Grace is chewing Kay out over the phone. Kay tells her to calm down but Grace gets angrier. She scolds her daughter for siding with Ivy, Grace's greatest enemy. Kay's actions broke up their family. She must be sick.

Kay is sick and penitent. She knows what she did was horrible. Grace has no argument there. "What kind of malicious little b*** stabs her own family in the back?" Kay answers "Grace."

Grace can't believe her ears. To her, Kay hasn't changed one bit. Kay says she isn't blaming her but Grace did make her do it. Everything changed when Grace brought Charity into their home. It made Kay feel left out.

Grace tells her to grow up. She never meant for her to feel that way. Kay claims she felt that way because Grace always took Charity's side especially when it came to Miguel. Kay was in love with Miguel but once Charity met him, Grace was always saying how perfect they were. It made Kay angry hearing that all the time, so angry she turned on Grace and her whole family. It felt like Grace loved Charity more than her.

Grace never meant for her to feel that way. She felt responsible for her niece after the tragedy she suffered. And she was lying when she said she wished she had never been born. She loves Kay and that bond can never be broken.

Kay thinks she did break it because for a while she hated her mother. She couldn't stand her constantly pushing Charity and Miguel together. Grace doesn't think she pushed them. It was true love. Kay disagrees because they're not together any more. Grace asks her why she is marrying Fox then.

Kay explains how Fox filled the void left by Miguel when she thought she had lost him. Grace notes that Miguel is back now and he says he loves her. Kay thinks it's too late for them now. She is marrying Fox. That's a bad idea to Grace. All the Cranes are poison. Kay believes Fox is different from the rest of his family but Grace is not convinced. Besides Kay still loves Miguel.

Kay thinks it's out of her hands because Miguel hates her now. Grace asks if he actually said that. She should go to him and tell him how she feels.

Kay is still confused. She loves both men. Grace believes she will be happy with Miguel. She advises her to go to Miguel and tell him that she forgives her. If he loves her, he'll forgive her too. Kay is so grateful to her mother for her forgiveness and her advice. She rushes out to find Miguel.

Pilar sensed Miguel's need to talk and joins him on the swings outside Tabitha's cottage. Miguel is having a hard time understanding why Kay just stood by and said nothing while Ivy tore apart her parent's marriage. Pilar agrees that Kay has a lot to answer for. Jessica's problems are also the result of Kay remaining silent. What's driving him nuts is that he still loves her. Pilar falls back on her religious beliefs. "To forgive is an act of contrition." She knows that Kay is truly sorry. He is still ashamed because of his love for her.

Miguel wonders if he's too late to do anything about Kay. Pilar doesn't think so and urges him to go and find Kay. She wishes him good luck and leaves him alone on the swing. He stands up and runs straight into Kay.

Ethan comes across Chad outside the Blue Note. Chad's car won't start so Ethan offers to help. As they work on the car, the men talk about their women. Chad can't help but notice how serious it looked between Ethan and Theresa a while ago. Ethan tells him she has some big secret that she's dying to tell him, but she just won't. Ethan doesn't like secrets.

Ethan knows that Theresa wants him to leave Gwen and start back up where they left off. She swears she's telling the truth about Gwen outing him to the tabloid. However, he is still reluctant to break up his family. Chad points out that one of them has to be lying. Does Ethan think it's Theresa? He doesn't answer.

Ethan is a little envious of Chad. He has Whitney, true love and absolute honest. "You have no idea how secrets can eat away at the heart of a relationship."

Ethan has the car working. Chad thanks him for his help. He asks if he thinks Theresa will find J.T. and force him to tell the truth. Ethan isn't sure but he knows whatever he decides to do, it will depend on what J.T. tells him.

Theresa catches J.T., Gwen and Rebecca as they are trying to sneak out the back of the Blue Note. Rebecca rushes at her but gets herself locked of the storage room for her efforts. Theresa is taking J.T. to Ethan so he can tell all.. "After all these years, it is time for the final showdown." Gwen says it won't work because Ethan will never leave her. Theresa is going to take J.T. to Ethan and then they'll see if Ethan stays or go.

Theresa and Gwen wrestle as J.T. watches, enjoyng the free floor show. Both women grab J.T. by his arms and began twisting them. Theresa wants J.T. to tell Ethan how Gwen and Rebecca wrecked his life. Gwen wants J.T. to tell her Theresa's secret. Theresa promises to tell her in her own time but Gwen has other things to worry about. When Ethan finds out how Gwen lied to him, he will leave her. Theresa will finally have the family she dreamed of all these years.

