It's the next day and Kay talks to Tabitha in the bag and asks her for help. Frustrated, Kay says she needs to come up with something quick or she'll be arrested for murder. Ivy and Sam walk in and Ivy wants her to admit she's a serial killer. Sam urges Kay to tell him what's going on. Ivy tells Sam they overheard Kay say she needed to come up with a plan and that's as good as a confession. Kay says she didn't confess and Sam tells Ivy to be quite and to let him handle it. Sam asks Kay if she really thinks Tabitha is in the bag. Kay says no and that she was just talking to herself. Kay again defends herself when Ivy accuses her of being a killer. Ivy tells Sam he's in denial about his daughter and reads him the laundry list of people recently killed and gone missing. She tells him to face the facts that his daughter is a murderer and there is evidence to prove it. Ivy tells Sam that his love for his daughter has him seeing through rose-colored glasses. Ivy explains that Kay only wanted Fox for his money and that she had Miguel kill him so she could collect. Sam sits silent as Kay defends herself. Sam says he has the lab running tests on the blood they found and he will find out whose it is soon enough. Sam tells Kay she needs to explain herself a little better and asks where Miguel, Tabitha and Endora are. She cracks under the pressure and says she will tell him everything. Kay says he won't believe her, but tells Sam that Tabitha and Endora are witches. She goes on to explain the recent events and where Endora and Miguel really are and how she tried to stop Tabitha by putting her under a spell. Ivy thinks she's pretending to be insane and Sam says Kay needs to come to grips with reality. He thinks Kay is making the story up, but Kay reminds him about their house being sucked into Hell and how he fought demons in the living room. Sam just says for her not to make things worse for herself and to stay put while he goes to the lab. She assures him she didn't hurt anyone. Sam says he wants to believe her, but it's not easy. Before Ivy and Sam leave, Ivy tells Kay to pick out something really nice for her mug shot because they will be back with an arrest warrant.

Sheridan asks Luis how Fancy is as they stand in the backyard waiting for Spike. He says he's worried about her, but maybe a good night's sleep helped. They discuss how awful it is to be beholden to Spike as he enters the scene. Luis wants to arrest him and Spike tells him he will never see his son if he so much as says "The A word again." Sheridan tells Luis to back off Spike and Luis becomes infuriated listing all of Spike's evil deeds. Spike tells him if he arrests him he won't tell them anything about Marty. Sheridan tells Luis they have to give Spike anything he wants because he knows about their son. Sheridan asks Spike what he wants and Spike says he wants lots of untraceable money and Sheridan agrees. Spike then tells Luis he needs him to erase his arrest records and all evidence linking him to any crimes. He wants to be able to start over with a clean record and when Luis makes that possible, he will give him the low down on Marty. Sheridan says it's a deal, but Luis says "No freaking way." Sheridan and Luis argue about it and Luis tells her that he's a cop and he can't do anything illegal for Spike. Sheridan says he has to for Marty's sake, but Luis thinks if they set him free he will go out and hurt other innocent people. Sheridan doesn't care because all she wants is to get Marty back. While the two bicker, Spike says he's leaving and pulls a gun on Luis when he tries to go after him. After Spike takes off, Sheridan tells Luis to go after him, "I'm not going to lose Marty again because of you." As Luis takes off after Spike, Sheridan sits down and says out loud that if Luis screws this up she will kill him. Luis comes back and says that Spike got away. She lashes out at him for not going along with Spike's demands and Luis tells her there's a right way and a wrong way to do things. She tells him not to lecture her and that they would have their son right now if he believed her years ago when she claimed Beth's son was really Marty. She accuses him of ruining things every time they come close to getting their son back. They continue to argue about the situation and Sheridan tells him she'll wait here and let him go get Marty but that he'll bring him home only to lose him for a fourth time. She lashes out at him for doing whatever it takes to prove he didn't rape Fancy, but he won't do the same for their son. Luis finally agrees with her and says Marty is the most important thing to him and that he will meet all of Spike's demands. He thanks her for the reality check and they hug.

