Tabitha complains to Endora about what's become of Halloween. Her only reason she takes Endora trick or treating is so they don't arouse suspicions about what they really are. When a little girl comes to her door as an ugly witch, Endora zaps her into a pretty witch. That's what real witches look like. Endora zaps ghosts and spirits into her home for more authentic Halloween spirit.

Outside the house, Kay can't forget how she hurt her family. Fox tries to ease her pain. People should be angry at Ivy not Kay. However, he does agree Kay could have said something about Ivy's schemes. Kay is afraid that Fox is just as disappointed with her as Miguel. She wouldn't blame him if he wanted to call off the wedding. No way. He loves and understands her. The wedding is still on.

Tabitha dances around the room with the spirits She sees Fox and Kay and Maria headed into the house. She tells Endora to hurry and zap the goblins out of there. The couple comes in. Fox thinks it's past the girls' bedtime. He takes them up to bed. After he leaves, Tabitha and Kay discuss the tragedy which is Kay's life. Tabitha looks at the bright side. At least Kay won't have to choose between Fox and Miguel any more. Kay fears she has lost Miguel's friendship.

Miguel is outside the cottage. He can't believe how selfish Kay was. Even more, he can't believe he still loves her. He walks into Tabitha's house. The tension is thick between them. Fox comes down and whisks Kay away.

In their bedroom, Kay continues to moan about how horrible she is. She is certain no one will come to their wedding. All that is important to Fox is that he will be there.

Miguel tells Tabitha that in spite of what Kay did he is not giving up on her. Tabitha is shocked. Miguel is surprised as well but it proves to him how much he wants to be with Kay. He plans on fighting for her. He heads upstairs. Tabitha thinks he means to start the fight tonight. He claims he is just plans on kissing Maria goodnight. He leaves Tabitha wondering how Grace will take it when she finds out. She is certain Grace will come back to Harmony now.

In the lobby of the Blue Note, Sam leaves a voice message for Grace. Ivy approaches him. He doesn't want to talk to her. He walks away from her.

Sam and Noah talk about Ivy and Kay. Ivy barges in as Noah leaves. Ivy insists Sam at least listen to her. All she ever wanted was a life with Sam. She knows what she did was wrong but she did it for love. Sam calls it sick and pathologically cruel." What decent human being would conjure up such a devious, hurtful scheme?" Ivy feels she didn't have any other choice. They should have been married all those years, not him and Grace. "Don't tell me you're trying to justify your actions, Ivy, please." She isn't. She is trying to explain herself.

Sam grows tired of listening to the list of her deceptions. He tells her to go home wherever that is.. Ivy is not finished. "I didn't do this to hurt you, or to hurt Grace, or to hurt anyone else. I just did it for us" She begs Sam to understand what she did and not shut her out of his life completely. He blames her for doing that. Ivy is interrupted by Sam's phone ringing.

It's Grace. "You're not going to believe this." He looks at Ivy.

Theresa is at the bar. She turns around and is surprised by an unexpected face.

Gwen and Ethan are on the dance floor. Ethan is still complaining about his mother's lies. Gwen wish she could make him feel better. She excuses Ivy because she did it for the love of Sam. That's not love to Ethan. Love is about being honest. Gwen spies Theresa with a man. She thinks it could be J.T. Her face drops. Gwen excuses herself. She is going to make sure J.T. doesn't get away without telling her Theresa's secret.

The man with Theresa is Jared. They had plans that Theresa completely forgot about while dealing with J.T. Gwen rushes up to them and grabs him. Jared realizes both women mistook him for someone else.

The real J.T. walks into the Blue Note with Rebecca. When Rebecca sees Ethan, she steers J.T. away from the bar to a more secluded spot.

Theresa and Gwen trade cryptic remarks until Ethan comes and claims his wife. They leave to finish their dance. Jared turns to Theresa. He senses something is not right. He wants answers. Theresa can't give him any. Jared is hurt that Theresa doesn't trust him. He walks away from her without a backward glance.

Theresa feels Jared has walked away from for good. Whitney is on Jared's side. Why won't she confide in him? "Secrets kill relationships. Either they blow up like a huge bomb, or they slowly eat away the trust we build with each other." Theresa is afraid to trust him and afraid she lost him.

Maybe not. Jared returns with a big bouquet of flowers. He apologizes to her for pushing her too hard. When she's ready to trust him, she will. Whitney leaves them to dance with Chad. Theresa tells Jared she thought he was angry at her. He was but he's not the kind of guy that gives up when he's found the right person. He's there for her. Theresa doesn't feel she deserves him. He says she deserves better but she's stuck with him. They hug.

Rebecca and stripped down J.T. are in the restaurant storage room. They just made love. J.T. is ready for a martini. He offers to get it but Rebecca volunteers. She leaves him to get the drinks and also give Gwen a heads up about J.T.'s location.

Ethan sees Rebecca signaling to Gwen. Gwen ignores her at first. Ethan encourages her to see what Rebecca wants. Gwen tries to get rid of her. She wants to do her wifely duty and comfort Ethan. She won't let her mother get a word in. Rebecca panics when she sees J.T. dressed and back inside the Blue Note. Gwen finally sees him too.

Gwen tells Ethan she better see what's wrong with her mother. He leaves her to it. Gwen tells her mother to go back to where she was and she'll meet her in a few. J.T. is getting frisky with a cat woman. Rebecca goes over to get her man. Gwen gloats. "This shouldn't take long at all. Whatever secret Theresa is keeping from Ethan won't be a secret much longer." The two women push and pull J.T. to get him out of view of Theresa and Ethan.

Luis calls Fancy again. All he gets is her voice mail. He questions Paloma about everything Fancy said to her.

Fancy lies unconscious on the floor of a mine shaft. Spike picks up her ringing cell phone. "I'm sorry, I'm Fancy, and I can't come to the phone right now, because I'm dead."

Luis has police searching the estate and checking the security cameras for Fancy. He wonders how she got tipped off about the killer in the first place. No one suspects it was James.

The police have gone over the security tapes and combed the grounds. There is no sign of Fancy or the man she was chasing. Sheridan tells Luis to stop shooting those accusing looks at Chris. Luis warns Sheridan that he better not find out Chris had something to do with Fancy's disappearance. Sheridan professes to Chris her belief in his innocence, regardless of how Luis tries to tear him down,.

Luisputs out an A.P.B. for her. In the meantime, he hopes she calls for backup. Luis knows Fancy is in trouble. No matter how many rules she make break, she always followed the cardinal onecheck in. No one has heard a word from her.

Luis can't wait for the search team to find her. He is going out to find her. It was his fault she was involved. He looks at Chris. "So help me, god, if anything happens to her "

Spike checks Fancy's pulse. She is still alive. Spike fondles her unconscious body. It dawns on him that he can't allow her to see him. He grabs her by the legs and drags her off through the mine.

Fancy is bound and blindfolded. She can't see her assailant's face. She calls out. Spike breathes heavily on her face and paws her. He remains silent.

Fancy struggles vainly against her bindings. She yells "What do you want from me?". Spike approaches her again. He plays with her hair. In his mind he answers "You will find out what I want in time." His terrible intent is clear.

Fancy sobs in terror. Spike pulls out a switchblade. He mutters to himself, "There is no prince charming to the rescue for you. More like the prince of darkness."

Next on Passions:
Jared warns Chad about getting caught cheating.
Grace is on the phone and she wants to talk to Ivy.
Spike has a knife to Fancy's throat as she begs him not to hurt her