Eve's in her office and a nurse comes in to ask her to write a new prescription for a patient. Eve writes it out and asks the nurse to leave so she can have some peace. The nurse looks at what Eve wrote and asks, "Are you sure about this?" Eve says of course - she's the doctor and tells her to leave. Eve takes some pills and then pulls out a bottle of booze because "There's only one cure for a hangover."

The nurse comes back into Eve's office and finds Eve passed out in her chair. The nurse tells Eve she wrote out the wrong medication and added 10 times the normal dose, which would have killed the patient. Eve can't believe what she has done and writes out another prescription. The nurse looks at it and reassures Eve that it's the right prescription. Before the nurse leaves she tells Eve no one has to know about what almost happened and suggests Eve get some rest. She tells Eve everyone in the hospital cares about her and they would all be upset if anything happened to her. Eve breaks down over what just occurred and doesn't know what's going on with her. Eve struggles over the fact that she almost killed a man and that she's letting alcohol ruin her life. She picks up a photo of her and Julian and says that he's right - she's in trouble. Eve recounts how Julian loves her and always comes back no matter how many times she pushes him away. She decides she will find him and make things right so they can be happy together.

Julian lies in bed sleeping and yells out Eve's name and something about Vincent being dead. A woman enters his room and sees an empty bottle of alcohol next to his bedside. The woman undresses and gets into bed with Julian. She touches Julian and he says, "Yes Eve. I love you so much. Let's make love," as he groggily starts to wake up. When Julian opens his eyes, he discovers that it's Valerie in his bed and not Eve. Julian tires to brush her off, but Valerie persists and tells him, "The Julian Crane I know is always happy to put another notch in his belt." She then asks him to make love to her. Valerie kisses him and Julian pushes her off. She tells him she knows how much he's hurting and that he needs a woman to support him and take care of him. Valerie wants to be that woman, but Julian says, "Oooh, I really shouldn't." He then asks what man wouldn't want to make love to her and Valerie tells him to be that man. Julian tells her it's not right, but Valerie says that right and wrong doesn't matter to a Crane and that she wants him now. As Valerie kisses Julian again, she hears someone coming and secretly hopes that it's 'mommy.' Eve suddenly walks in and sees the two kissing in bed.

Still in the Crane backyard, Luis strangles Spike and demands he tell him where Marty is. He finally lets Spike go and Spike says he'll tell him where Marty is, but he has to make a phone call first. Luis grows angry, but Spike says it's complicated and if he doesn't want to alert Alistair to the fact that they're on to Marty, then he'll let him make his call. Sheridan convinces Luis to let Spike do what he has to in order to lead them to Marty. Luis gives Spike a warning and then tells him to make the call and get back to him. After Spike leaves, Luis tells Sheridan he doesn't like that Spike has all the power, but Sheridan tells him to calm down and hugs him.

In the Crane kitchen, Esme fixes herself a cup of coffee and pours a little hooch into it. She looks around and asks if someone is there, as someone watches her from the hallway. Fancy enters the kitchen from the other side and Esme asks if she's a jinx because of Fox and Pete. Fancy tells her it was just a horrible coincidence. Esme tells Fancy she thinks she's losing her mind because she thinks someone is watching her. Fancy curtly tells her to call her therapist and "let him straighten you out." Esme is taken aback by her friend's tone and asks what's up. Fancy explains what happened at the station with Luis erasing Spike's record. "Dudley Do-Right deleted data?" Esme asks. Fancy recounts how confused she is by Luis these days and Esme goes to make herself another cup of her special coffee. She looks out the window and sees Luis and Sheridan hugging. Esme tries to get Fancy out of the room, but Fancy comes to the window and sees the two together. Esme tells her she's sorry and Fancy asks, "How could he?" Fancy can't understand because Luis tells her he loves her every chance he gets, but she keeps catching him in Sheridan's arms. Esme suggests she call Luis to see if he answers and tells her the truth about who he's with.

Fancy calls Luis and Luis answers even though Sheridan asks him not to. Fancy asks where he is and he just looks like a deer caught in headlights. Fancy wants to know where he is, while Sheridan reminds him not to tell her about Marty. Luis lies to Fancy saying he's at the wharf tracking down some leads. Fancy plays along and Luis digs himself in deeper. He tells her when he gets back they'll have a long talk and she'll understand everything.

