Esme and Jake go to Esme's room and continue their interlude after getting kicked out of the Book Café for their behavior. While they flirt and banter, Esme suddenly breaks down and tells Jake to leave because they can never see each other again. As Esme cries, Jake asks what he did to upset her. He tells her that she will be in his dreams for the rest of his life and she says that dreams last, but his life is almost over. She tells him that every man she gets close to ends up dead, but he says he already knows that since he was assigned to follow her. Esme tells Jake that there were others before Fox and Pete who have died after being with her. After she details their deaths, Jake says they sound like accidents, but Esme still thinks she's a jinx. Jake tells her she's incredible and that she makes him feel alive, but she insists she's a like a black widow. Jake tells her that he feels perfectly safe and Esme is all too happy to pick up where they left off. As they kiss, a black-gloved hand opens the bedroom door to watch them. Esme offers Jake a beer and pulls one out of the mini fridge she has by her bed. As they have a drink, they discuss their favorite fictional characters and Esme says there are things in her closet they can have fun with.

After Jake and Esme go to check out her goodie closet, the gloved hand pours something into Jake's drink.

Jake comes back in the room without his shirt on and says "That girl is going to be the death of me," as he picks up his drink. Esme comes out in a cowgirl outfit and tells Jake to get changed into his costume. Jake puts his glass down and goes to get dressed. Esme lays on the bed as the stalker watches through the cracked open door. Esme goes to take a drink of her wine, but decides to have a sip of Jake's beer instead and picks up the glass that's been drugged. Jake comes out in a leather vest and chaps and tries to throw a lasso over Esme, but spills the beer in the process. Jake picks Esme up and puts her on the bed. They play up their cowboy/girl roles and begin to get it on as they are watched from the hallway. They continue their romp as the gloved person sees the spilled beer and closes the door.

At the motel, Sheridan yells at Luis that they missed Marty because they were arguing with Fancy. She tells him he's the reason she lost her son again and slaps him. Luis asks why she's so sure that Marty was even in the room. She shows him the shirt with his name on in, but Luis tells her it could have been planted. Sheridan accuses him of not even wanting Marty to have been there because it would mean that he screwed up. She again blames Fancy and his preoccupation with her for them missing their son. Luis says they should put their energy into looking for clues and Sheridan asks him why he always doubts her and brings up Beth again. Sheridan continues to lay a guilt trip on him for allowing Alistair to take Marty and hold him prisoner for so long. She tells him that he's always complaining about how his father abandoned him as a child, but Luis is a worse father than Martin ever was. Luis says that was a cheap shot, but Sheridan says he deserves it because he doesn't give a damn about their son. Luis says he's nothing like his father and they should try to find their son instead of argue. Sheridan just continues to blame Luis for not following Spike's instructions when Fancy barged in and for not shooting Beth when he had a chance to years ago. Sheridan tells him that she can't count on him for anything and tells him to stay the hell away from her, "I don't want you to help me find Marty because you will just screw things up." Luis tells her to take it back, but Sheridan remains firm that she's going to find Marty alone. Luis tells her that he wants to find Marty as much as she does, but that he doesn't trust Spike like she does. He offers alternative solutions to finding their son, but Sheridan shuts him down. She tells him that she will never listen to him again because it always results in her losing her son. She tells him to go find his whiny girlfriend and she leaves the room.

Luis follows her out into the hallway and they talk about Fancy and their past and Sheridan tells Luis to go to Fancy and be happy. He tells Sheridan he won't leave her because he's as committed to finding Marty as she is. She asks if he really thinks Fancy would leave him if she finds out he's been lying to her. Luis can't believe she'd ask that considering she's involved, but Sheridan thinks that Fancy is too insecure. Luis suddenly realizes that Fancy is missing and Sheridan thinks maybe Fancy found the person who took Marty. Luis tells her they should spilt up so they can search the motel and find Fancy.

Sheridan ends up in one of the rooms, but finds it empty. Luis comes in and they discuss how Fancy wouldn't just leave without saying anything. They spilt up again and search the motel. They meet up again in the hallway and Luis finds Fancy's purse and notes that it looks like it was ripped from her shoulder. He calls out for Fancy because he thinks she's in trouble.