Fancy sits at the kitchen table drinking coffee and flashes back to yelling at Luis and slapping him. She says to herself "I'm sorry Luis, I don't know what's wrong with me." Esme walks in and wonders where the help is to make her and Viki breakfast. Fancy tells her she gave the help the day off, but Esme can't understand why or how to make breakfast. They discuss Fancy's bad mood and she tells Esme she attacked Luis again. Esme asks if she lost her mind, as Pretty stands outside the door with the controller and promises things will only get worse. As Esme tries to put together a breakfast, Fancy recounts the night's events with Luis. She tells Esme it's like someone flicks a switch in her. Esme tells her to get to the root of her mood swings before she slaps Luis back into Sheridan's arms. Pretty says to herself, "That's what I'm counting on." Fancy says Luis won't go running back to his ex just because they are having problems and that he loves her. Esme says that while some men like physical abuse, Luis doesn't seem like that kind of guy so Fancy better get a grip on her mood swings. Fancy says she wishes she knew what was wrong with her so she could stop it. Pretty then enters the kitchen and notices that Fancy looks upset. They discuss Luis and Pretty assures her that Luis probably attributes her behavior to Fox dying. Esme says she's in mourning too because of Fox and Pete, the pussycat. Pretty tells Fancy she will talk to Luis for her and tell him that everything Fancy is going through is stress related. Pretty tells her sister that she wants her to be happy and that she doesn't want her to lose Luis, as Esme looks on suspiciously. When Pretty offers to make Fancy breakfast, Esme asks Fancy what her sister is up to. Fancy says they've moved past their issues and that Pretty doesn't hate her anymore. Fancy assures her that Pretty wants her and Luis to be happy, but as Pretty spies Luis and Sheridan in the backyard she says, "Screw breakfast, I'll give Fancy her just desserts." Pretty sees Luis and Sheridan hug and calls Fancy over to the window saying, "There's something you need to see."

Back at Kay's, she grabs some milk out of the fridge and hears a knock at the door. She opens the door to Spike holding a bouquet of flowers. Spike tells her he's been thinking about her and the vibe he feels between them. Kay thinks he's crazy because he's married to her sister and he's wanted for murder. She slams the door on him and wonders if her day could get any worse.

Still standing outside Kay's door, Spike calls Alistair and tells him he did what he asked, but Kay turned him down. He then says into the phone "If you knew she'd say no, then why did you set me up to choke?"

Pilar sits in the living room and Gwen enters taunting her about her secret. Pilar can't believe that Gwen knows what she's been hiding. Gwen tells her she can either tell Theresa to give up on Ethan or she'll go public with her secret. Pilar tells her she can't be that heartless and cruel, but Gwen assures her that when it comes to Theresa, "Yeah, I can." Pilar tells her it will mean her death and the death of her family if the truth gets out. She asks Gwen if she can live with the blood of her family on her hands and Gwen responds that when it comes to getting Ethan back she'll do whatever she has to. Gwen marvels at how well Pilar kept her secret and Pilar can't believe that Gwen of all people would treat her like this. Pilar again tells her that if her secret goes public it would mean her death and that it would destroy Theresa if she found out. Gwen tells her she has a choice and lays out the terms again. Pilar thinks she's bluffing because she wouldn't put innocent lives in jeopardy like Little E and Jane. Gwen agrees and says she wouldn't, but Rebecca would. Pilar begs Gwen to have mercy and Gwen tells her to call Theresa and make her stay away form Ethan for good. Pilar agrees to Gwen's demands and she calls Theresa. Pilar tells her daughter that she was wrong to tell her to fight for Ethan. She says that she's married to Alistair and that she needs to respect her wedding vows and that she can't be with Ethan. Pilar tells her daughter, "You let Ethan go once and for all because your future is with Alistair." Pilar continues to try and convince her daughter to end her relationship with Ethan by saying, "You do as I say. You end things with Ethan." After Pilar hangs up, Gwen tells her she did the right thing. Pilar angrily tells her she did what she told her to do and Gwen gloats that she will finally be able to get back with Ethan.

Theresa and Ethan lay on the couch and Theresa thinks about how Ethan never understands what she's trying to tell him about Little Ethan. When Ethan wakes up, Theresa remarks they never ate the dessert, but Ethan says they did. Theresa asks what it was and Ethan kisses her. Theresa says she hopes it's always like this between them and Ethan tells her, "It will be. Our love is strong." She reminds him that they still need to deal with Alistair and Ethan tells her not to worry because Alistair will go to jail for murder, she'll divorce him and that he will protect her. Theresa promises him that she will never give up on them. Ethan and Theresa start to talk about their history and their families and how Pilar thinks true love is worth fighting for. Ethan tells her that Pilar knew even before he did that he loved Theresa and there was no going back for him. Ethan makes her promise that she will listen to her mother and Theresa promises that she will never doubt what Pilar has to say again. Theresa gets a call from her mother and Ethan goes to get dessert. Theresa is heartbroken as Pilar tells her to let Ethan go and be with Alistair. After she hangs up with Pilar, Ethan comes back and asks Theresa what's wrong.

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Luis tells Spike that he will kill him if he doesn't tell him where Marty is.

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