At Tabitha's, the Demon Elf does battle with Endora. He zaps her forcefield as she worries that her powers will soon give way and they will be reduced to atoms. He continues to threaten revenge on Tabitha for betraying the Dark Side and having appalling taste. The forcefield collapses. Endora cries to her mother. "Say goodbye to earth!" the elf cackles. Tabitha tries standing up to him, threatening him with the strength of her motherly love. He zaps her and she collapses. Endora cries at her mother's side. The demon tells her to come with him to the Dark Side and fulfill her destiny... or die. "I want to be a good witch," Endora protests. "No one messes with my mother!" she yells, zapping the demon against the door. Tabs revives as the demon screams. Tabitha repeats to her daughter that she loves her and this gives her an energy boost. The young witch manages to send the demon back to Hell before falling down to the floor. Tabitha cradles her, feeling like a burden for being unable to protect her. "You are my Mommy! You'll never be a burden," the young witch says.

At the church, Pilar is amazed to see that her son Antonio has come back to her, alive and well. "It's a miracle!" Father Lonigan declares. Luis is perplexed. Antonio explains how he was kept captive and escaped. Ivy thinks this should be on tape and sends Sam off to get his camcorder. "God is good," Pilar proclaims. They just wish Theresa was here to see this. Antonio is perplexed. They explain that Theresa is dead. He never heard anything about it on TV. Crane publicity kept it quiet, Sheridan says. Luis tells him how she was eaten by sharks. Pilar continues hugging her son and asks the priest if they can have a mass of thanks for him.

By the water, Juanita's henchman is eager to get out of town before the bomb explodes. Juanita, still disguised as a nun, tells him to shut up and stop worrying. He's surprised she is taking such unnecessary risks. She threatens him. He's paranoid and tells her to stop staring at Gertrude. Juanita can't shake the feeling that she knows her. "Someone that ugly! I think you'd remember if you met her," he says. Juanita tries to figure it out.

Ethan wanders by the docks searching for Gertrude. He walks to her as she babbles to herself about how this is Fate returning him to her. She quickly changes her mind, deciding that this is too dangerous. She hides. Ethan wanders over to Juanita and asks her if she's seen Gertrude. He decides that he could really use advice from a nun and pulls up a chair to tell her all about his love affair with Theresa and how they were fated to be together. Juanita smirks while he talks about Theresa's death. She tells him that it is not okay for him to leave Gwen for Theresa; he needs to return to Gwen and beg God's forgiveness for thinking of betraying her. He says that she's right and walks off.

Gertrude has been eavesdropping on the entire conversation from behind a door. "Goodbye Ethan," she says sadly. She walks out and Juanita tells her that a man was looking for. "I'm letting go of him so he can move on with his life," she says. Theresa pulls up a chair and sits down, ready to tell the nun her secrets. As she talks, Juanita flashes back to meeting Theresa. As Gertrude babbles, Juanita suddenly figures it out and gasps. Gertrude asks if she's okay. "I feel like a wish has finally been granted," Juanita smiles: Now she can kill Theresa personally. She tells Gertrude to go to the church right now and pray. "Gertie can't do that!" Gertrude says. The nun tells her not to turn her back on God and offers to meet her there. As Gertrude runs off, Juanita takes out her detonator and laughs.

Back at the church, Sheridan and Luis are thrilled to see Antonio back. They hug and laugh in disbelief. Fancy spots them and becomes furious. She runs to them, pushing them apart and accusing her aunt of trying to steal Luis again. He tells her she has it all wrong: Antonio is back and he and Sheridan might get back together. "I think we're going to be very happy together," Sheridan smiles. Antonio walks over and kisses her. Pilar doesn't think the day could get any better. Fancy and Sheridan trade apologies. Ethan walks in and is stunned to see Antonio. The priest comes out and tells Ethan that the explanations will have to wait. He calls Ethan over and he begins talking about the woman he was searching for. Lonigan stops him and sends someone off to get Gwen.

In the rectory, Rebecca is checking for responses to her personal ad. As she flips through the photos, she deletes the younger men. "Playing Mrs. Robinson these days will get you thrown in the slammer," she remarks glumly. Gwen is infuriated and worries. Rebecca tells her she's gorgeous and reassures her that Ethan must be waiting in the chapel for her. Gwen still finds it hard to believe that she may have actually won against Theresa. Rebecca tells her that deceitfulness and treachery always win in the end. "That's how this country was built," she says perkily. She recounts their crimes again before noticing Sam's camera and deciding to return it to him. As she walks into the hall and rewinds it, she discovers that it's recorded everything she's said. Becca gasps. Sam runs up. "I need my camera," he declares. He explains that it's been running; he can't figure out how it works. She offers to rewind it for him and runs off. He chases behind her as Gwen walks out. Wondering where her mother is, she tries calling her but gets voice mail.

Sam chases Rebecca down. She reminds him that she knows how to use a camera and asks him if he'd like to make a little movie they can release on the internet. He wrestles with her and she kisses him. Ivy rushes in and demands answers. "She grabbed me," Sam says. Ivy doesn't doubt it. Rebecca ignores her and fumbles with the camera. They wonder if she is drunker than usual and demand the camera back. They hear the wedding music start. Ivy threatens her and they start wrestling over the camera. It soon flies out of their hands and lands across the room. Rebecca smiles, sure that it's broken and she will be safe.

Sheridan goes to get Gwen in the rectory. She explains everything that's just happened. She has been wrong about the man she loved. What she had for Luis was an unhealthy obsession; she's really in love with Antonio and he's alive and well. Gwen is shocked. Sheridan explains that he is the man she is destined to be with... she'll give it a chance anyway. Gwen is thrilled for her and hopes they can both be happy. "I'm going to re-marry Ethan. Nothing can stop me," she smiles. They rush off.

Ethan stands in the chapel, wondering where everyone has vanished to. Father Lonigan wonders why he doesn't seem more enthusiastic about the ceremony. He offers to delay it. Ethan won't do that to Gwen - he wants to make her happy forever. Everyone starts to file in and the ceremony pushes ahead. Ethan tells the priest that he is sure this is the right thing to do. Part of him still wishes he had the chance to talk to Gertrude though. Gwen begins to walk down the aisle.

Next on Passions:

Rebecca tells Gwen about the camera recording everything they said.

Kay tries to stop Noah from seeing Paloma before the wedding. "Our marriage is doomed!" Paloma declares.

Sam and Ivy are baffled when Ethan tells them about his feelings for Gertrude.

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