In the backyard, Sheridan thanks Luis for changing his mind. He tells her he did it for Marty and that clearing Spike's record goes against everything he believes in. Sheridan assures him it's for the greater good and in the end it will all be worth it. Luis tells her he never believed in the end justifying the means and Sheridan says she will pay whatever price she has to in order to make Marty come home. They discuss the ramifications of agreeing to Spike's demands and Luis says he should go to the station to work on clearing his records. Sheridan asks him to get past his moral objections and to think about Marty because she would kill if it meant getting her son back. Luis leaves and Sheridan thinks that everything will be perfect, as Spike watches from a nearby window. He says to himself, "I knew you'd change your mind Luis. But really, what choice did you have?"

Pretty calls Fancy over to the window and tells her she has to see something. Fancy looks out and says, "Oh, God. No." She looks out at Luis and Sheridan, but then realizes she's late for work (Sam gave Fancy her job back) and runs out. Pretty is dismayed that she didn't get a bigger reaction out of Fancy, as Esme notices and asks her what's wrong. Esme goes over to the window and sees Luis and Sheridan and accuses Pretty of trying to deliberately hurt Fancy. Esme says, "You're not on Fancy's side at all. You just want to hurt her." Pretty tries to brush her off, but Esme presses the issue accusing her of still blaming Fancy for the scar on her face. Esme tells her to get over it and Pretty tells her to leave her alone. Esme needles her about her face and Pretty is clearly insecure about the subject. Esme again accuses Pretty of wanting to hurt her sister, but Pretty says she's trying to help her by showing her what Luis is up to behind her back. Esme is on to her, as she realizes that Pretty wants revenge for the accident and tells her she's got her number, "You are uglier on the inside than you are out." Esme wants to know what exactly Pretty is up to and Pretty tells Esme that alcohol is affecting her. Pretty tries to turn the tables on Esme by accusing her of killing Fox and Pete. Esme asks what Pretty knows about Pete because there was no info on Pete in the papers. Flustered, Pretty tells her that news flashes around the world in moments these days and that she doesn't know how she found out but that Esme better worry about what she [Esme] had to do with Pete's murder and leaves. Esme says to herself that "It takes a deranged b**** to catch a deranged b****," and she's just the one to do it.

Luis goes to the cop shop, looks up Spike's records and debates deleting his arrest history. He wrestles with his cop side and father side, says "God forgive me" and deletes the files. Fancy walks into the station and asks what he's doing. He tells her he's just writing a report, but she says she thought he was off duty today. He says he was, but wanted to catch up on work and make a good impression since he's been off for so long. Fancy apologizes for slapping him and Luis says, "Again. But who's counting?" His joke doesn't go over too well, but Fancy tells him how sorry she is. "I love you Luis. I never want to hurt you or push you away." Luis says he understands because she's been under a lot of stress especially since Fox was just murdered. Luis says he forgives her and that he loves her. Fancy wants to know what she did to get so lucky and they talk about how good thing have been between them and they kiss. Fancy then sees the "deleted" message on Luis' computer. He notices she sees it and tries to distract her. He tells her that he needs to go and run some errands. She looks unconvinced and asks what kind of errands and he says nothing she'd be interested in. Before Luis leaves, he grabs Spike's files and asks to take her out to dinner to celebrate her return to the force and then apologizes for being a little testy. He says he loves her and that everything will be ok. They kiss again and he leaves. Fancy looks confused and says, "Why did you lie to me Luis? What were you really doing here this morning?" She goes to the computer to look for answers. She discovers that Spike's files have been deleted and knows that Luis took the hard copy of Spike's files before leaving. She goes to look through some papers but can't find what she's looking for. She sits down again and rehashes what just happened and wants to know why Luis would want to make Spike's police record disappear.

