As Jake lay dying, Esme tries to get through to 911, but suddenly runs over to Jake and feels for a pulse. She doesn't find one and asks, "Why does this always happen to me?"

Kay looks in the magic bowl and tries to undo Tabitha's spell before Fancy sees Luis and Sheridan kissing. Fancy walks in the motel room and says "Oh My God!" Kay yells at Tabitha (who is still in the bag) about setting Fancy up in hopes of getting Miguel and Endora back. Kay puts ice into the bowl to freeze the action and it works. Kay notes that Fancy hasn't seen Luis and Sheridan yet. She zaps another spell, which relocates Luis and Sheridan to Sheridan's house. They're a little confused, as the last thing they remember is being at the motel. Kay is pleased with the success of her spell, but wonders where Fancy has gone.

Fancy literally drops in on Esme and Jake and Esme fills her in and asks, "Why do all my dates end up dead?" Fancy wants to know what Esme did to him, as she finds the whip. Esme describes their S&M scene and tells Fancy what exactly happened. Esme assures her friend that she didn't kill Jake and asks Fancy if she thinks she did. Fancy says no and Esme asks if she thinks Jake was murdered. Fancy says, "Well, your last two men were!" Esme wonders who would kill him. Fancy tells her friend that she doesn't believe that she killed Jake or any of the other men who have died. Fancy goes into cop mode and says she's going to tape off the room and do a clean sweep of the place to look for proof that Esme didn't kill Jake.

Kay continues to be pleased with herself for stopping Fancy from seeing Luis and Sheridan, but Tabitha is upset. Kay says there must be another way to get their loved ones back, but she has to figure it out. As she's talking to the bag Tabitha is in, Ivy and Sam walk in. After Kay and Ivy snipe at each other, Sam says he got the test results back on the blood and that it doesn't look good for her. Sam says the blood in the kitchen proved to be human. Kay says it must be hers, but Sam tells her it isn't and that the lab is testing it to find out who it does belong to. Sam goes to the kitchen to look for more clues and drags a sniping Ivy with him. Kay yells at Tabitha for setting her up and tells her to do something so she doesn't go to jail. Tabitha responds by zapping the magic bowl. Kay goes to look at it and sees Sheridan and Luis fighting.

Sheridan and Luis discuss Spike and Marty. Luis wants to go after Spike since he didn't live up to his end of the bargain, but Sheridan says it's not his fault that Fancy screwed everything up. Luis defends Fancy, saying it's not her fault. Sheridan again blames him for not believing her about their son. They go another few rounds and Sheridan feels Tabitha's spell kick in. She suddenly relents and tells Luis that it's no one's fault and that it's just the situation. Luis is surprised that she's done an about face, but is grateful for it and tells her that he's going to find Fancy. He turns to leave and trips over a box that they haven't seen before and they decide to open it up.

Kay sees what's happening at the cottage and tells Tabitha she knows that she is behind the box and asks what she's up to. Kay wants to know what she's doing with Luis and Sheridan now. Tabitha doesn't tell her and Kay says she's going to make the trunk disappear. Before she can cast a spell, Sam and Ivy return to the living room. Sam tells her they didn't find anything, but that he has some questions for her. Kay asks if they can do this later and Ivy cattily asks if that means Kay is planning on leaving town. Sam yells at Ivy and tells her to let him do his job. Sam asks Kay if she's sure she doesn't know where Tabitha, Endora and Miguel are. Ivy says, "Translation - do you know where you buried them?" She continues to rail against Kay and Sam tells her to stop it and drags her out of the room. Kay then looks into the bowl and sees Fancy with Esme. She asks Tabitha what she's up to and Tabitha responds by sending another spell Fancy's way.

Fancy continues to look for clues and sees the metal object that pierced Jake. Fancy thinks maybe it was poisoned and wants to run some tests. She looks under the bed and is affected by Tab's spell. She gets up and suddenly finds fresh fingerprints on the headboard. She asks Esme if they grabbed the headboard during their romp, and Esme says no, they had other things to hold on to. Fancy realizes that if they aren't hers or Jake's, they could be the killer's.

Kay wonders why she is watching the crime scene and thinks maybe it could have something to do with the dead cop. She also realizes that Tabitha is blocking the image of Sheridan and Luis so she can't do anything about it.

Sheridan and Luis look through the box, which contains old photographs of them and Sheridan finds the red rose he gave her on their first date. She then finds a compartment in the box and they decide to open it up. Sheridan pulls out the veil she wore for their commitment ceremony in Mexico. She puts it on and Luis remarks that she looks as beautiful as did that day. Feeling the spell, he recalls that they had something special and the two passionately kiss.

Fancy runs a test on the fingerprints and finds out that they belong to Kay. Kay sees this through the bowl and lashes out at Tabitha. She picks up the bag and fights with it as Ivy and Sam watch from the hallway. They don't understand what she's doing, but Ivy says it proves she's guilty as sin.

