Tabitha and Endora try to get Fluffy in her cage so they can go visit Precious. They feel the earthquake and think it’s the demons in the basement, but then Tabitha realizes it's not and exclaims, “It’s the beginning of the end of Harmony!”

Juanita feels the quake and thinks her bomb has gone off. She revels in the fact that her revenge is taking place and thinks if the bomb doesn’t kill everyone instantly, the building falling on them will do the trick.

At the church, Gwen bemoans the fact that the earthquake is happening right when she’s about to renew her vows to Ethan. She and Rebecca hope it doesn’t trigger another tsunami and Gwen thinks it’s a sign of worse things to come. Gwen watches as Gertrude falls and Ethan runs to her. Gwen thinks the world could be coming to an end and Ethan is going to wind up with Theresa and not her.

As everyone braces themselves, the lights go out in the church. Father Lonigan tells everyone to trust in the Lord and to not be afraid. The earthquake stops and Paloma thinks it worked, as Father Lonigan praises God. Pilar thinks it’s like the end of the world and Fancy tells Luis she hopes it’s not like when she first came to Harmony and the tsunami hit. Gertrude and Ethan talk about how he and Theresa endured the tsunami together and Ethan promises he won’t let anything happen to her.

Ethan and Gwen say they are ready to get married and Theresa thinks this is the moment she loses Ethan forever. Gwen worries that Ethan is drawn to Gertrude even though he doesn’t know she is Theresa. Rebecca tells her not to worry because she will be remarried to Ethan soon and it won’t matter.

Juanita gets upset when the rumbling stops and wonders why all Hell isn’t breaking loose. She hears church bells and can’t understand why the bomb didn’t destroy them. She runs to get a better look and sees that there’s no smoke or flames and realizes that the rumblings wasn’t her bomb and it was just a coincidence. She triggers the detonator again, but there’s still no explosion. She plans to go to the church to reset the bomb before the weddings are over.

Little Ethan sits in a pew with Sam and thinks he should stop things before Gwen becomes his evil stepmother for keeps. Father Lonigan asks if Ethan talked to the person he needed to and Ethan says it wasn’t necessary because he has to accept he’s lost something forever.

Gwen walks down the aisle and thinks she has finally won her battle with Theresa. Ethan thinks he needs to let go of the past and move on from Theresa. Theresa feels like she’s watching her own funeral because without Ethan in her life, she’s dead. Everyone silently states their own opinions on the union of Gwen and Ethan and the ceremony gets underway. Theresa gets too upset and walks out. Rebecca gloats to herself now that Theresa left, Gwen can finally have Ethan. However, Ethan notices that Gertrude has left the room.

As Theresa prays for a way to get Ethan back, Juanita enters the church. Juanita thinks she has to set the bomb to go off before the last wedding is over. Theresa sees her and recognizes her as the nun who told her to go back to the church. She thinks the nun will be able to offer up a way for her to get Ethan back. Juanita goes to find the bomb and Theresa follows her.

Endora thinks the end of Harmony isn’t coming after all, but Tabitha thinks that was just a prelude. She wants to leave Harmony right now and they try to lure Fluffy to her cage again. Fluffy finally gets in and Tabitha prepares to leave. However, Tabitha is unable to open the doors or windows and she says they are trapped! Tabitha thinks it’s the work of the evil boys downstairs and thinks they may have just missed their last chance to escape death and destruction. Endora says she can still use her powers and they go to the bowl to find out what’s going on in Harmony. Tabitha tries, but nothing happens because she isn’t a witch anymore, so Endora summons the bowl to give them answers. When she asks what horrible thing is in store for Harmony the bowl bubbles over with fire. They put it out and look in the bowl and see a volcano – Mt. Harmony, which has been inactive for some time, but with the end coming, the volcano is alive again. Endora asks the bowl who is behind all the destruction to come. She sees a man at a desk with the initials J.Z. who is pulling feathers out of a dead peacock.

As Ethan and Gwen say their vows, Ethan thinks he would do anything to be up there with Theresa, while Gwen happily thinks she will be with Ethan forever. Ivy tells Sam Ethan is doing the right thing and Sam says he hopes so. He just wants Ethan to be happy. Little Ethan thinks Ethan would only be happy with his mom, and then asks Sam why he isn’t recording the ceremony. Sam says the camera is broken and Little Ethan asks to look at it. As Rebecca thinks she and Gwen have gotten away with all their evil deeds because the tape with their confessions on it has been destroyed, Little Ethan fixes the camera and shows it to Sam.

Theresa follows Juanita to the basement of the church and while searching for her, finds the bomb instead. Juanita comes upon her and Theresa begs her to help. Juanita reveals that she knows Gertrude is really Theresa and that she is really Juanita! Juanita pulls a gun on Theresa, who takes off her wig and vows to fight her family’s nemesis!

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