Tabitha's house shakes as Mount Harmony starts to blow. The former witch encourages her daughter to try and stop it. Endora sends out some blasts but the shaking continues. Eventually it stops and they wonder want to do. Tabs knows how to start a volcano, but has no idea how to stop one. She tells her daughter to forget the rest of Harmony: Soon they'll be trapped like rats in lava. Tabitha thinks: Since the Demon Elf's spell has them trapped inside the house, maybe they can bring someone in to help? They zap Julian and Eve over. They're shocked. "Hello Daddy!" Endora smiles to Julian. Eve's jaw drops. Imagining she is wasted, she swears to Julian that she is clean. Endora tells a confused Julian who she is. "How you've grown!" he remarks. She explains that her powers aren't under control and she's been stuck as a teenager. Julian asks Tabitha if that's normal. Eve wonders if Vincent slipped her some hallucinogens and prays for serenity. Julian tells her it's okay and blankly explains that Endora is his daughter. Tabitha tells them that disaster is heading for Harmony and hopes that she and he can concentrate their parental love on Endora and stabilize her magic. Eve realizes that Tabitha and Julian must have slept together. Tabitha isn't proud. "There were some very strong drinks involved," Julian says. "That's always your excuse," Eve snipes. Tabitha tells them to concentrate and look in the bowl. They can see that the volcano is erupting.

Tabitha and Julian join hands so they can concentrate their parental love. Eve turns away and continues to wonder if she is sober. Endora starts to conjure. It doesn't work. "Thank God that my family are in New Orleans," Eve says. Tabitha gets an idea. They call Eve over to help and tell her to concentrate on her love for her children. "Even Vincent?" Julian asks. "Especially Vincent. He counts as two children," Tabitha says. They join hands and their combined powers cause fire and wind to flow from the bowl. As they are all pushed away, Tabs is sure that this is the end.

In the church basement, Juanita levels her gun at Theresa. "Please don't kill me. I'm a mother," Theresa begs. "That won't help you," Juanita says. She was a mother too but Theresa's mother ended that. She describes how fun it will be to shoot Theresa and then kill all of her family and friends. The church starts to shake. Theresa tells her she doesn't want to do this in a church while God is watching. She asks Juanita to just kill her and let everyone else live. Juanita turns the offer down; everyone already thinks she's dead anyway. Theresa begins praying to Ethan, sure that he will hear her in his heart. Juanita is getting bored with all the whining and is ready to pull the trigger.

Upstairs, Father Lonigan is starting to repeat himself as he performs the service for Gwen and Ethan. Rebecca sighs in relief as it continues but, only a moment later, Little Ethan thinks he has Sam's camcorder fixed. At the altar, Ethan can hear Theresa's voice in his mind. The church begins to shake. Ethan continues hearing Theresa speak to him. He stops the priest from continuing and starts to mumble. Ivy pulls him aside and tells him to stop causing a scene. He insists that Theresa is alive. She says they can talk about ghosts later; right now he has to fulfill his promise to Gwen. She begins feeling his head for a fever and knocking on it to see if he has a brain. Pilar watches and wishes he'd hurry up and choose Gwen or Theresa. Antonio rolls his eyes and wonders if a marriage ever happens without interruptions around here. Rebecca takes a drink from her flask.

Ethan returns to the altar to continue. Gwen hurries the priest along and says her "I do". Ethan follows and the marriage is re-consecrated. They kiss. Rebecca smiles. Pilar is sure that all of Theresa's dreams are now over. Meanwhile, Little Ethan watches Gwen and Rebecca on the camcorder but can't figure out what they are saying. A shot rings out and a scream. "It's Theresa!" Ethan blurts out. Gwen is annoyed. Ethan wants to go to the basement and runs off. Gwen imagines that Theresa is down there setting off fireworks.

Back in the basement, Juanita's gun has exploded in her hand. Theresa offers to help her if she'll stop the bomb. Juanita resets it so it will go off faster. Juanita beats Theresa up and cuffs her to the wall. Before she can run off, all the wedding guests arrive and bar her escape. Ethan spots Theresa and runs to her. She tells him that she loves him, but there's a bomb. They begin making out while Pilar explains that Gertrude was Theresa in disguise. The priest declares this a miracle. Antonio interrupts the lovers and Theresa remembers there is a bomb. Luis suddenly notices that the nun is Juanita. "It took you long enough to recognize me you fool!" she sneers. Sam places her under arrest. "You know what this means?" Luis asks Sam. "That the Harmony police department finally solved their first case?" Rebecca jokes. Juanita vows that this isn't over and tells everyone that they will all die. Pilar sighs, sure she is now safe. Ethan keeps necking with Theresa and she keeps reminding him there is a bomb. He searches for the keys to her cuffs but they are nowhere to be found. Juanita laughs. Ethan says that he will disarm the bomb himself. Gwen tells him he can't do this and they need to leave. Ethan tells everyone to get out but everyone refuses: They would rather die together. Theresa tells them to think of the children. Rebecca offers to save them and runs off. "I'm going to die because of Theresa and on my wedding day!" Gwen groans.

Rebecca gets upstairs and finds Little Ethan fixing the camcorder. She tells him to leave it and that there is a bomb in the basement. He blurts out that he knows his mother is alive. She grabs his hands and tries to drag him out, leaving the camera behind.

Meanwhile, Ethan takes out his pocketknife and begins tinkering with the bomb. He has no idea what he's doing and the wires confuse him. The time quickly runs down. Father Lonigan advises Ethan to trust in God. "God never built a bomb," he says. Juanita cackles. The bomb is defused at the last moment. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Ethan begins caressing Theresa's cheek. Pilar is thrilled that all of her children now have people to love. Gwen reminds Ethan and Theresa that she was just pronounced Ethan's wife. He can't leave her now. "Tell me she's wrong please?" Theresa begs. He can't. Juanita laughs.

Next on Passions:

Theresa begs Ethan to return to her but he refuses to break his vows.

Tabitha cheers on Endora as she tries to stop the volcano from destroying Harmony.

Rebecca and Little Ethan battle for the camcorder.

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