Kay listens unnoticed as Timmy tells Noah and Paloma about the magic bowl of water. They don't understand what he's trying to say and Noah doesn't understand why they are talking to a doll. As Paloma wonders where they can find a magic bowl of water, Noah asks if Timmy means a toilet bowl. Timmy stops talking and Paloma says they should start looking for this bowl in the kitchen. As they head for the other room, Kay steps in front of them and wants to know what they are doing there. Noah says he knows they shouldn't be there, but tells her what just happened and then Paloma and Noah go to look for the bowl of water.

After Noah and Paloma go to the kitchen, Kay panics as she fears they will discover Tabitha's house is a secret haven for witches. She also worries that her brother will figure out she's a witch and they will think she's a devil worshipper or something. She tries to remember where she last saw the bowl and realizes it was in the kitchen. Kay tries to summon it to her, but doesn't get the results she was hoping for. After a few tries the bowl appears to her, but plays games with her by slipping out of her reach. She follows the bowl around the room in an effort to grab it. As it dangles over her head, Kay jumps up for it, just as Noah and Paloma return. They look at her strangely and ask what she's doing.

In the church, Ivy and Pilar discuss how awful it will be if everyone finds out Pilar's secret. Pilar tells Ivy that she has always hoped she could keep this evil at bay, but her efforts were not enough. Ivy wonders how this happened and Pilar says she's not sure because there were only a couple people who knew the truth - and Ivy is one of them. Ivy tells her that while she did know her secret, she swears that she never told anyone. Ivy assures Pilar that she understood the gravity of the situation and that if she told she would have put the Lopez-Fitzgerald family in grave danger. Pilar is still suspicious as she tells Ivy that they are not friends and her word doesn't mean much. Ivy tells her that they were friends once upon a time and that Pilar and Sam were the only ones who knew what she was really like back then. She reminds Pilar that they told each other their secrets in the past and Ivy swears she never told anyone about Pilar's.

At the motel, Luis comes back to the room after looking for Fancy. He's upset because he can't find her and Sheridan tells him that Fancy is a trained police officer and can take care of herself. Luis says no one is immune to the element of surprise and wants to call for backup. Sheridan stops him from doing so in fear of everyone finding out about Marty. Luis says if anything happens to Fancy, he'll never forgive himself. Sheridan tells him that if anything has happened to her, it's Fancy's fault. Luis doesn't appreciate Sheridan's comments and tells her to put her animosity on the back burner. Luis berates himself for not telling Fancy what was really happening and that's why she walked into the motel unprepared. Sheridan insists that he not tell her what's really going on and Luis suddenly hears a noise in the other room.

Luis opens the door to find an unconscious and tied up Fancy. He tries to revive her and realizes she has been chloroformed. He blames himself, but Sheridan tells him that she shouldn't have been there in the first place and goes on to blame Fancy for them not finding their son. Luis tells her to have some compassion for Fancy because she's hurt. Sheridan tells him that nothing is more important than finding Marty and that includes Fancy.

At the mansion, Theresa walks up on Ethan and Gwen taking care of their baby and remains adamant that she won't let anyone take Ethan away from her. She thinks if she doesn't tell Ethan the truth, Gwen will use baby Jonathan to take Ethan away from her and she won't let that happen. Theresa interrupts the family moment and tells Ethan that there's something very important she needs to talk to him about. Theresa says it's about Little Ethan, but then Jonathan starts to cry, interrupting her. Theresa notices towels laying around and asks about them. Ethan tells her about Jonathan's fever and how they gave him a bath and Theresa asks if he's okay. Gwen jumps on the defensive and says he's fine. Theresa notices that Jonathan sounds fussy, but Gwen insists there's nothing wrong with the baby. Theresa says she has an over the counter fever reducer they could give him, but Gwen doesn't want anything to do with it. Ethan says it's a great idea and then asks what Theresa wanted to talk about. Before she can answer, Gwen remarks that Theresa is a great mother and asks if she got her parenting instincts from Pilar. Theresa says yes and Gwen snidely suggests that she should always do exactly as her mother tells her. Theresa tells her there comes a time when you have to do your own thing and that's what she's going to do.