Whitney is still in the Blue Note looking for Theresa. She finds Rebecca instead. Whitney asks Rebecca if she's seen Theresa. Rebecca lies and says no. Whitney doesn't believe her. Rebecca lies about everything. She probably knew all about Ivy's plot to break up the Bennetts. That's hilarious to Rebecca because of she knows about Eve's part in the plot. "Eve was always looking down her nose at the rest of us and it turns out that she is just as malicious as me."

Whitney won't let a tramp like Rebecca talk about her mother. Rebecca doesn't take the name calling lightly especially since her boyfriend is a tramp, too. Rebecca goads Whitney to ask Chad what he was doing at the Safari Motel. Whitney thinks she has the answer to that question already but Rebecca tells her Chad was lying. She saw him at the motel and he was buck naked.

Whitney refuses to believe Rebecca. Rebecca asks why would she lie. Whitney thinks maybe because she is a miserable s***. Rebecca may be a s*** but miserable she's not. If she was Whitney she would find out who Chad was sleeping with.

Rebecca has struck Whitney's paranoid bone. Whitney hurries away, ignoring Ethan's greetings. She finds Chad outside but she is so upset she can't talk. She runs away leaving Chad bewildered.

Gwen and Theresa both pull at J.T. until Theresa gets a better idea. She leaves the two in the storage room and bars the door so they can't escape. She runs to the Blue Note and waves her arms, trying to get Ethan's attention. She yells that she has J.T. and he can tell him "everything you need to know about your lying wife right now."

Spike and Chris look through the hole in the floor for Fancy. In Spike's mind, Fancy had one lucky accidentlucky for them. She's dead and they're home free. Chris calls out to Fancy, holding onto hope she is yet alive. Fancy's unconscious body is sprawled on the ground..

Chris continues to call Fancy's name. Spike thinks there is no way she could have survived that fall. However, if she did, and she identifies them, he's taking Chris down with him. Chris and Spike can't see Fancy. It's pitch black down there. Spike likens it to all the horror films he's seenthe pretty blonde never makes it out. Chris still won't give up on Fancy. Spike throws a rock down the role. They never hear it land.

Chris just wants all the deaths to end. Alistair is dead so there is no more need to keep killing. Spike could care less as long as it's not him dying. Chris is more concerned because he is scared for Sheridan. Spike thinks he should be scared of Sheridan. If she finds out that Chris was working for her father, she'll throw him out in a hurry. Chris threatens to throw Spike down the hole too if he doesn't shut up.

Spike leaves Chris alone after suggesting he cover up the hole. Chris apologizes to Fancy as he lays planks across the hole.

Luis comes back to Sheridan's cottage. He tells Sheridan. the lead he had turned out to be false. He asks if she has heard from Fancy. Sheridan hasn't. He blames himself for letting Fancy tag along. Sheridan and Paloma try to comfort him, telling him she will be fine. Luis won't be comforted. He worries that the killer has captured Fancy or even worse. If anything has happened to her, he'll never forgive himself.

Luis can't rest until he finds Fancy. He prepares to leave but Sheridan stops him. Both Sheridan and Paloma believe he should let the other police officers find her. He needs to get some rest Luis refuses. Sheridan offers to make him some coffee and she won't take no for an answer. Luis looks around and asks where is Chris. Sheridan tells him he's out looking for Fancy. Luis doesn't like the sound of that.

Luis thinks the coffee is much improved. He tries to get up but falls back down. He decides to take a catnap before he returns to search for Fancy. Paloma promises to wake him up in five minutes. Paloma tells Sheridan that Luis looks terrible. Maybe they should call a doctor. Sheridan informs her there's nothing wrong with Luis. She put a sleeping pill in his coffee. Paloma is shocked because she knows Luis will be furious when finds out what Sheridan did.

Paloma questions whether Sheridan wants Luis to find Fancy. Of course, she wants Fancy found. She was just concerned about Luis. It suddenly hits her that she may have been wrong. Luis starts talking in his sleep. He hears Fancy call to him.

Chris walks into the cottage. Luis continue talking to Fancy in his sleep. Fancy's spirit is reaching out to Luis and giving him clues to her whereabouts. Luis suddenly wakes up. "I'm coming Fancy. Don't die." Chris is appalled.

Next on Passions
Fancy's spirit continues to communicate with Luis.
Gwen, J.T. and Rebecca are stuck inside the storage room.
Theresa has Ethan and she's taking him to J.T.