Esme and her new cop friend Jake, aka Officer Studly, head home for some lovin. Jake tells her how beautiful she is, and Esme is suddenly overcome with sadness as she thinks about Fox and Pete. She thinks maybe a good strip search could help her get over it and Jake is definitely down for that. But first, Esme brings out the bubbly because nothing says "Foreplay like champagne" and then she brings out the catnip. When Jake questions the catnip, she tells him not to knock it till he tries it. Esme tells Jake she feels safe because when she's with him nothing bad could happen, but someone is watching them through a crack in the door. Esme tells Jake she wants to strip search him after he pats her down because she knows he's packing heat. They start to play out an undercover cop/hooker scenario. Jake is eager to just have sex, but Esme wants to play the game. Sheridan calls Esme asking for advice and after Esme hangs up with her, she gets back to her role-playing with Jake. She asks him to take out his gun and he starts to unzip his pants. Esme stops him and says she wants to see his real gun, but he's concerned about gun safety. However, he can't resist her and succumbs to her feminine wiles. Esme wants him to point it at her and he complies saying, "Stop or I'll shoot." Suddenly a shot is fired and Esme sinks to the floor clutching her chest saying, "You shot me." Jake wants to call an ambulance, but Esme tells him not to and makes a dramatic speech. Jake tells her that the gun didn't fire and she's not dying. She sees that she hasn't been shot and thinks it's a miracle. They realize that a book fell to the floor to make the sound and wonder how that happened. Jake puts his gun aside so there are no more "accidents" and Esme handcuffs him because he is now her "prisoner of love." The two kiss as the mystery person watches them from inside the room.

Noah and Paloma go to Tabitha's to search her house for proof that Miguel and Kay didn't kill Fox and that Kay has nothing to do with Tabitha and Endora's disappearance. As Paloma searches the attic, she finds a severed arm in a box. Noah thinks the arm is still fresh, but then realizes it's a fake. Noah recounts how when they were kids Tabitha would go all out for Halloween and the kids would think her props were real. Just then the arm comes alive and starts to move unbeknownst to Paloma and Noah. Paloma then finds a full-length mirror that has "See your dreams come true" written on it. Noah and Paloma suddenly see themselves dressed in a wedding gown and tux in the mirror. Noah asks if she saw what he did and she says, "I don't know; what did you see?" Noah plays it off and says the light was playing tricks on him. They turn back to finding proof to clear Kay and Miguel and the hand crawls over to pull a box out from under a chair. Noah decides to tell Paloma what he really saw in the mirror and Paloma says that she saw it too and that marrying him is her dream. Noah tells her it's his dream too. The hand urgently points to the box that says, "Romance in a Box." Noah finds the box and opens it to find champagne that's worth more than Tabitha's house. The hand does something that makes the bottle uncork and the two toast to all of their dreams coming true. They realize that the champagne is chilled and wonder how that happened. The hand gives a thumbs up. Noah says that growing up next to Tabitha he learned not to ask questions. They then find a box of chocolates and an envelope that says "Open for atmosphere." Noah opens it and a lovely bed appears, music starts playing, petals flow and candles are lit. Noah and Paloma take advantage of their surroundings and fall on the bed kissing. As Noah and Paloma have sex the hand lifts the bed up.

In bed, Luis stops Sheridan from kissing him and questions why they are playing these roles. They have the same debate about Alistair possibly watching, as Fancy sees them from the keyhole. She can't hear what they're saying and worries that her mood swings gave Sheridan the ammo to get Luis back. Sheridan and Luis start to go at it again and Sheridan thinks she needs to get him to really make love to her and tries to think of what she used to do to make him go crazy. She blows in his ear and he asks if there's a bug on him because he wouldn't be surprised considering the dump they're in. Sheridan again tells him to play his part by making passionate love to her. Fancy sees them and thinks Sheridan was right that Luis still has a passion for her. Sheridan continues to try and get Luis into the mood, but Luis can only think about Fancy. Luis wants to tell her what's going on, but Sheridan reminds him what Alistair would do to Fancy if she knew about their undercover work. Luis says he hates lying to her because he loves her so much and doesn't want to hurt her.

