In the mine, Fancy struggles against her binds. She yells at her unknown assailant. "Let me go!" Spike has other plans and they are evil. He has been drinking. He approaches her and shakes his flask. Fancy begs for water. He gives her a swig from the flask. Fancy chokes from the liquor. Spike snaps open his switchblade. Fancy hears it. She pleads with him to let her go. She will let him have a head-start. Spike makes a move toward her ropes, giving her false hope. Instead of cutting them, he makes the binds tighter.

Spike rips the buttons off Fancy's shirt. Fancy is terrified. She knows he plans to rape her!
Fancy prays to God that Spike doesn't rape her. Spike continues to slobber all over her. He starts to take off his clothes. Fancy takes matters into her own hands or rather feet. She kicks him, causing Spike to hit his head. He is out cold. She yells for help.

Luis is worried about Fancy. He knows she is in danger. He wishes he knew who she talked to that gsve her the lead on the murderer. It may help them to find her. He decides to join the search party looking for Fancy. Paloma volunteers to help too. Before he goes, he gives Chris another chance to talk. Chris denies knowing anything. Sheridan can't believe Luis accused him of being a murderer. Chris thinks to himself that Sheridan doesn't really know him.

Paloma and Luis are down on the docks looking for signs of Fancy. They come across a shady character. Luis asks if he's seen Fancy. The way Luis describes Fancy makes Paloma think he is in love with Fancy. Luis manhandles the man. He is desperate for information. Paloma forces him to let him go. The man doesn't know anything.

Paloma won't let Luis beat himself up over his concern. It was Fancy's choice to go after the man. She tells him that he is so worried because he has fallen in love with Fancy. He denies it. Paloma believes it whether Luis realizes it or not.

Luis changes the subject to Chris. He thinks Sheridan is in danger too. He believes that Chris is in the center of what's going on.

Sheridan hates that Luis suspects him of murder. Chris asks Sheridan if she has suspicions. Sheridan assures him that she doesn't. She knows what a wonderful man he is. She goes to check on James.

Chris nerves are on edge. He is drinking and muttering to himself. Sheridan comes in and notices his state of mind. Chris tells her that Luis is too close to the case to be objective. Sheridan admits this but Luis is still an excellent cop. He will get to the bottom of everything soon. This is what Chris is afraid of.

Sheridan and Chris are off to take a bath together. James interrupts their plan. He can't sleep. Chris tells Sheridan to go ahead and take her bath while he takes care of James. She leaves. James asks where did everybody go. Chris tells them that they're looking for Fancy. James tells him she's after the man. Chris realizes that James saw Spike. Now he is positive Spike has Fancy.

Whitney and Chad are dancing. Whitney is full of love and trust. Chad is full of guilt and, well, you know. But he's doesn't feel guilty enough to stop cheating on Whitney.

Ivy begs Sam not to shut her out. Her pleas are interrupted by Sam's ringing cell phone. It's Grace. Sam explains to her who David really is. Grace can't believe Ivy could orchestrate the complicated scheme. Sam tells her with power and money, anything's possible. David, the priest, the DNA results were all fake. Ivy admitted it. Grace can't take Sam's word for it. She needs to talk to David for confirmation. Sam waits while she talks to David.

Whitney has called her mother and told her of Ivy's accusations. To her dismay, Eve has confirmed everything Ivy told her. Whitney is so ashamed of her. She's thankful that at least she has Chad in her life.

Chad and Jared talk about Chad's close call at the motel. Jared asks if he and Valerie are getting it on. Chad says not anymore. Jared advises him to be careful or it's going to be over. Chad knows but he can't help himself.

Ivy returns to the table. Sam wants to know where she found David. He may be a danger to Grace. She says she doesn't remember. She blackmailed him to do it. Ivy disgusts Sam even more. It makes Sam sick to think he almost married Ivy.

Grace comes back on the phone. David confirmed everything. She apologizes to Sam for leaving him. Sam says there's nothing to apologize for. They were both set up. When she finds out Ivy is with Sam, she asks to speak to her. She wants to give her a piece of her mind.

If Ivy thought Grace was going to forgive her, Grace lets her know she's wrong. In fact, she's coming back to Harmony. "And when I get back to Harmony, I'm going to kill you."

Rebecca and Gwen manage to get J.T. out of the Blue Note lounge and back into the storage room without Ethan seeing them.

Rebecca tells him out with it. He starts to unzip his pants. Gwen shouts at him. "Not that." Rebecca says at least not yet. They want him to give up Theresa's secret so they can destroy Theresa once and for all.

J.T. won't talk because he is honoring the deal he made with Theresa. Gwen says they will pay him more. Rebecca doesn't know where she will get the money. Gwen offers her grandmother's jewelry. J.T. proposes she sell the jewelry, double what she gets and give it to him. Then he will talk.

He can wait a while for Gwen to come up with the money. Gwen wants a hint to what the secret is. What does Theresa have to lose if it comes out? J.T. tells her it's huge but he isn't telling anything else.

Theresa has tried to tell him before but he refused to believe her. She thinks if she showed him a photograph of J.T. and Rebecca in bed together playing the answering machine where she admitted everything, he still wouldn't leave Gwen. He always forgives Gwen

Ethan doesn't believe that Gwen would betray him like that. However, he swears, if Theresa had incontrovertible proof that Gwen sold him out and has been lying about if for all these years, he swears he would leave her in a heartbeat.

Theresa still can't tell him. She runs off. She meets up with Whitney in the bathroom. Whitney wants to know what's wrong. Theresa tells her what Ethan said. If he actually meant it, it changes everything. She still believes it is too much of a gamble to tell him everything.

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Both Theresa and Gwen are looking for J.T.
Luis prays that Fancy is alright.