***DirecTV had a malfunction and started showing a Halloween movie in the middle of Passions. It played for a couple minutes before returning to the action in Harmony***

Alone in the room together, Theresa asks Gwen if she knows why Pilar had an about face regarding her and Ethan being together. Gwen says Pilar just knows what everybody else in town knows, that's she's no good. Theresa tells her nemesis that she will tell Ethan the truth about their son and that there's nothing she can do about it. Gwen tells her that if she does tell Ethan, then Theresa will be signing death warrants for her whole family. Theresa says for someone who supposedly doesn't know who is pressuring her mother, Gwen sure knows an awful lot. Gwen says she's not admitting anything and Theresa tells her that she won't let her win and she will have Ethan. Gwen tells her that if Theresa doesn't do as her mother tells her, her family will die and that it's over. Ethan walks in and asks, "What's over?"

Fancy wakes up and wants to know what's going on. Luis tells her that he has something to tell her. Sheridan mouths the word "No" to Luis and Luis relents telling Fancy that they only found her purse in the hallway. He tells her she was chloroformed and Fancy recalls being grabbed and someone putting a rag over her nose and mouth. She remembers that before she closed her eyes she saw someone in the room. When Luis questions her, Fancy says she thinks she saw a little boy. Sheridan asks what he looked like and Fancy says he was about 7 years old with brown hair. Sheridan urgently asks where the little boy is now, as Sheridan looks confused. Sheridan grills Fancy about the little boy, but all Fancy remembers is that he was led into a car and driven off. Sheridan breaks down and Fancy asks why she's so upset about a little boy. Luis says he has something to tell her, but Sheridan interrupts him. Fancy then says she understands why Sheridan is so upset and why she would want to know about this little boy, "It's Marty" she says.

Ivy tells Pilar there must be something they can do, but Pilar says she always knew there would be a price to pay. Ivy believes they can do something ,but Pilar says only God is powerful enough to stop the evil. Ivy tells Pilar that she is there for her and will help any way she can. Ivy says she misses Pilar and Pilar tells her that she misses the Ivy she used to be. Ivy admits she deserves that and recalls how close they used to be before she married Julian. Ivy suggests maybe they can be close again and Pilar says she'd like that. Pilar tells her that even though they disagreed about things in the past, she always wanted what was best for her. Ivy thanks her for the condolence card she sent for Fox and Pilar says she knows what it's like to lose a son. They commiserate over their losses and then Ivy brings up Miguel. Pilar doesn't know what she's talking about and Ivy tells her that Miguel has disappeared and no one knows where he is. Pilar doesn't understand and Ivy says he hasn't been seen since Fox was murdered. Pilar asks if Ivy thinks Miguel killed Fox and Ivy says she did at first, but now she thinks Tabitha, Endora and Miguel might be dead and that Kay is the one who killed them.

Kay tells Noah and Paloma that she doesn't believe that Timmy can talk. When they insist it's true, Kay comes up with a story about the real Timmy and how Tabitha thought he was cute and funny and created a doll with to say cute things through a voice recording in order to make money, but when Timmy passed away, she couldn't go through with it and put the doll in the attic. Noah tells her that the doll is not making cute little phrases - he's communicating with them. Kay keeps trying to dissuade them from believing it, but Paloma urges the doll to talk to them. Kay zaps the doll so it'll say "My name is Timmy." Paloma is frustrated that the doll is not saying anything about Miguel and Endora and Kay just shrugs, happy to let them believe it's a harmless recording. The doll keeps repeating, "My name is Timmy" and Kay zaps it again to make it sound as if it's starting to wear out. Paloma is disappointed , but Noah thinks they just imagined everything. Noah asks if Kay thinks they are nuts for talking to a doll and Kay says she always knew he was a little nuts. Noah and Paloma decide to leave and Kay sits down exhausted form all the lying. The Timmy doll starts to talk and says, "Kay it's me. Help me." Kay goes to the doll and asks, "Miguel are you in there?"

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Ivy asks Pilar, "You're being blackmailed to keep Theresa away from Ethan?

Theresa tells Gwen and Ethan that Jonathan has a 105 temperature.

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