Fancy is still out in the hall debating whether or not to interrupt Luis and Sheridan and calls Esme for advice. As Fancy tells Esme what she saw, Jake pats Esme down. Esme is shocked that Fancy hasn't barged in to confront them yet. Esme tells her to either let Luis go or fight for him. She urges Fancy to fight for him because Luis loves her and not Sheridan. Fancy agrees and decides to get her man back.

Fancy uses her key and opens the door to see Luis and Sheridan in bed and says, "Damn you Aunt Sheridan, and you Luis! How could you do this to me?" They heatedly talk back and forth and Sheridan reminds Luis not to tell her about Marty. Luis tries to explain to Fancy but can't. Fancy asks what Sheridan can give him that she can't and Sheridan thinks to herself, "A family." Sheridan says that Luis doesn't need to explain himself and that Fancy should leave. Fancy tells Luis she understands that he's upset that she slapped him, but it doesn't justify him hooking up with Sheridan. Luis hears someone in the hall and he and Sheridan think it could be Alistair's informant. Luis goes to check it out and Sheridan and Fancy have it out. Fancy can't understand how Sheridan could go after the man she loves and Sheridan says that Luis came after her. Sheridan tells her to leave because Luis probably won't want her there when he gets back. Sheridan doesn't believe that Luis pursued her, but Sheridan says that Luis is the one who suggested they come to this hotel and that Fancy needs to leave. Fancy refuses to believe her and waits around for Luis to come back. Luis returns and tells Sheridan the noise didn't have anything to do with "us." Fancy questions his use of the word "us" and tells him that Sheridan said he was the one who suggested they get together. He's clearly irritated by this and Fancy asks if he dumped her for Aunt Sheridan. When Luis can't answer her questions, Fancy demands the truth or they are done as a couple.

Theresa tries to persuade Pilar to admit what Gwen said to make her tell Theresa to give up Ethan. Ethan questions Gwen, but she plays dumb asking what info she could possibly have to hold over Pilar. Ethan asks Pilar if Gwen said something to upset her. Theresa said of course, just look at her and then demands that Pilar tell the truth because her life depends on it. Gwen tells Theresa that Pilar can't say anything because she didn't threaten her with anything. Theresa and Ethan urge Pilar to admit the truth and Theresa says she can whisper it in her ear if she wants, because she knows her mother wants to tell her. Pilar says that Gwen didn't force her to tell Theresa to stay away from Ethan, but Theresa doesn't believe her and runs out of the room crying as Ethan follows.

After Ethan leaves, Gwen tells Pilar she did the right thing. Pilar responds by telling Gwen she hopes she burns in Hell. The women then argue over the situation. Gwen tells Pilar to go ahead and tell them the secret but then Theresa's life will be at risk. Pilar accuses her of being more like Rebecca than she thought. She tells Gwen that Theresa and Ethan love each other and not even her secret will tear them apart. Pilar tells Gwen if Theresa tells Ethan about their son there's nothing she can do to keep them apart.

Ethan follows Theresa into the kitchen and tells her that she doesn't have to go through this alone. Theresa says she can't understand why her mother would conspire with Gwen to keep them apart. Ethan asks what information they have that they don't want him to know. Theresa tells him that Pilar just told her to honor her vows and stay with Alistair. Ethan can't understand that and reminds her that she never really listened to her mother anyway and that they don't have to always do what their parents want. He tells her that he decided that she was in his best interest even though his mother didn't want them to be together. Theresa tells him she loves him and he asks then what is keeping them from being together. She tells him it's her mother, but he wants to know why Pilar would want to keep them apart and why Theresa would listen to Pilar now. Theresa doesn't say anything and Ethan asks if it's about his son.

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Noah finds something and says, "My god it's Timmy."

Luis and Fancy hear Sheridan scream "Marty" from another room.

Theresa tells Pilar, "I'm gonna tell him and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

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