Using her PDA, Fancy receives confirmation that the fingerprints found on the headboard and that poisoned Jake belong to Kay. Esme and Fancy can't figure out why Kay would do this, but Esme gets an idea and leaves the room. She comes back in a Sherlock Holmes costume that her and Jake planned to eventually use. With her cap and pipe, Esme recounts that Kay's sweater fibers were found on Fox's window, Pete's catnip was found in Kay's purse and Kay's fingerprints were found on the headboard. Esme wants to know what Kay could have against her and demands that Fancy put Kay in jail because her love life is suffering. Fancy tells her to take off the costume and is more concerned with how she will tell Sam that his daughter is a crazed killer. Fancy calls to have the coroner come to the crime scene as Esme sits by Jake's body and reflects on their time together. Esme won't let this latest death deter her though, as she wants to go out and have a drink to celebrate. Fancy can't understand what she could have to celebrate and Esme explains that she's off the hook for Jake's murder. Viki suddenly comes in the room and women try to shoo her out of before she sees Jake. They're too late and Viki sees him and silently screams. Esme consoles her niece and tries to act motherly. Fancy excuses herself so she can go tell Sam the news of Jake and of Kay's fingerprints. Fancy asks Esme to do the HPD a favor and "Sleep alone!" Esme is horrified by this suggestion as Fancy leaves.

After Jake's body has been removed, Viki and Esme return to the room. Esme is clearly unfazed by the whole incident, as she pours herself a drink and talks about scary movies and what used to scare her as a child. Viki cries and Esme tries to console her. Viki whispers something to Esme about wanting her mom and dad and Esme gently explains that her parents have died. Viki just sits there expressionless. Esme tells her not to worry and tells Viki that they are a family now. Esme promises her that she isn't going anywhere and hugs her, as Viki still sits expressionless. Esme reassures Viki that everything will be okay. She realizes that Viki is having no reaction to the news and thinks she is in shock. Esme tells her that even though she wasn't close with Viki's mother they loved each other very much and she promises to love and protect her now. She pulls Viki into another hug and says, "We have each other and that's all that matters." To this Viki smiles.

Over at Tabitha's, Kay continues to battle with the witch in the bag, as Sam and Ivy watch. Sam thinks she's under a lot of stress, but Ivy says it's the "Stress of being a serial killer." Sam tells her to shut it, but Ivy insists Kay is a killer. Sam of course defends his daughter, as Kay continues to flip out in the room talking to and fighting with the bag. Ivy remarks that her act will certainly land her in the loony bin, but Sam says he needs to do something. They grab Kay and Ivy takes the bag and stomps on it. Blood spurts out and Kay drops to the floor, clutches the bag and says "Ivy stomped her to death! Oh my God you killed her!" Kay sits on the floor crying and talking about Tabitha. Ivy marvels that Kay really thinks Tabitha is in the bag and wonders if Kay is nuts or just a consummate actress. Ivy tells Kay her crazy act isn't going to work and that Tabitha couldn't fit in the bag. Kay insists that Tabitha was in the bag because Kay was the one to put her in there. Sam is worried for his daughter and tells her to calm down. Kay starts to talk about Endora and Miguel and how she was trying to curb Tabitha's urge to go to the dark side. Sam just looks at her in concern and disbelief. Ivy accuses her of talking about witchcraft and the dark side to pretend like she's crazy to get out of going to jail for murder. Kay turns around and accuses Ivy of killing Tabitha and then talks about how Tabitha wanted her to be evil, but she couldn't be. Sam wants to know what she's talking about and Kay says "love," but that Tabitha didn't know how to handle it, so she went back to her evil ways when the downstairs boys threatened her. Ivy gets fed up with Kay and Sam tells her to let him handle his daughter his own way. Ivy wants Kay to confess, as the doorbell rings.

