Kay continues to defend herself to Sam, Ivy and Fancy, but Ivy insists Kay is the murderer. Kay starts to panic wondering how she will get out of the situation since she thinks Tabitha is dead. Ivy accuses Kay of killing Fox while Kay accuses Ivy of killing Tabitha. Ivy tells Kay all her magic talk won't get her out of this jam and tells Sam to arrest Kay. Sam regretfully tells his daughter that Ivy is right, he can't ignore the evidence and reads Kay her rights. Ivy tells Sam to put the handcuffs on tight and Sam tells Ivy to be quiet because the situation is hard enough without her sniping. Ivy is undeterred and continues to needle Kay. The women go back and forth over Tabitha and Fox, as someone secretly watches them.

As Ivy orders Sam to put handcuffs on Kay, Tabitha enters the room. Kay is overjoyed and Ivy, stunned, asks, "You're alive?" Tabitha notes Ivy's amazing powers of observation and Kay questions her about what happened. Tabitha quietly tells Kay she just barely managed to get out of the bag before Ivy stepped on her. Kay explains that Sam is hauling her of to jail, but Tabitha does nothing to stop that from happening. Kay chastises her for not appearing sooner in order to help her out, but Tabitha plays dumb saying she doesn't know what she's talking about. Sam interrupts them saying he needs to take Kay to the police station. Tabitha tells him she needs to talk to Kay alone first.

Tabitha takes Kay into the hallway and Kay asks why she isn't helping to clear her name. Tab berates her for telling people about witchcraft and then reminds her they have to be evil to get Miguel and Endora back. Kay can't believe Tabitha would let Kay go to jail to make that happen. Tabitha offers to clear Kay's name if she'll allow Tabitha to continue her evil ways and make a conscious decision to do evil. Tabitha says, either she goes to jail for murders she didn't commit or she allows Tabitha to do evil things to people in Harmony. Kay doesn't know what to do and Tabitha reminds her that jail is an unpleasant place to be and that she could end up in the electric chair. Kay doesn't think Tabitha would let her die, but Tabitha says she would if it meant she got Endora back.

Ivy is furious that Sam isn't taking Kay down to the station and that she's taking so much time talking to Tabitha. Sam tells her he will give his daughter as much time as she needs. Fancy and Sam discuss how they can't believe Kay could be a suspect and then the subject of Halloween comes up. Ivy suddenly realizes that they haven't heard the doorbell ring with trick or treaters. Curious, she looks out the window and doesn't see any children in the neighborhood, but she does see real ghosts.

Kay overhears Ivy's shock at seeing ghosts and wonders what they'll do now. Tabitha says she was unable to cancel her annual Halloween party and that ghosts, ghouls, goblins, zombies and a vampire or two are planning to attend. Kay tells her to do something fast, but Tab doesn't want to cancel her party at the last minute.

Ivy is rattled by the sight of ghosts, but Fancy tells her it's Halloween -- of course she's seeing ghosts. Ivy insists they weren't kids dressed up like ghosts, they were real. Sam and Fancy go the kitchen to get her a glass of water and Ivy tries to convince herself that she's just seeing trick or treaters, as two ghosts enter the living room. Ivy faints at the sight of them and falls to the floor as Tab and Kay enter the room. Kay asks how they are going to get out of this and tells Tabitha to do something. Tabitha kicks Ivy, saying she's wanted to do that for years. She kicks her again and tells Kay to give her a shot. Kay gets in on the action, but then says they have to do something constructive. Tabitha tells the ghosts they have to leave and that the party is off. While Tabitha is talking to the ghosts, Ivy wakes up and yells for Sam and Fancy to come back and see them. The ghosts start to hover around Ivy and she yells for Sam, as she cowers on the floor. Sam and Fancy reenter the room, but the ghosts have left. Ivy jumps up from the floor clearly rattled and tells Fancy and Sam about the real ghosts she saw. Ivy insists the ghosts were real, but Sam and Fancy don't believe her. Sam tells her he'll forgive her for what she said about Kay because the stress is clearly getting to her. After Ivy calms down, Sam tells Kay he has to take her downtown. Kay turns to Tabitha who reminds her of their deal.

