Paloma goes to meet Kay for a last minute touch up before her wedding to Noah, but she opens a door to the guys’ room where Noah and Miguel are half dressed. They explain that they had to switch pants because Noah’s didn’t fit right and then Paloma freaks out because Noah is seeing her in her dress before the ceremony. Noah says it’s not bad luck, but Paloma thinks they are doomed as a couple. Paloma considers calling off the wedding, but Miguel, Kay and Noah convince her otherwise. Noah says if there is any couple who can prove superstition wrong it’s them because they are going to have a wonderful life together. Kay offers to take Paloma to the bride’s room to freshen her makeup and Noah tells her how beautiful she is and reassures her their wedding, honeymoon and life will be perfect.

As Ivy and Rebecca fight, the camera goes flying and Sam discovers that he can’t even turn the camera on. Rebecca is thrilled, but Sam is upset that he lost everything that was on it, including Kay and Miguel’s wedding. Ivy picks up on Rebecca’s glee over destroying the tape and asks what was on it that she didn’t want everyone to see. Rebecca plays dumb, but Ivy and Sam know better.

At the altar, Ethan watches as Gwen walks down the aisle, but all he can think about is talking to Gertrude. Pilar is glad that Theresa isn’t there to witness the wedding, but just then, Gertrude walks in. Ethan sees her and smiles, which Gwen notices. Gwen thinks she’ll kill Theresa if she stops Ethan from marrying her and Ethan announces that they need to stop the ceremony! Father Lonigan asks if Ethan is sure as Gwen gets angry and Pilar panics that Ethan figured out that Gertrude is Theresa. Luis thinks maybe Ethan isn’t able to recommit to Gwen because he’s still in love with a dead Theresa; Sheridan catches Antonio up on what’s happening and thinks Ethan isn’t going to recommit to Gwen; and Father Lonigan thinks to himself, “Even blind I could see this coming.” Ethan finally tells Gwen he can’t do this because their parents aren’t there. Lonigan tells Ethan he has a busy schedule and if he doesn’t move their ceremony along, he might not be able to marry Noah and Paloma. Ethan says they can switch places with Noah and Paloma and Pilar goes to talk to the other couple. Ethan says they’ll see what’s what in a little bit and Gwen says she can’t wait to get married. Ethan says he can’t either, but excuses himself to go talk to Gertrude.

Back in the groom’s room, Noah asks if they are okay and Paloma says their love is stronger than a silly superstition. Pilar enters and tells them what’s happening and they all leave to get Noah and Paloma married. Noah says seeing Paloma before the ceremony wasn’t bad luck at all, because marrying Paloma sooner is a stroke of fortune.

Ethan wonders why he’s so preoccupied with Gertrude when he should be concentrating on Gwen. Theresa gets nervous when she notices that Ethan is headed straight for her. Gwen thinks Theresa better leave before Ethan figures out who Gertrude really is and tells Ethan to go find their parents. Ethan says he doesn’t want to disappoint her and they split up to look for their respective parents.

Gwen finds Rebecca who tells her that they were on tape talking about outing Ethan as a Bennett. Gwen panics that Ethan will find out all the bad things she’s done but Rebecca assures her she destroyed all the proof and they are safe. Gwen is relieved, but wants reassurances that everything bad they’ve done won’t come back to haunt them. Rebecca says she’s positive they’re in the clear and Gwen explains that she and Ethan haven’t gotten married yet. Rebecca thinks she and Ethan will get remarried and Juanita will track down Theresa and her family and Gwen will never have to worry about Theresa again.

Ivy tells Sam that she knows Rebecca is hiding something. They try to figure out why Rebecca was so desperate to erase what was on that tape. Sam thinks they will never know and Ethan walks in the room wondering what they are doing down there. He tells his parents that he stopped the ceremony because he didn’t want to get married without them there. Sam and Ivy ask if that’s the only reason he delayed the ceremony. Ethan admits he’s drawn to Gertrude and shocked, Ivy says she’s Harmony’s answer to Ugly Betty. Ethan says there’s something about her that reminds him of Theresa. Frustrated, Ivy wants to know if Ethan is in love with Gertrude. Ethan isn’t sure, all he knows is he’s drawn to her. Ivy and Sam can’t believe what they’re hearing considering how she looks, but Ethan thinks he’s attracted to her because she reminds him of Theresa. Ivy and Sam think he is just looking for any reason to hold on to Theresa and tell their son he should let her go and move on. Sam asks Ethan if he loves Gwen and Ethan says not the way he loves Theresa. Ethan says he will make good on his word and recommit to Gwen, but that doesn’t mean he will forget about Gertrude. Ethan says he will put his feelings into perspective and then says they should head upstairs to see Noah and Paloma get married.

Ethan leaves and Ivy and Sam discuss what just happened with Ethan, but Ivy is still concerned about Rebecca. She wants to know what’s on the tape that Rebecca doesn’t want them to see.

Pilar talks to Theresa and asks her what she is doing there and Theresa says she came back to pray for a miracle so she can get Ethan back. She says she’s just doing what the nun told her to do. Pilar tells her to wait somewhere else for the nun because watching Ethan and Gwen get married is too much to handle. Theresa sees Antonio and Pilar tells her he’s alive. Theresa gets teary eyed as Pilar explains how he survived the plane explosion. Theresa wants to go to him, but knows she can’t. Theresa then notices he’s with Sheridan and learns they got back together. They marvel at how amazing it is that Sheridan’s love survived believing he was dead. Theresa thinks that’s how her love for Ethan is, but knows that once Ethan recommits to Gwen that’s it for her. She hopes she gets a miracle like Sheridan did.

Noah and Paloma’s wedding begins with Luis walking her down the aisle. Antonio can’t believe Paloma is all grown up and can’t wait to catch up with her. He wishes that Theresa were there and Pilar thinks maybe since he came back from the dead, Theresa could too. Antonio notices that Gertrude looks familiar, but before he can ask too many questions, Pilar directs their attention towards the ceremony. As Noah and Paloma say their vows, Theresa wishes she could be at the altar with Ethan.

Ethan, Sam and Ivy arrive just in time to see Noah kiss the bride. Pilar wishes her sister Maria had lived to see the woman she raised be so happy. Sam can’t believe his wild son settled down, but notes that Paloma was a good influence on him. Ivy thinks true love changes everything and everyone lucky enough to find it. Ethan looks at Gertrude and thinks his true love is dead. He wonders if because Gertrude reminds him so much of Theresa that they are one in the same to him. Pilar tells Theresa to stop staring at Ethan because it could have deadly consequences for their family. Theresa just wants to be a family with Ethan and their kids and Pilar thinks in time Theresa will find another man to love. Theresa says she loved Jared and Fox, but she never loved them the way she loves Ethan. She says Gwen is the reason she’s not with Ethan, not Juanita.

Noah and Paloma are married and everyone stands and claps, just as an earthquake hits!

Next on Passions:

Juanita declares, “I will not let Pilar’s family live to see dawn!”

Theresa sees the bomb.

At the church, Paloma says something bad is happening, while elsewhere, Tabitha says, “It’s the beginning of the end of Harmony!”