After hanging up, Esme tells Fancy not to let Sheridan win, but Fancy thinks her aunt has already won because he's with Sheridan and is lying to her. The friends notice that Luis is making another phone call and wait to see if he's calling Fancy back. After Luis doesn't call her, Sheridan believes that it's over between her and Luis because he lied to her. Esme says that all men and women are liars. Fancy says she's not a liar and Esme reminds her of all the lies she's told to get them out of their scrapes. Fancy says that's different, but Esme tells her that she shouldn't give up on love so easily. Esme tells her not to be a quitter and a bore by weeping over lost love and eating a gallon of ice cream. She tells Fancy to fight for Luis and steal him back from her "evil Aunt Sheridan" by figuring out what exactly is going on. Fancy asks her friend what she should do next. Esme tells her to follow Luis and then suddenly gets another sense that someone is watching her. Fancy asks if she remembered to take her medication. Esme assures her that she did and then Sheridan says she will take Esme up on her advice and follow Luis. As Fancy leaves, Esme can't shake the feeling that someone is watching her. She pretends to make an exit so she can catch her stalker, but it doesn't work. However, she does find a coffee cup out in the hallway that leads her to believe someone is in fact watching her.

Luis tells Sheridan he hates lying to Fancy, but she tells him sometimes it's the right thing to do. He says he can't do it and goes to call Fancy back. Sheridan grabs the phone from Luis and they argue until Spike comes back. Luis asks where his son is. Spike tells him they are getting closer and gives them an address. He tells them to try and fit in, "Especially you Luis." Luis looks at the address and realizes that it's a hotel with prostitutes. Spike tells them a guy with info on Marty can be found there. Sheridan says they have to do whatever Spike says, but Luis isn't so sure they should go to the seedy hotel. Sheridan thinks they have to trust Spike and Luis tells Spike he better be telling the truth or else he will come for him. Sheridan tells Luis they should go and the two exit. Spike says to himself that was close and makes a phone call, saying "Sheridan and Luis left." Spike then sees that Fancy is following them and can't wait to see how it turns out.

Theresa and Pilar look on as Gwen and Ethan bask in the joy of their son. Gwen sees Theresa and plays it up a bit. Theresa tells Pilar she can't take it anymore because it should be her in there with Ethan and not Gwen. Pilar tells Theresa that she must not go back on her word - she has to let Ethan go. Theresa tells her mother that she owes her an explanation. Theresa looks on as Gwen and Ethan bond over their son and again tries to figure Pilar out. She tells her mother that she's a grown woman now and she should be able to make her own decisions. Pilar pleads with her not to change her mind, but Theresa wants to tell Ethan about Little E and starts to go into the other room to tell him. Pilar stops her from doing so and violently tells Theresa that she can't tell Ethan. Theresa wants to know what exactly is going on with her because she's never seen her so upset. Theresa wants to know who benefits from her lying to Ethan about their son. When Pilar doesn't say anything, Theresa eventually comes to the conclusion that it's Gwen. Pilar denies it, but Theresa knows she's right. Theresa presses Pilar to tell her what Gwen has on her, but Pilar remains mum. Theresa demands that Pilar tell her what Gwen said to make her turn on her own daughter. Theresa asks Pilar what is more important to her than Theresa's happiness and asks Pilar to tell her what exactly is going on so she can fight back.

Gwen and Ethan begin talking about names for their son and after a few failed attempts, Ethan suggests they name him Jonathan after her father. Gwen says it's a great idea, but it would drive Rebecca crazy. They settle on the name anyway and call him Jonathan Winthrop. Gwen and Ethan continue to talk about their son and then begin to talk about Sheridan and Luis. Ethan thinks they are over, but Gwen says they have a secret that she wants to tell him, but he has to swear not to tell anyone. Ethan says he has to tell Theresa because she's his wife and he can't keep any secrets from her. Gwen thinks, "It's a shame she doesn't feel the same way about you." Gwen tells Ethan that Luis and Sheridan are searching for Marty because they found out he's alive. Ethan is shocked and asks about Alistair. Gwen tells him Alistair doesn't know they're on to him and Sheridan is worried he'll find out. Ethan says he supposes Luis should tell Theresa himself since he is her brother. Gwen thinks that maybe Luis and Sheridan will get back together and Ethan asks where that will leave Fancy. Gwen says all she knows is that they seem to be getting closer and sometimes parents have to make sacrifices for the good of the child. She asks Ethan, "Don't you agree?" Gwen asks if he would sacrifice anything for his son and Ethan says of course he would, "I would sacrifice anything for my child," as Gwen looks very pleased.

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