In the church, Pilar is stunned to hear Ivy's assumption that Kay killed Tabitha, Endora and Miguel. Pilar tells her she sounds desperate, but Ivy insists that Kay killed Fox. She tells Pilar that a fiber from her sweater was found at the crime scene. Pilar asks why Kay would kill Fox and Ivy tells her for the money. Pilar is still unconvinced and thinks that Miguel is fine, but Ivy goes on to tell her about Pete and how the catnip was found in Kay's purse. Pilar is stunned to know that all of this was going on and Ivy tells her there's more and fills her in on the blood found on the kitchen floor. Pilar doesn't believe that Kay could be a serial killer, but Ivy insists that she is. Ivy reminds Pilar how obsessed Kay was with Miguel and how she helped sabotage her own parents marriage. Pilar retorts, "Have you forgotten who she helped?" Ivy says the point is Kay took her side over her own mother's. Pilar defends her, but Ivy says Kay is selfish, self-absorbed and doesn't care who she hurts to get what she wants. Pilar still doesn't buy that Kay killed Fox, but Ivy says that she should know better than anyone else that certain circumstances can make people do horrible things. Pilar is offended by this statement and says what happened with her was an accident. Ivy apologizes but thinks that Kay is capable of being driven to murder. Ivy again says Pilar should understand, but Pilar says she thought her secret was in the past and that she can't even go back to Mexico. Ivy wants to know how her secret was revealed and again denies she was the one to spill. Pilar says she knows that Ivy didn't do it, but Ivy wants to know how someone found out. Pilar says she hasn't figured that out yet, but her secret isn't a secret anymore and she must do what the blackmailers tell her to do or there will be bloodshed. Ivy wants to know who is blackmailing her and promises she will keep her secret. Pilar tells her she doesn't want her to get in the middle of it. Ivy understands but wants to know what they are demanding from her. Pilar relents and tells Ivy that the blackmailer wants her to get Theresa to give up on the man of her dreams. Ivy asks, "You're being blackmailed to make Theresa give up on Ethan?" Ivy figures out that Gwen and Rebecca are the ones blackmailing her and can't understand how they found out about her secret. Pilar doesn't know and doesn't even think they have they have the whole story. Ivy wonders if they will make good on their threat and Pilar says definitely, they will have her family killed if Theresa doesn't give up Ethan. Ivy says she's so sorry, but Pilar wonders if she truly is since she never wanted Ethan to be with Theresa is the first place. Ivy insists she wouldn't have wanted any of this for Pilar.

In the motel, Fancy tells Sheridan she understands why she would be so concerned about the little boy she saw and it's because of Marty. Fancy tells her she understands how she must feel since losing Marty and that hearing anything about a little boy must stir up feelings about her own son and hearing that he got away must be even worse. Sheridan says yes, that's it, she's just worried about the little boy being treated ok. Sheridan cries and Luis says Marty is a painful subject for both of them. Sheridan breaks down and Luis holds her. Fancy says she'll leave them alone and as she exits thinks that the pain of losing someone you love never stops and the wounds never heal.

At Tabitha's, Kay talks to the Timmy doll and hears it say "Free me Kay." Kay thinks its Miguel and asks about the magic bowl of water he was telling Noah and Paloma about. Kay suddenly realizes that Miguel didn't know about the bowl of water and figures out that the voice isn't Miguel after all. Kay questions the doll and Timmy turns into the brown paper bag that Tabitha is stuck in. Kay asks why Tabitha would want Noah and Paloma to know their secrets after all the extremes she's gone to keep her indentity as a witch a secret. Kay tells her that she needs to find Miguel and Endora or she will spend the rest of her life in prison. From the bag, Tabitha zaps Kay into an orange prison jumpsuit. Kay tells her it isn't funny and remarks that she doesn't look good in orange and Tabitha zaps her back to normal clothes. Kay tells her if she'll be good she'll zap her out of the bag because she needs to prove that Tab is alive and because she is her alibi for Miguel and Endora. Tabitha doesn't obey and makes the magic bowl appear for Kay to see.

Fancy goes into the hall and thinks that she doesn't need to worry about Luis and Sheridan because Luis loves her and only her. Tabitha zaps Fancy and she suddenly thinks she should go back into the room to check on them. Luis and Sheridan are also zapped and they start to kiss.