Ivy opens the door to Fancy as Sam tells Kay he wants to get her some professional help. Kay is surprised by his suggestions. Sam says he understands that she's under lot of stress since her husband was killed and that he hopes that she didn't have anything to do with it. Kay can't believe he's saying this and Sam says all evidence point to her. Kay cries as Fancy walks in and tells Sam there's been another murder. Sam is shocked to learn that one of his best cops has been killed. Fancy tells him that Esme was with Jake when he was died. Sam wants to bring her in for questioning, but Fancy tells him that Esme is not the murderer. Fancy tells him that she found fingerprints that the killer left behind. Kay just sits there thinking, "Here it comes," as Fancy, says the fingerprints are Kay's. Ivy remarks that Julian was right - Kay did kill Fox. Kay talks to the bag and Fancy wonders why she's doing that. They all listen as Kay asks Tabitha why she would set her up and Ivy tells Sam to arrest Kay for killing her son. Ivy and Sam fight and he again asks Fancy if she's sure the prints are Kay's. Fancy confirms this and Kay insists she didn't kill anyone. Sam tells her that fingerprints don't lie. Kay tries to tell them about Tabitha's powers, but they don't believe her. Kay cries that now that Tabitha is dead she will never get out of this situation.

In her office, Eve tells Julian she needs to get to the ER to check on Jonathan. Julian tells her she already prescribed his medication and that she should stay and have something to eat, worried that she's been drinking. Eve says she's not drunk, but Julian tells her he can smell the alcohol and someone else might be able to as well. He's worried she could lose her medical license, but Eve assures him that nothing will go wrong. Julian pleads with her to rethink this as she smells of liquor, but Eve insists she's fine. Julian thinks going to the ER will add to her stress and she should let another doctor handle Jonathan. Eve says she's fine and that hearing Vincent's voice is what drove her to drink in the first place. Julian convinces her to eat some clam chowder and says that she shouldn't go back to the ER where people will be able to smell liquor on her breath. Eve agrees and thinks that the medication she prescribed for the baby is working and that he'll be okay in no time.

Julian has gone out for coffee and when he comes back, Eve says that she keeps thinking about Vincent. She tells him that she knows he's dead, but she keeps seeing and hearing him. Eve thinks maybe she really is crazy, but Julian assures her she's not. Julian tells her they should get out of town so she can clear her head. Eve thinks it's a good idea and Julian suggests going to Italy to stay at a farmhouse in Tuscany. Eve thinks it's a great idea, but needs to wait until Jonathan is doing better. Julian asks if she's okay to finish her shift and Eve assures him she is, saying that she finished her soup and will drink her coffee. Eve heads out to the ER to make sure the medication she prescribed for Jonathan has brought his fever down.

In the ER, the nurse gives Jonathan his medication, as Vincent watches and flashes back to him altering the prescription. The nurse checks the baby and sees that medication isn't working like it was supposed to and notes that something is wrong. Vincent, who's watching from the hallway, is pleased that his plan to frame Eve for Jonathan's death seems to working and thinks to himself, "Poor mommy, I think everybody will hate you."

As they wait for news on Jonathan, Rebecca warns Gwen that if something happens to her son, Theresa will swoop in with news of her own son with Ethan. Gwen continues to insist to Rebecca that Jonathan is fine and that she doesn't need advice on him or how to handle Theresa. She says she wants to take her son home and Rebecca tells her to get her head out of the sand, as they watch Theresa and Ethan together. Rebecca worries that Theresa is telling Ethan the truth and warns Gwen that Theresa will ruin all their plans.

Ethan urges Theresa to tell him what she's been keeping from him and she tells him that the news will make him feel better. Theresa says she's been waiting for this moment for a long time and Ethan says if it's good news he can't wait to hear it. As Theresa is about to tell him about their son, a beeper goes off and a nurse runs out of Jonathan's room yelling, "Code Blue!" They all run in to check on Jonathan and Vincent peeks his head around the corner and says, "Let the games begin."

The ER team works to save Jonathan. The nurse gives the ER doctor the prescription that Eve wrote and the doctor says the dose is all wrong and that it's more than enough to kill a baby. Gwen yells out, "Oh my God! Oh my God!" Ethan and Gwen want to know what is going on and the doctor tells them to ask Dr. Russell. The nurse ushers them out and Gwen asks Ethan if their baby is going to be ok as Ethan embraces her.

As Ethan tries to calm Gwen down, Theresa tries to run to him. Rebecca blocks her and tells her to leave them alone.

Eve runs into the ER and Gwen slaps her. Eve is shocked and asks why she did that. Gwen tells her, "My son could die because of you." Vincent watches from afar and remarks that it's all going downhill for his mommy.

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Eve tells Julian that if anything happens to Jonathan "It's all my fault."

The nurse doesn't have good news for Gwen and Ethan.

Kay seemingly sees Tabitha and Ivy says, "You're alive?"

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