In the living room, Paloma urges the Timmy doll to speak so he can let her know what has happened to Miguel and Endora. Noah walks in and says maybe the doll never spoke and they imagined it because there were a lot of crazy things happening in the attic. Paloma turns to the doll and questions whether or not Timmy did speak to them. They discuss what happened in the attic and Noah thinks Timmy didn't speak, but Paloma believes he did. They remember all the crazy things that happened in the attic and Paloma thinks they have to figure out what's up with the doll. Paloma says that it seemed so real to her, but Noah says that dolls don't talk. Just then they hear static coming form the doll. They can't figure out what the doll is trying to say and Paloma asks Timmy where Miguel and Endora are. Noah thinks maybe they should take a break from it and Paloma thinks they are so close to finding out the truth. Noah says they really aren't that close to finding Miguel and Endora's whereabouts because they are talking to a DOLL. Paloma takes it seriously though and Noah tires to reason with her. He suggests they leave and Paloma agrees but wants to figure out how to find Miguel so he can clear his name regarding killing Fox. She doesn't understand how he could walk away from Kay and his daughter and then tells Noah how she hated her family when she first came to Harmony. She goes on to explain how she came to understand Pilar though and realizes that she didn't have the money to raise her. She tells Noah that she loves her family now and that she needs to find Miguel. As they start to leave the room, Timmy's eyes open up.

At the church, Ivy walks up to Fox's casket and brings him her favorite flowers because she wasn't sure what his were. She asks out loud why they always fought and then goes into a tirade about Kay and how awful she was, but that she never thought she'd kill Fox. Kay walks in and Ivy angrily asks what she's doing there. Kay reminds her that she was married to Fox and mentions that she has brought his favorite flowers. Ivy accuses her of killing Fox and tells Kay that everyday she has left on this earth she promises will be filled with misery. Kay defends herself and asks what possible reason she would have to kill Fox. Kay tries to leave, but Ivy stops her and says, "I will kill you with my bare hands" and slaps Kay to the ground. Kay lies bleeding on the floor next to the casket and says that Ivy spilt her lip. Ivy retorts that her head is next. Kay says she understands Ivy is grieving and will go home and pretend this never happened. Ivy pretends to be sorry, but then attacks her with flowers and the women physically fight over Fox's casket. Throughout their struggle, Kay throws Ivy to the floor and Ivy takes Kay's legs out, dropping her to the ground as well. They get up and continue to throw accusations at each other while circling Fox's casket. They get into an all out brawl and knock the casket over. The women can't believe the casket fell over and Ivy says it's a sign, "Fox is accusing you from the grave." They discuss how to get the casket back on the altar and they try to lift it together. Ivy says it's too heavy and Kay says, 'He did gain some weight at the end." Ivy doesn't appreciate this statement, but they eventually get the casket back to where it was. Kay reiterates that she didn't kill Fox, but Ivy still doesn't buy it. As Kay starts to leave she tells Fox's casket that she will be that the funeral. Ivy says, "Oh, Hell no!" and attacks Kay again.

In the Crane Kitchen, Theresa and Pilar continue to argue and Theresa asks her mother how she can expect her to live a life without love. Pilar says she can find someone else, someone better. Theresa says there is no one else and recounts how many years Pilar waited for Martin to return to her and lived a loveless life. Pilar says she loved, but Theresa says she lived like a widow and was lonely. Theresa asks if that is what she wants for her. Pilar says she loves her children and worked hard for them, but there is an evil threat out there that she needs to protect her family from. Theresa wants to know who she's afraid of and Pilar tells her to do what she asks and give up Ethan. She then tells her daughter if Ethan is truly the only man for her then she must prepare for a life without love. Theresa questions Pilar on why she didn't fight harder for Martin or try to see Paloma in Mexico. Pilar says she didn't have the means to, but Theresa tells her she once overheard Ivy say that she could use the Crane jet to find Martin, but she never did. Pilar says she wanted to use the jet, but with Ivy there's always a catch and that she would have held it over her head forever. Theresa still doesn't understand and asks if Pilar ever wanted to see Paloma. Pilar says of course, that she thought about her every single day. Theresa continues to question why Pilar never went to Mexico to see Paloma or fight for Martin and Pilar tells her to stop talking about Mexico that it doesn't exist for her. Theresa can't understand because Pilar always talked about how beautiful it was and then she realizes that the secret has something to do with Mexico. Pilar tells her to stop trying to figure things out and that there's nothing she needs to know. Theresa can't believe that she would ask her to sacrifice her happiness and not tell her why. Pilar says she wants her to be happy, but that won't happen with the true evil knocking at their door. Theresa pleads with her mother to tell her who is after them, but Pilar can't. Theresa explains that she has always tried to live up to Pilar's expectations, even if she has failed, but this request is too hard for her to fulfill. Pilar says she's stronger than she thinks and that when tested, people often surprise themselves. Pilar says if she could tell her the secret she would, but for now Theresa must give Ethan up and once she makes the break it will be easier. Theresa is incensed by this statement, but Pilar says she wouldn't ask her to sacrifice if it wasn't important. Pilar talks about how hard it was for her when Martin left, but she learned to cope. Theresa asked if that's what she wants for her daughter, to live like a widow, but Pilar keeps saying it's for the family. Pilar has had enough and wants to leave. Before she does, she tells her daughter that if she doesn't give up Ethan she will kill them all. As Pilar leaves Theresa wonders what is going on and what it has to do with Mexico.

As Ivy and Kay continue to brawl, Pilar walks in and demands they stop fighting in church. Ivy throws another punch and it lands on Pilar. Pilar chastises both women and tells Kay to go home. Ivy tires to explain, but Pilar asks her to leave her alone. Ivy leaves and Pilar kneels to pray. Ivy realizes she left her purse behind and goes back to get it. Pilar says out lout that she's sorry for what happened all those years ago, but the secret has come back to haunt her. Ivy overhears and gasps, saying, "Oh God Pilar, please don't tell me that someone knows your secret." Ivy is concerned for Pilar, but Pilar says there's nothing she can do about it now, but if it goes any further her life and the life of her loved ones will be over. Ivy embraces Pilar as she cries.

Back at Tabitha's, Timmy makes noises again and Paloma and Noah return to the room. Paloma thinks he's saying something, but Noah thinks it's just wishful thinking. The doll suddenly says Miguel and Endora's names. Even Noah hears it this time, but thinks maybe there's metal in the doll's head and that it's receiving a frequency or something. Noah can't understand how the doll can be talking, but Paloma doesn't care how, she just wants to find her brother. The doll then says, "Miguel is protecting Endora and they need help." Paloma questions the doll, but Noah doesn't think Timmy can hear them. Timmy then says, "Mamic." Paloma doesn't understand what he's saying, but then realizes he's saying "Magic" and "Bowl of water." They try to make sense of it and wonder how they can find Endora and Miguel with a magic bowl of water, just as Kay walks in and overhears.

Still in the kitchen, Theresa wonders out loud how she will be able to live without Ethan and without hope. She doesn't know what to do and goes to look at photos of her, Ethan and Little Ethan. She says she can't live her life without Ethan and that there can't be anything dangerous about love.

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Luis holds a passed out Fancy as Sheridan tells him that nothing is more important than finding Marty, not even Fancy.

Theresa tells Gwen that she has love on her side.

Ivy tells Pilar that Tabitha, Endora and Miguel might be dead.

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