At the Crane Mansion, Ethan adamantly tells Gwen that their baby has a temperature and they need to call a doctor. She tells him he's fine, but Ethan continues to argue the point. Gwen tells him that she knows better than anyone what her son needs and he doesn't need a doctor. Gwen tells Ethan Jonathan doesn't have a fever, he's just warm. Ethan wants to take him to a doctor just in case, but Gwen says he just needs a tepid bath. Gwen convinces him to lay off the doctor issue and they go to give the little guy a bath.

They come back from giving their son a bath and Ethan says he's sorry he overreacted. Gwen says that it's hard for her as a first time mom because she feels like everyone is judging her. Gwen says she doesn't like Theresa lurking around because she feels like she's second-guessing her. Ethan says he understands that she's under a lot of pressure and is sorry that he overreacted. Gwen says that their son is fine and has no fever and they discus show much they love Jonathan. Gwen says she thought he would be angry with her for not telling him about their son and he would want nothing to do with them. Ethan can't believe she would think that and that even thought he's going to be with Theresa it doesn't mean he doesn't love Jonathan. Ethan takes Jonathan in his arms and Gwen thinks to herself that it's the end for him and Theresa for good. They start to talk about parenting and Ethan says how good a mother Pilar is. Gwen decides it's the perfect time to get some dirt on Pilar's secret and questions him about what he knows on her past. He tells her what you see is what you get with Pilar, that she worked hard for what she has and that he has a ton of respect for her. Gwen thinks, "If you knew what I knew you'd rethink that statement." Gwen asks about Pilar's family in Mexico and Ethan wonders why she's asking all these questions. She just says she's curious and Ethan talks about how Pilar helped to raise him because Ivy wasn't such a great mother. He recounts a story about how wonderful she was to him as a child and says she's one of the greatest people he knows. Gwen thinks to herself that something happened to her in Mexico and she's not quite the saint Ethan thins she is. Ethan says Pilar is the most truthful person he knows. Gwen asks if he thinks she could ever keep a secret and Ethan says there's no way she would because she's too honest of a person.

In the kitchen, Theresa and Pilar argue over Pilar's insistence that Theresa break up with Ethan. Pilar tells her that everything she does is for the love of her children and Theresa demands that she explain her actions. Pilar tells her she's protecting her and her babies and there's a price to pay and it's Ethan. Theresa tells her mother that no one, not Alistair and not even her will keep her away from the man that she loves. Pilar says there are other good men out there and that maybe she's just blinded by her life long obsession with Ethan and that she could find someone else. Theresa is outraged and asks her how she can ask her to give up the one man who completes her. Pilar says she wouldn't ask if it weren't important and Theresa says, "Then Gwen has won, Mama. I've lost Ethan forever." As they continue to argue, Theresa thinks Pilar is making everything up because she has always told her to tell the truth and wants to know what's turned her into a liar. She asks if it's Gwen and how she got the advantage over her. Pilar says it's not Gwen she's afraid of, but she can't say who it is. Theresa says she reminds her of Ivy right now, with her "do as I say , not as I do" attitude. Pilar just looks terrified and remains silent. Theresa says that she always told her they could fight their enemies as a family and asks her to be honest with her so she can help her now. Theresa asks Pilar to trust in the power of family, but that she has to tell her what is going on. Pilar tells her that she doesn't have to give her reasons for what she's done because she is her mother and that she must leave Ethan. Theresa accuses her of not caring about her feelings and Pilar says she right, because feelings don't matter when the stakes are so high. Pilar says she's protecting their family from being destroyed and Theresa says Alistair is the most evil person in the world, but he doesn't want to wipe out their family. Pilar responds by saying there is someone worse than him and he won't stop until they are all under ground. Theresa badgers her mother to tell the truth, but Pilar won't budge. Theresa tells her that she has to think about her own children and what's best for them. She says that they need their father and nothing will keep her from the man that she loves. Pilar grabs Theresa and yells at her saying that she's being selfish and that Pilar is just trying to protect their family. She desperately tells her daughter if she continues to see Ethan "You will kill us all."

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Theresa asks Pilar, "How can you sentence me to a life without love?"

Ivy says, "I'll kill you with my bear hands" and slaps Kay.

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