Noah and Paloma enjoy their attic interlude as the bed floats above the floor with a little help of the severed hand. Suddenly the hand vanishes and the bed drops. Winds whip around and black shadow like creatures enter the room. The creatures quickly disappear and Noah and Paloma are a little creeped out, as they try to understand what just happened. They decide to get dressed and Noah thinks maybe they just dreamt all the creepy stuff, but Paloma wants to know when the dream started, before the bed, or the mirror or the shadows? Noah says the bed stuff was definitely real, but maybe the strawberries they ate had too much sugar in them. He recalls that Tabitha once told his father that weird stuff happened in the house because it was on a fault line. Noah and Paloma decide to get back to finding evidence that will clear Miguel and Kay and suddenly hear static and a faint voice. They can't understand what the person is saying, but Paloma makes out the word "Help." Noah thinks the noise is coming from a chest and opens it up. He looks inside and says, "My God, it's Timmy." Noah picks up the Timmy doll and they discuss how Tabitha never got over Timmy's death and the doll being wrapped up so lovingly in the blanket proves it. Suddenly noises come from the doll and they think Timmy is talking to them. Paloma thinks she heard the word "help" again, but can't understand what else it's saying. She hears it again and Noah thinks maybe it has something to do with Miguel. Paloma thinks they have to do something because Miguel and Endora's lives could depend on it. They hear the doll say, "Endora and Miguel need help." They try to talk to the doll to get more answers, but don't get anything concrete.

In the Crane kitchen, Ethan wants to know why he and Theresa can't be together. Ethan asks if Alistair is threatening Pilar and Theresa says no. Ethan says she's gone against her mother before so why is this time so different. He then asks if it's about his son. Theresa says yes, but Ethan doesn't understand what he has to do with it. Theresa just tells him she doesn't understand either and is confused as to why Pilar would lie to her about Gwen. Ethan tells her she's a grown woman now and even though she worships the ground Pilar walks on, she needs to make her own decisions. Theresa thinks he's right and if Pilar could lie to her, then she should be able to run own her life. Theresa says it's time she tell him about his first born son and how he relates to them and their future together. Ethan wants to know how his son could affect their future and Theresa tries to explain, but Little Ethan comes in the kitchen looking upset. When they ask him what's wrong he says it's sports day at school tomorrow and all his friends are bringing their dads, but Julian says he's too busy at work. Theresa tells him that Uncle Luis would probably take him to sports day, but Ethan volunteers for the job. He tells Little E that just because he has his own son now, doesn't mean he won't be a part of his life. Little E says, " I wish you were my real dad." And Ethan says, "I wish I were too." Ethan decides to leave Theresa and Little E alone so they can have a little time together. Theresa says she still needs to tell him something, but he says another time.

Pilar follows Gwen up to her room and Gwen threatens her again. Pilar tells Gwen she tried to get Theresa to give up on Ethan, but she's stubborn and if Theresa goes against her wishes, she can't hold it against Pilar. Gwen says of course she can, that's what blackmail is all about. Pilar says if her secret comes out her and Rebecca will end up dead as well. Gwen thinks she's just being dramatic like in the telenovelas and that she's just saying that as a scare tactic. Pilar stands by her claims that it will affect Gwen, her mother and her son. Gwen thinks she's talking about Alistair being the threat, but Pilar tells Gwen that it involves evil far worse than him. Gwen still thinks she's being overly dramatic, but Pilar tells her that an evil will descend upon Harmony if her secret is let out and that it will affect Gwen's family too. Pilar looks to Jonathan who is in his crib and notices that he is running a high fever and thinks they should call the doctor. When Gwen hesitates, Pilar tells her she needs to get her son help. Gwen says her son is fine and Pilar is incensed that she won't take care of him. Gwen agrees that he's a little warm, but maybe it's because he has too many blankets on him. Gwen says she can take care of her son by herself and the conversation turns back to Theresa. When Gwen threatens Pilar again, Ethan walks in and asks what's going on? Gwen wants to know how long he's been standing here and he says, "Long enough to know you've been lying to me." When he says he thought everything was fine between them and asks what they were talking about, Pilar says nothing is wrong. Ethan says he trusts Pilar and expects the truth from her, but Pilar remains firm that there's nothing to worry about. He relents, but asks why Theresa thinks Gwen is blackmailing her. Pilar says she doesn't know and makes excuses to leave the room. Gwen thinks to herself that Ethan will come back to her and they will be a family with Jonathan.

Back in the kitchen, Theresa offers her son a snack but he says no and tells his mother that he doesn't think his dad loves him at all and wishes Julian could more like Uncle Ethan. Theresa says his father loves him very much and the way Julian is acting has nothing to do with him. She thinks to herself that Julian knows he's not the father and that soon she, Little E, Jane and Ethan will be a family whether Pilar likes it or not. Theresa tells Little E that Julian has a lot on his mind right now considering that Fox has died and maybe he's just not as thoughtful as he usually is because it's hard for him to look at Little E and not think about losing his other son. Little E says that what she said helped make him feel better and he wishes he could do the same for his dad. Theresa says for him to remember his father in his prayers and sends him off to bed. After her son leaves, Theresa says out loud that she's sorry, but she will go against her mother and be a family with Ethan.