Julian brings Eve coffee in her office and Eve talks about her guilt over Vincent and how she was the one who outed him as the killer. Eve tells Julian she regrets what happened with him but that she won't let it control her or her future. Vincent listens at the door in doctor's scrubs and plots against his mother.

Theresa and Ethan rush into the ER and give Jonathan to a nurse who says she'll page Dr. Russell. Gwen insists he will be fine and that everyone is overreacting. Ethan and Theresa worry about the baby together, as Gwen thinks to herself, that Johathan better be fine. Rebecca enters the ER and Gwen tells her that everyone has overreacted to the situation. The only thing Rebecca cares about though is that Gwen is allowing Theresa to console Ethan over her son. Eve comes out to tell everyone that she got the fever down to 102, but it's still too high. Eve tells them she will keep them posted, but looks worried. Ethan asks for reassurances, but all she can tell them is that a high fever is dangerous, especially in an infant and tells them that it doesn't hurt to pray. Ethan panics and Theresa suggests they pray.

Vincent, still in scrubs and face mask, peeks his head around the corner and says out loud that Ethan shouldn't worry, because after Jonathan dies he will have one son left and that he is going to frame Eve for the baby's death. Julian comes up behind him and says, "Excuse me son."

Rebecca continues to chastise Gwen for letting Theresa console Ethan and tells her that if anything happens to Jonathan Theresa will cheer him up by telling him he has another son with her. Gwen reminds her mother that Theresa won't say anything because of Pilar. Rebecca isn't so convinced considering that Alistair's threats didn't faze her, so why would Gwen's? Rebecca tries to get through to Gwen saying that if Jonathan dies, Theresa will be right there for Ethan with a ready made son. Gwen yells at her to not make her worry about Theresa or her little boy.

Theresa continues to be there for Ethan and tells him that Jonathan will be okay. Ethan thanks her for her support and then wants to change the subject for some distraction. He brings up what she wanted to tell him earlier about his son, but Theresa says they should wait until Jonathan gets better. Ethan wants her to tell him now. Theresa tells him it's a little complicated and Ethan asks if it's good news. She says yes, but she needs to tell him from the beginning so he understands. After more prodding, Theresa asks Ethan to promise he won't be angry with her. When he does, Theresa agrees to tell him.

The nurse tells Eve that nothing is working with Jonathan and Eve tells her to continue what she's doing. She goes into the hall and calls Julian away before he can see that he's talking to Vincent. They go into another room and Eve tells Julian that Jonathan isn't responding to treatment. Julian assures her that she can help him, but Eve has doubts recalling the patient she almost killed by giving him the wrong medication. Vincent sneaks up in the hallway and thinks to himself that Eve will make a fatal mistake. Julian notes that Eve seems so fragile and Eve recounts her error with the patient. As they head back to Eve's office, Julian reassures her that she can do it considering she hasn't been drinking and that the staff is there to help her. Eve thanks him for his support and Julian tells her that he loves her. He tells Eve he'll get her something to eat and leaves her.

Vincent skulks in the hallway, as Eve sits in her office thinking how good it is that she didn't slip up. She suddenly hears Vincent talking to her. She yells out that Vincent is dead, but hears Vincent ask for her help. Eve takes out a bottle of alcohol from her desk drawer and takes a drink. Vincent hangs out in the hallway with the recording device he was playing for Eve, pleased with how his plan is progressing and marvels that Eve has no idea how bad things will get. Eve collects herself and decides she doesn't need to drink and recounts all the guilt she has felt over Vincent. She realizes that it wasn't her fault and that even though she couldn't help Vincent, she can help Jonathan, but first she needs to keep her wits about her. Eve gets a call from the nurse who says Jonathan's fever is still above 100 and asks if she should use the IV she prescribed. Eve says yes.

Vincent overhears Eve and the nurse's conversation and goes into Jonathan's room. Vincent picks up the baby's chart and messes with it, saying the prescription won't help his fever, it'll end his life. Vincent hides as the nurse comes back, still talking to Eve. They discuss how the IV will change the baby's life and Vincent says to himself, "Drinking on the job. Dead babies. I hope mommy's insurance is paid up."

Julian comes back to Eve's office and realizes she was drinking. Eve says she couldn't help it because she heard Vincent again. Julian says he's dead. Eve says she knows this but she heard his voice clear as day. Julian tells her she needs to find a better way to deal with her guilt and reminds her that she's on duty - what if she messed up someone's mediation? She says she didn't and wants to go to Jonathan's room to check on him. Julian asks her what if people found out she was drinking? Eve says she prescribed Jonathan's medication before she took a drink and that he will be fine.

The nurse injects Jonathan's IV with medication and Vincent says the mediation will bring his fever down forever and that Eve will end up in the gutter.

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Gwen says, "My son could die because of you!" and slaps Eve as Vincent peers from around the corner saying to himself, "Let the games begin."

Fancy wonders how she'll tell Sam his daughter is the killer.

Kay accuses someone of killing "her."

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