At the hospital, Gwen tells Eve to leave the ER because her son could die because of her. Julian asks what is going on and Ethan tells them that the dosage prescribed was wrong and it could kill Jonathan. Eve wants to help Jonathan, but Gwen stops her. Eve defends herself and says that she wrote the correct dosage for an infant. Vincent lurks in the hallway, pleased that Eve is being blamed, as she continues to defend herself. Gwen tells Eve she will have her arrested if Jonathan dies and tells her to leave. Eve insists it was a mistake, that she prescribed the correct medication. Rebecca and Gwen order her to leave and Julian agrees that they should go and leads Eve out of the ER.

Vincent watches the scene and asks himself why he wasted so much time attacking people himself, since his grandfather's way of manipulation is much more fun.

After Eve leaves, Gwen breaks down and turns to Ethan for support. As she cries for their son, Ethan holds her and starts to pray. Theresa tries to go to Ethan, but Rebecca stops her telling her that she needs to stay away from him. Theresa says she's going to be there for the man she loves, but Rebecca reminds her that Pilar has told her to give him up. Theresa tells Rebecca that she's going to Ethan and there's nothing she can do to stop her. "Wanna bet?" Rebecca responds. Theresa tells her that fate wants her to be with Ethan and that's what is going to happen. Rebecca warns that she knows something that will keep her away from Ethan and she will use it.

The doctor comes out and tells Gwen and Ethan that she doesn't have good news. It seems Jonathan received an overdose of acetaminophen and that it could be dangerous. Gwen is furious saying the baby was fine before they brought him to the ER. Ethan insists he wasn't fine and they were being responsible parents by bringing him in. The doctor backs Ethan up saying his chart indicated he had a dangerously high fever and they will try to figure out what caused it. As the doctor goes back to Jonathan's room, Theresa thanks her. Gwen tells Theresa to stay out of it and tells Ethan if anything happens to Jonathan, "It's Eve's fault."

Eve and Julian go back to Eve's office and she defends herself to him. Julian reminds her about the prescription she messed up for her other patient, but Eve says she didn't screw up this time. Eve accuses him of not believing her, but Julian assures her he does. He tells her to stay in the office and he'll go back to the ER to see if there's been any change. She agrees to stay put and he leaves.

Eve wonders what she'll do and heads over to her desk and pulls out a bottle of booze. Before she opens it, she decides it's a bad idea, but then hears Vincent's voice. Vincent enters the room and Eve says he's a figment of her imagination, but Vincent insists he's real and puts her hand on his chest. He tells her it's his heart beating and it felt just like that before he fell off the cliff. Eve cries and says he's not real - he's dead. Vincent insists he's real and Eve goes for the bottle and takes a drink. Eve closes her eyes and says when "I open my eyes you will be gone." When she does, Vincent isn't there and she thinks it was just an illusion. Vincent suddenly comes up behind her, scaring her and lashes out at her for being a bad mother and doctor. Vincent tells Eve that Jonathan will die because of her. Eve clings to the bottle and cries. She insists that he isn't there and that he's dead, but Vincent continues to taunt her about abandoning him when he was a baby and that her other children and husband left her because she's a bad person. He tells her that she's a bad doctor and that she's unqualified and insecure. Vincent then tells her that Jonathan will die because she was drinking and wrote the wrong prescription. Eve continues to drink as he berates her over Jonathan. Eve cries, "What have I done?" Eve tells Vincent she'll never get past the death of a child and that she's a bad person and doesn't deserve to live. Vincent picks up a scalpel and tells Eve to do something positive. He tells her to atone for her crimes by killing herself before she causes more pain to the people she loves.

Julian goes back to the ER and asks about Jonathan. Ethan updates him and Julian says Eve feels terrible. Gwen says she should, but Julian tells her they don't really know what happened yet. Rebecca gets in on the blame game saying Eve is a disaster and recounts her history with her drunk driving and that her children have all left her. Gwen tells Julian that if anything happens to Jonathan she will prove Eve is responsible and will send her to jail. Julian looks to Ethan for support, but Ethan tells Julian he should leave. Julian says he hopes the child pulls through and walks away. As Julian leaves the ER he says to himself, "Eve what have you done?" He fears if Jonathan doesn't make it, Eve's life will be over.

Rebecca and Theresa have another run in where Rebecca tells Theresa to give Ethan up or it will be the biggest and last mistake of her life. She reminds her of Pilar's nasty secret and says if she doesn't give up Ethan, "Everybody will know what your mother did and if her secret comes out you and your entire family will be caput."

The doctor comes back out and tells Gwen and Ethan "I'm so sorry."

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Ethan asks, "Are you saying our son is dead?"

Eve cuts her wrist with the scalpel.

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