Still upstairs, Ethan worries about Pilar because the last time she was this upset it was over the rare blood disease. Gwen thinks it's all Theresa's fault because she's a drama queen. Ethan defends Theresa, but Gwen sticks to her guns about Theresa being dramatic. Ethan says there's something Theresa isn't telling him and Gwen tries to dissuade him from thinking Theresa has a secret. When he continues to try and figure out what it could be, Gwen tells him there's no logic with Theresa and Ethan says he doesn't want any secrets because it's not a good way to start a marriage. Ethan's attention goes to their son and he notices Jonathan has a fever. When he wants to get help, Gwen says he does not need a doctor.

Theresa makes a call to the school to let them know Little E will be bringing his uncle Ethan with him to sports day. Pilar walks in and overhears and asks if she told Ethan the truth. Theresa says, not yet, but she will tell him and there's nothing she can do to stop her. Theresa asks her mother why she wants her to stay away from Ethan. Pilar says she knows what's best and she should listen to her. Theresa says it's not best for anyone and that Little E needs his real father. Pilar forbids her from telling Ethan. Theresa says she's not a child anymore and asks what's so important that she would take Gwen's side over hers. Pilar says she's on her side, but Theresa doesn't believe her. Pilar says it may not be best for her, but it is for the best. Theresa says "You need to tell me the real reason you want me to stay away form Ethan." Pilar says she's married to Alistair and Little E is his adopted son. Theresa retorts that it should be about what is best for her children and that isn't it. Pilar says she wants what's best for her children and grandchildren and that she will never let Theresa be with Ethan - EVER!

In the no-tell motel, Fancy demands Luis tell her what's going on. He says it's complicated, but she says either he fess up or they are through. When Fancy asks why he went out in the hallway earlier, Sheridan pulls him aside to rehash why he can't tell Fancy the truth. Fancy again tells Luis to tell her what the deal is or she is out of his life forever. Fancy and Luis go back and forth and Fancy says she can't go through what she did with Noah and Mia again with all the neediness and secrecy. Sheridan tells Luis they agreed that they would tell Fancy about the situation when the time is right and now is not that time. Luis says Fancy deserves to know the truth and maybe Sheridan should wait out in the hall so they can talk alone. Sheridan doesn't want to leave and Fancy wants to know why she's so worried about leaving them alone. Sheridan says Fancy has wasted enough of their time and Luis knows it. Luis tells her to give them a few minutes alone so he can explain everything to Fancy and Sheridan grabs her clothes and leaves in a huff.

Sheridan goes out in the hallway and thinks to herself that if Fancy learns the truth, Fancy and Luis will get back together before they can find Marty, and she won't have it. As Sheridan eavesdrops on Luis and Fancy, a blue gym ball rolls towards her with the name Marty written on it. Sheridan calls out Marty's name and goes running down the hallway. Sheridan tries to open other doors in the motel searching for her son and finds a room that is unlocked. She goes into the room and finds a red shirt with the name Marty written on it. She looks around the room calling out his name. When she can't find him, she starts to break down and cry and screams out his name.

Once alone, Fancy asks Luis what's going on because he tells her he loves her one minute and then she finds him in bed with Sheridan the next. Luis tells her he meant what he said at headquarters, "Fancy I love you." Fancy doesn't believe it because she found him in bed with Sheridan. Luis tells her that they didn't have sex and tells Fancy that she is his life and hopefully his wife and mother of his children one day and that's why he's there. Fancy doesn't understand, but Luis tells her to brace herself. Fancy says he's making it sound like what he's gonna say will change her life. Luis says it will. Luis then hears Sheridan scream Marty's name. Luis wants to go to her, but Fancy thinks Sheridan is just acting. Luis doesn't think so and runs to find her. Fancy says she's coming with him.

Sheridan continues to yell out for her son while Luis and Fancy try to find her. Luis says they should split up to find Sheridan faster. Sheridan thinks to herself that it's all falling apart as Luis finds her. She cries and says that Marty was in the room, but now he's gone and that it's all Fancy's fault. Luis wants to know how it's Fancy's fault and she says if it wasn't for her they wouldn't have missed Marty. Luis realizes that she never saw Marty and thinks maybe he was never there. Sheridan insists Marty was there and that they missed him, because of Fancy.

Fancy looks for Luis and Sheridan, but can't find them. As she stands in the hallway, someone watches her from a behind a door.

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Gwen tells Ethan that she knows better than anyone what Jonathan needs and he doesn't need a doctor.

Sheridan tells Luis "You're the reason I lost my son again" and slaps him.

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Theresa tells Pilar she's going to tell Ethan the truth.

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