Eve yells at Julian and Valerie as she finds them in Julian's bed. She berates Julian for always ending up in another woman's arms. Valerie thinks to herself, "I always know where Daddy is." Julian tries to explain to Eve that he thought Valerie was her and Valerie says that she thought Eve kicked him out of her life once and for all. Eve tires to leave, but Julian tells her that he loves her and she loves him and they can make it work. Eve asks him why he always turns to another woman at the slightest sign of disaster. Julian just tells her how much he loves her. When Eve dismisses him, Julian tells her he'll prove it to her and demands that Valerie get out of his room. Valerie says she doesn't want to leave. Julian says he doesn't care what she wants and that she should never approach him romantically again. When Valerie pleads with him, Julian threatens to call security. Valerie says she'll go, but she needs to get her clothes first. Julian turns to Eve and asks if they can talk about it. Eve says she doesn't know if there's anything to talk about. Valerie hides under the bed and says, "Damn it mommy you took daddy away from me." Valerie continues to think that "mommy ruins everything" and that there are consequences to her actions. Julian continues to persuade Eve to forgive him, but Eve doesn't know how he can expect her to trust him since she always catches him with other women. Julian says it's because she continues to push him away. Eve can't believe he's blaming her, but Julian says he's not and asks her to come back to him. The conversation turns to Vincent and Julian asks if she really thinks Vincent is alive considering all the alcohol she's been drinking. Julian tells Eve that Vincent is gone, but Valerie says to herself under the bed, "Maybe it's time to pay mommy another visit," and grabs at her mask. Julian tells Eve he knows how much they both want Vincent to be alive, but they must face the reality that he's dead. Julian then suggests she stop drinking and Eve tells him she's sober now because she almost killed a patient at the hospital. Valerie takes off her mask and Vincent says, "Interesting. I can use that." As Julian again says that Vincent is gone, Vincent says to himself, "The Hell I am. Just you wait." Julian tells Eve they can't throw everything they've meant to each other away and asks if he can help her. Eve says yes and that she wants to feel loved and feel hope. Julian tells her he will always be there for her and that it will be just the two of them together forever. Vincent thinks that Eve is always taking "daddy" from him and that "mommy has to die."

At the coffee house, Noah and Paloma share a hot fudge sundae. They discuss how Sam thinks Kay and Miguel killed Fox. Paloma then brings up Esme as a suspect and that they don't really know her. Noah tells her that Sam always told him to follow the evidence, as Esme and Kay both walk in separately.

Kay notices Esme and they butt heads over Pete and Fox. They both insist they didn't kill anyone and they make friends until proven guilty. Esme tells Kay she feels like someone is following her and Kay says she feels the same way.

Kay sits down with Paloma and Noah and recounts all the events leading up to her being suspected of murder. Paloma asks her to not mention to Pilar that Miguel is a suspect in Fox's murder because she's got enough going on. Paloma asks if she's heard from Miguel or Tabitha and Endora. Kay nervously says no and Noah and Paloma think how strange it is she hasn't heard anything. Kay makes a hasty retreat and Noah and Paloma think she knows something.

Esme sits with a cup of coffee that she pours alcohol into and Kay walks by. Esme flags her down and tells her she feels like someone is watching her again, relating it to the movie Scream. Kay feels the same way and whispers something into Esme's ear, as someone watches the women from behind a curtain. Kay and Esme then observe Paloma and Noah looking cozy and in love and they discuss their recent relationships. They get that weird feeling again and put their plan into action pretending to leave separately from the coffee house. A man stands up and starts to follow Esme, but is caught by the women. When Esme and Kay demand answers, the guy says he doesn't know what they're talking about. Noah and Paloma walk up and Paloma thinks she knows him. The guys say he's a cop tailing Esme and that someone else is tailing Kay. He says he's been having a blast following Esme since he usually tails low lifes. Esme starts to flirt with the cop and he looks very receptive. Kay interrupts Esme's flirtations reminding her that Fox just died. Esme reminds her that she was sleeping with Miguel while she was still married to Fox and returns to flirting with the cop, as someone continues to watch from outside. As Esme and the cop continue to flirt, Kay leaves the coffee house and the person outside watches Esme.

Paloma suggests to Noah that they go to Tabitha's to find any clues on where Miguel is and they leave.