Kay looks in the bowl and sees Luis and Sheridan kissing. Kay threatens Tabitha so she'll change the spell, but Tabitha won't budge. Kay looks back at the bowl and sees Luis undressing Sheridan and Fancy walking back to the room. Kay tries to think of a spell to undo Tabitha's evilness, but sees that Fancy is right at their door. Kay comes up with a spell to stop Fancy, but Fancy opens the door anyway and says, "Oh my God."

Esme and Jake are dressed up in beach gear in her bedroom and make out. Jake says he's never met a woman like her and she asks, "You mean my trick jaw?" He says that and that she's so much fun. Esme asks if he's ready for their next sexcapade and goes to change. Jake wants to know if they are going to be doctor and patient this time, but Esme tells him to put that on the list and comes out with a whip and says it's time she whipped him into shape, as the mystery person watches them.

Esme and Jake have changed into S&M gear and Jake lies on his stomach on the floor as Esme stands over him and playfully whips him. Esme tells him to roll over and gets on top of him. They start to kiss and the mystery person comes in the room and puts a poisoned sharp metal object in the bed, unbeknownst to them. They continue to play mistress and submissive, as Esme lets Jake stand up . She asks if he's ready to hurt and Jake says, "Make me squeal like the pig that I am." Esme tells him to lie on the bed and as he does, he just misses the poisoned metal spike. Esme gets on top of him and his arm gets impaled with the poison. Jake says it hurts and Esme says it's supposed to, thinking he's just role-playing. Jake is in serious pain, but Esme is oblivious to it. He starts to choke and Esme says, "You're really good at this. I'd think you were really in pain if I didn't know better." Jake grabs her and says, "Help me. I can't breathe." Esme finally realizes that he's not joking and freaks out that he could be dying. Esme panics and eventually tries to call 911, but can't figure out the number. Jake sees the mystery person and whispers, "You. You killed the others" as the person in the hallway shakes his head in agreement and Jake asks "Why?"

Theresa tells Gwen to stop threatening her mother and to stop using the baby to take Ethan away from her. Gwen tells Theresa she will die if the truth comes out and to face it, "It's over." Ethan comes in and asks what's over, Gwen says "You and Theresa, that's what." When Ethan questions this statement, Gwen says he misunderstood and that she meant that all the bad blood is over between them and they can all find happiness. Ethan is happy to think that Gwen and Theresa are getting along, as Theresa and Gwen cattily trade veiled barbs about how they feel about each other. Gwen asks if Ethan was able to get Jonathan to sleep and Ethan says yes, but they should keep a close eye on him. Gwen says he's fine, goes to leave and tells Theresa from the bottom of her heart she meant everything she said.

After Gwen leaves, Ethan of course thinks the women are getting along and is thrilled. Theresa knows better, but plays along anyway. Ethan thanks Theresa for being so great about Jonathan and Theresa starts to tell him about "his son." Ethan recalls that she wanted to say something earlier before Little Ethan interrupted them and Theresa tells him to sit down because it might take awhile. They sit on the bed and Theresa prepares to spill all. Theresa tells Ethan that she's wanted to tell him this for a really long time, but she always gets interrupted. She tells him she will just keep talking this time until he understands. Ethan tells her that he's all ears and she prepares to tell him the whole story from start to finish so he doesn't take it the wrong way. She says it's about his son and Ethan says, "My son Jonathan", but Theresa says no. Ethan is confused and just as Theresa is about to tell him about Little E, Gwen walks in with Jonathan and says he's a little warm and that she'll give him a bath. Ethan suggests the fever reducer, but Gwen thinks they're overreacting. She goes to the bathroom and Theresa suggests Ethan call the doctor. Ethan goes to tell Gwen he's going to call the doctor and Theresa thinks out loud that she will eventually tell Ethan about their son but wonders what will happen if she does.

Ethan comes out of the bathroom with Jonathan and wonders why Gwen is so opposed to calling a doctor. Ethan gives the baby to Theresa so he can argue with Gwen. Theresa takes the baby's temperature and reveals that it's 105. Ethan says they are taking him to the hospital now! Theresa and Ethan head out with the baby and Gwen says to herself that she will not lose Jonathan because of Theresa because he's her life and her last chance with Ethan.

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