Sheridan and Spike meet up in the yard and she gives him a briefcase. He opens it up and is put off by seeing a bunch of bonds instead of cash. She tells him if she gave him cash it would be too much to fit in the case, but he can go to any bank and cash them in with no problems. He tells her she better be telling the truth and then asks what's up with Luis. Sheridan tells him Luis is at the station right now, but that he isn't happy about it. Spike and Sheridan discuss Luis's actions and Sheridan says she doesn't know how Luis will live with himself after this. Spike says if he tries to double cross him, he will never see Marty again. Sheridan assures him that Luis will come through and thinks to herself "He has to." Luis shows up and shows Spike his file. He assures Spike that his files have been deleted and that this is the only proof of his evil deeds. Luis reluctantly gives it to Spike and Spike says there's nothing like having a cop in his back pocket. Luis attacks him and says he better tell him where his son is or he will kill him.

Pilar and Gwen argue over Pilar's secret and Pilar tells Gwen that she's not exaggerating when she says lives are at stake. Gwen tells her that nothing bad will happen since she told Theresa to walk away from Ethan. Pilar yells at Gwen and tells her she only did that because she gave her no choice. Gwen tells her to calm down and put her game face on because Theresa will come over and ask why she was instructed to leave Ethan. Gwen instructs her to come up with a story while she dreams of a future "Your tramp of a daughter stole from me." Pilar reminds her that Ethan loves Theresa and in the end Gwen will be the one who loses. Gwen says Ethan loves her, but Pilar says he may be fond of her due to their son, but his heart will always belong to Theresa. Gwen says they're a family and that's what's really important to Ethan, but Pilar tells her it's a family based on a lie. She explains that at every family dinner and at every family event Ethan will be wishing that it was Theresa sitting next to him and that their son was Theresa's not hers. Gwen is clearly rattled, but retorts that Ethan will love her the way he used to before Theresa came into the picture and storms out.

Theresa sits distraught on the couch and Ethan asks her what's wrong. She flashes back to what Pilar told her and tells Ethan they can't be together. Ethan doesn't understand what she's talking about and tells her he's going to let this bout of madness pass, but Theresa says he doesn't understand - they can't be together. Ethan thinks she's going through anxiety due to what they've been through. Theresa tells him that every time they think they're happy something interferes and that fate doesn't want them to be together. "Isn't it obvious to you?" she asks. As Ethan sits baffled, Theresa cries and runs from the room. Ethan asks himself, "What the Hell is going on here?"

Theresa goes to see Pilar and asks her "What happened? What made you change your mind?" Theresa demands to know why Pilar doesn't want Theresa and Ethan to be together. Pilar says Ethan and Gwen have a son together and that even though they are technically divorced, they are still married in the eyes of their church. She goes on to tell her daughter that Theresa doesn't really love Ethan, she's just obsessed. Theresa denies this and thinks Pilar doesn't really believe this either. Theresa doesn't understand because Pilar was the one to give her courage to fight Alistair and to fight for Ethan. Pilar tells her she was wrong. Theresa wants to know what made her change her mind. Theresa thinks maybe Alistair is pressuring her, but Pilar just says that she didn't think things through and that are too many signs from God that she is not meant to be with Ethan. Theresa can't believe what her mother is saying. She says she could force herself to give Ethan up because she has before, but if Pilar wants her to give him up forever it would kill her. Pilar says that's the way it has to be and that she's a grown woman now and maybe at one time her and Ethan had a future, but that time is over and she needs to give him up and erase him from her heart. She asks Theresa to promise her that she will give Ethan up. Pilar tells her that everything she does is for love, but sometimes the love of a man has to be sacrificed for the love of the common good. Theresa wants to know what that means, but Pilar just asks her to trust her because she's never led her astray. Pilar urges her to let Ethan go forever and let him find his own path. Through her tears, Theresa agrees to give Ethan up.

Ethan walks into a room where Gwen is with their son. He's looking for Theresa, but is thrilled to see the little guy. Gwen thinks to herself that her plan is working all ready and that Theresa is history.

Theresa and Pilar come upon Gwen and Ethan gushing over their son and Theresa says if she doesn't do something she will really lose him. Pilar tells her to remember her promise to let Ethan go. Theresa cries as she looks at Ethan and Gwen happy together. Pilar thinks to herself, "I'm sorry Theresa. I had no choice" as she is trying to save her whole family.

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Eve asks, "What's happening to me?"

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