Luis is driving around town looking for Fancy. He talks to Paloma by phone. He fears Fancy is in serious danger because no one has seen her. He is also concerned about Sheridan He sends Paloma to check on her. Luis knows Chris has something to do with the whole mess. If he doesn't find Fancy, he's going back to talk to Chris. He reminisces about his times with Fancy and thinks about their times together. His phone rings. Someone has information on a woman matching Fancys description. He goes to check it out.

Luis arrives at a cheap motel. He has his gun out. He kicks in the door and sees a half-naked man and a blonde woman. He slams the man up against the wall before he realizes the woman isn't Fancy. He lets the man go. He is more worried now. He has no leads. The hooker makes an offer he refuses. He just lets her go too. He is more concerned than ever about Fancy.

Spike forces his kisses on Fancy. He unzips his pants. Fancy hears it and knows he is going to rape her. She stops praying and starts kicking, knocking Spike to the ground and unconscious. She yells for help. She scoots around because her feet and hands are tied. Before she can make any headway, Spike comes to. He stand over her and kicks her. She falls over. "You're going to be very sorry you did that," he thinks to himself.

Chris knows Spike has Fancy. He is afraid Spike will kill her just like he killed Phyllis. He calls Spike, interrupting him from his intent. Spike admits he has Fancy and he lets Chris know he plans on killing her after he has a little fun. Chris warns him that Luis and the whole police force are out looking for her. If they catch him, he will be better off if he doesn't hurt her. Spike has no intentions of being caught. A bat flies by and freaks Spike out. He ends the call after unknowingly giving Chris clues to his hideout. Chris is determined to find Fancy before Spike does something stupid.

Fancy begs Spike not to hurt her. Of course, Spike ignores her pleas. He keeps groping her. Chris shows up before Spike can go further. He taps Spike on the shoulder and pulls him away from Fancy. Spike wonders how he found them. Chris told him the bats gave him away. He demands he let Fancy go. Spike won't take the chance of going to jail. Fancy hears them talking. She yells for help.

Spike argues that Luis will put two and two together and figure out Chris was involved. He will take care of her his way. Chris just wants to drop her off where she can be found.

While they argue, Fancy has escaped her ropes. She pulls off her blindfolds and starts walking away from the voices. Fancy walks through the mine, trying to get as far away from the voices.

They return to where they left her. They panic when they see Fancy is gone. Spike is still worried she saw his face. They go after her. Fancy hears them coming. She starts to run. The boards under her feet give away and she hurtles down. Spike and Chris reach the hole in the floor. Spike pronounces her dead. Fancy lays below, unconscious.

Gwen, Rebecca and J.T. are in the storage room at the Blue Note. Gwen wants Rebecca to go back out front. That way no one will suspect anything. Rebecca prefers to stay with J.T. to work on keeping him happy. Gwen relents and leaves the two randy adults to do what they always end up doing. She checks out front to see if the coast is clear.

Theresa and Whitney are In the ladies room at the Blue Note. Whitney urges Theresa to tell Ethan the truth so that she can finally be with him. Theresa still isn't sure that's a good idea. She fears he will take her son out of spite because Theresa kept quiet about his true parentage so long. She can't risk losing her son. She's giving up on ever being with Ethan.

In the past Whitney would have agreed with her but she has changed her mind. She believes Ethan will leave Gwen when he hears the truth about what Gwen did.

Whitney gives Theresa the lowdown on Ivy and Sam and Grace. She tells her about Eve's part in destroying Sam and Grace's marriage. It is supposed to be a cautionary tale. "I am telling you this Theresa so that you will see that you can't pass up the chance to spend the rest of your life with the man that you love. . .Stop being scared, Theresa and just go for it. . .What are you waiting for?"

Gwen catches sight of Whitney and Theresa. She's upset. She doesn't know how she can get J.T. out of there without Theresa seeing him.

Theresa won't tell Ethan. She has no guarantees that he would actually leave Gwen even though he said he would. To Whitney, Theresa is more concerned about the money Little Ethan would lose than her own happiness. Whitney tells Theresa that Little Ethan doesn't need Crane money. It's cursed. "If anything, it's going to destroy him."

Theresa insists it's not about money. She is terrified that she will lose her son. Whitney should understand that after she was apart from Miles. Whitney is not convinced. It still sounds like Theresa is choosing the money over her dream.

Rebecca and J.T. are using their time getting to know each other's bodies. Gwen walks in on them on the ground as they take a breather. They decide to try and sneak out through the back and hope Theresa doesn't see J.T.

Whitney tells Theresa not to give up. Theresa is finally convinced. She tells Whitney she is absolutely right. She hugs her best friend. Theresa is going to find J.T. and let him tell Ethan the truth about Gwen and Rebecca.

Whitney and Theresa go through Blue Note. Theresa calls J.T. on his cell phone. He isn't answering. She frets that he has left Harmony. Unexpectedly she hears J.T.'s distinctive ringtone. Theresa knows he is in the Blue Note. She grabs J.T. before he and his entourage can get away. She wants him to tell Ethan everything. "This time I'm going to win."

Grace talks to Ivy on the phone. Ivy apologizes to Grace but Grace doesn't want sorry's. She is returning to Harmony and when she gets there she will tear Ivy limb from limb. She orders Ivy to shut up and let her speak to her "husband." Ivy gives the phone to Sam. He tells her to get her things and get out of his house.

Sam gets Grace's travel plans so that he can pick her up from the airport. She apologizes again but Sam won't let her. It wasn't her fault. Grace is eager to see her children. She senses something is wrong with her children. He mentions Jessica but Grace already knows about her troubles. She feels guilty about that too. He tells her again it isn't her fault. He explains to her about Kay's role in Ivy scheme. Ivy overhears his conversation. "You think you hate me, Grace? Wait until you hear about your own daughter. Kay let me destroy your marriage."

Grace can't believe Kay kept quiet. Sam tells her he is in shock too. They can't wait until they are together again. Sam says he never stopped loving her. She loves him too.

Sam sees Ivy still sitting at the table. He is irate. He doesn't want any trace of her left in his house when Grace gets home. He leaves. Ivy looks depressed.

In their bedroom, Fox comforts Kay. She feels miserable because everyone hates her except for Fox. She recalls that her fathers plans on telling her mother about what she did. Another person will be added to the "I hate Kay" list. Fox reassures her that Grace will forgive her although she will be upset. Kay doesn't believe that. Her mother was hard on her before. She will be worse now after what Kay's done. Grace won't forgive her and worse, she thinks Miguel won't forgive her either.

Kay tosses and turns in bed. She is having a bad dream. In her dream Grace is confronting her for her evil deeds. She will not forgive Kay. She tells her no one will especially Miguel. Grace believes he deserves someone better than Kay. Grace decides she will find Charity and bring her back so she can be with Miguel.

Kay's phone vibrates. Kay gets out of bed to answer it. It's Grace. She tells Kay she is in shock. She had to hear it from Kay that she helped Ivy. Kay admits her role. Grace calls her evil and a monster. She is no longer her daughter. She wishes she never gave birth to her.

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Grace and Kay blame each other.
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