At the seedy hotel, Spike walks in with Luis. Luis is dressed up in a suit and tie and feels "like an idiot." Spike tells him he looks like a john who just flew in to town looking for some action. Sheridan then follows all tarted up in a black leather vest, leopard mini skirt and big hair. Spike tells her she needs to give off a hooker attitude or else they will be spotted a mile away. Luis tells Spike he doesn't understand why they had to dress up, but Spike says that Alistair could have spies all over the place and they need to blend in. Spike leaves after he says someone will contact them. Luis wants to leave too, but Sheridan says they have to trust Spike and do what he says. Sheridan goes to the front desk acting like a prostitute and asks for a room. The man behind the desk gives her a key and asks if she's new because he hasn't seen her before. He creepily tells her to come back after she's done with Luis so they can discuss "discounted" room rates. Luis pulls her away and they head upstairs.

Luis and Sheridan enter the seedy room and are mortified by the sight of it. Luis still doesn't understand what them being there has to do with finding their son and doesn't think he'll be able to make Fancy understand why he's there with Sheridan. Sheridan thinks they should start playing their parts since Alistair probably has people watching and/or taping them. Luis admits that Sheridan looks pretty good in the outfit and Sheridan seductively tells him they should keep role playing. Luis asks, "What about Fancy," but Sheridan says she'll understand that it's for Marty. The two kiss, start to undress each other and end up in bed. Luis tells her that he loves her and then Sheridan wakes up from her daydream.

Fancy enters the hotel lobby after Luis and Sheridan leave and asks herself what they would be doing there. "Luis what are you doing to me?" Fancy asks out loud. She debates whether or not to stay and investigate while Spike makes a call to someone saying that Fancy is there and that the plan is working perfectly. Fancy decides to go home and starts to leave. Spike panics and thinks she's ruining everything. Fancy comes back and Spike is relieved telling the person on the phone that everything is just fine. Fancy goes to the desk and asks if Luis checked in. The guy says he doesn't ask for names and Fancy pulls out a badge and demand he tell her now or later from a jail cell. Fancy shows him a photo of Luis and Sheridan and he says they were just there. Fancy demands the key to their room and heads upstairs. Spike walks out and tells the person on the phone that things are getting better and better and that Fancy is in for a big surprise.

Fancy stands in front of Luis and Sheridan's door and wonders if she should use the key. Spike watches Fancy as she debates what to do and he calls Luis to tell him they need to play the part of the hooker and john. Luis tells Sheridan what Spike said and Sheridan tells Luis they need to make it look good in case someone is taping them. Luis thinks it's a bad idea, but Sheridan says they can't take any chances when it comes to getting Marty back. Sheridan gets into the role, but Luis says he doesn't see any cameras. Sheridan encourages him to act the part anyway and thinks to herself, "After a few minutes with me you won't have to pretend anymore." Luis isn't sure they should be doing anything, but they end up in bed anyway. Sheridan wants him to make things look good for the cameras and asks him to make love to her. Fancy looks through the keyhole and sees Luis and Sheridan in bed. She cries outside and says, "Oh God Luis, Why? You're breaking my heart."

Back at Ethan's, Theresa asks Pilar what Gwen could have said to make her turn on her. Pilar stays silent and Theresa runs into the other room, slaps Gwen and asks her what she said to her mother. Gwen tells Theresa she's insane, but Theresa demands that she tell her what she has on Pilar. Ethan tries to intervene and make peace so they can all get along in the future once he and Theresa get married again. Theresa sweetly smiles and Ethan takes that as a yes to his suggestion of remarriage. Gwen says she's waiting for an apology as Theresa stares her down. Ethan doesn't want to take sides but asks Gwen what she said to Pilar that upset her so they can make things right. Gwen says she doesn't know what Theresa is talking about and Theresa insists that's not true. Ethan's had enough and demands the truth. Theresa turns to Pilar and urges her mother to tell the truth because she always told her that was the right thing to do. Pilar remains mum and Ethan says Theresa should let it go because Pilar looks upset. Theresa begs her mother to tell them what Gwen is holding over her. Pilar just looks at all of them and remains silent.

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Paloma tells Noah "Marrying you is my dream."

Fancy enters the room where Luis and Sheridan are in bed.

Ethan asks Theresa, "What could they know that they don't want you to tell me?"

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