabloids. Did he mean it when he said he would come back to her if she gave him the proof? He assures her he did. That's all Theresa wanted to know. She opens the storage room door and he goes in.

What Ethan sees shocks him. Gwen lies unconscious on the floor. J.T. is nowhere to be seen. Theresa looks everywhere for him. Ethan isn't concerned about him. He is focused on his wife.

Rebecca and J.T. stroll out of the Blue Note. They reminisce about other close calls they have had. They kiss as J.T. looks forward to the rest of the night. He wants a quickie in the dark back alley. Rebecca has reservationswrong time and wrong place. She didn't knock Gwen out and haul him out of the storage room just to get caught while having a quickie. Rebecca resists J.T.'s moves and reminds him he promised to take Gwen's money and get out of town. She will visit him when he's far, far away. Rebecca leaves J.T. and returns to the Blue Note. In the alley, J.T. tallies up how much money he can make playing both sides.

Gwen comes to in Ethan's arms. He wants answers. Theresa suspects J.T. knocked her out but Gwen accuses Theresa. "She hit me in the head with this piece of wood." Theresa can't believe her ears. "You are a liar."

Gwen's story is that Theresa dragged her into the storage room. When she couldn't tell Theresa where J.T. was, Theresa whacked her with a plank. She even has a bump on her head to prove it. Gwen silently remembers how her mother knocked her in the headtwice! Theresa charges at her. She demands that Gwen tell her where J.T. is. Ethan grabs Theresea before she can attack Gwen.

Theresa swears on the life of her brother that J.T. was there. Rebecca walks into the storage room and chastises her for blasphemy. It dawns on Theresa that Rebecca bashed Gwen in the head and hustled J.T. out of the room. Theresa jumps at her. Ethan grabs her again. She is so out done by how unfair things have turned out.

Rebecca checks with Gwen to see if she's alright and to let her know that J.T. is gone. To Theresa she threatens having her arrested for assault. Theresa argues with Ethan why would she bring him there if she hit Gwen in the head? Ethan can't believe her without proof. "But you don't, I have to believe my wife, Theresa." It is late and he is taking his wife home.

Theresa is alone in the storage room. She can't believe they got her again. "I can't tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son until I prove to Ethan that it was Gwen and Rebecca who sold him out to the tabloid." Her phone rings. It's J.T.

"Bet you didn't think you'd hear from me again." He wants to make another deal. Theresa paid him to leave town. It's going to cost extra for him to tell Ethan about Gwen and Rebecca. Theresa will pay him whatever it takes. J.T. likes that answer. He promises to sing like a canary.

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